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The Visitors

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2024 @ 12:47pm by Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant JG Tarr Zell ( Barclay de Tolly )

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Ingavi Planet in the Badlands
Timeline: Twelve Years ago
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Twelve years ago, Tarr Zell had finished helping the Maquis. He was just a kid when he was helping them and now he was granted amnesty for assisting them. The powers that be felt he was a kid when he had started and now he was still a teen-ager.

Tarr was an Ingavi which meant he look like a gorilla. His favorite pass times were putting things together and hanging out in the tropical forest gigantic trees. One late night, he saw a Carassian Ermac Scout ship crash into mud near the river. Instinctively, he went to it to investigate it. Upon viewing it from the highest tree near by, he saw there was two Cardassians, both were hurt. He swung in to help.

The one standing was startled when he saw Tarr so he placed his hands up. “We were just passing thru. I am an Independent Engineer. My name is Frex. The man hurt is Ambassador Rukal. He is the Cardassian Ambassador to Betazed. Is this the Ingavi planet I assume.”

“You assume right,” Tarr answered. “Judging from your ship, your communications are out.”

“You are correct,” Frex shrugs. “The three other crew members are dead. How are you with electronics?”

“I am learning,” Tarr answered. “I sense your nervousness. You have nothing to worry. I am going through a pacifist phase right now which includes being a vegetarian. I have some fruit you are hungry.”

“That would be nice but we seriously need help to fix this ship,”Frex said. “I can teach you some about communications and warp core technology.”

“What about the Ambassador?” Tarr asked.

Ambassador Rukal gave a grin. “Just a flesh wound and a hurt leg. Could you please help Frex? He needs your strength.”

“I will help,” Tarr answered. “I may not have any communications with me, but I do keep some flashlights.”

“That would help tremendously,” Frex answered.

For the next four hours, Tarr helped Frex rebuild the communications and other systems. The hands on experience Tarr received helped his knowledge base tremendously.

“We really appreciate this,” Frex said during the time they worked.

“Well we need to give peace a chance,” Tarr answered.

Rukal added, “I am going to have to use that phrase one day.”

Once communications came online, Tarr Zell messaged his uncle who was a prominent member of the Ingavi community. Tarr called him specifically because most people was still asleep.

When the sun came up, so did several Ingavi showed up at the crash site. The two Cardassians were very diplomatic towards the Ingavi and Tarr’s Uncle Briarr who once considered Cardassians as the enemy is now showing these two Cardassians hospitality.

“Tarr,” Frex said shaking his hand, “You will make a great Engineer one day. If the Federation does not recruit you, we can put a good word in with our Academy.”

“Thank you Sir,” Tarr nodded. Tarr was being cordial in his reply.

In a month, Rukal was instrumental negotiating a peace treaty between Cardassia, the Federation, several planets in the Badlands including The Ingavi.

A few years later, Ambassador Rukal gave Tarr Zell a recommendation to go to Starfleet Academy. Four years later, Rukal and Frex attended Tarr’s graduation.


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