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"The Nisus" Part 1

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2024 @ 5:19pm by Captain Samuel Woolheater

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Obsidian Spacedock
Timeline: Four years ago
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The Intrepid-class USS Atlas moored in spacedock was in the final departure phase. On her bridge, the helm was a busy station…

=A= Spacedock Obsidian Command, Atlas 8121K, space door ramp, CTF, 4500 to Frederick with departure orders Sierra =A= the crewman at the helm said confidently. The comm chatter was being listened to by the skipper of the Atlas, a heavy Marine starship.

Obsidian Spacedock answered =A= Atlas…8121K, Obsidian Command, Spacedock Control, ready to depart, transit to waypoint Frederick spacedoor 26. =A=

Turning to the Captain, “We’re cleared for departure Captain.”

“Release the docking clamps and clear all moorings and umbilicals. Station keeping if you please mister.”

“Aye Captain, docking clamps away. Umbilicals…are away. Station keeping. We’re cleared to approach waypoint Frederick.”

“Take us out” the captain said with just a tad bit of adventure in his voice.

“Aye sir. Transiting to waypoint Frederick.”

=A= Atlas 8121K, waypoint Frederick has additional traffic inbound. Hold at CTF 500. =A=

=A= Atlas 8121K, additional traffic inbound holding at Frederick CTF 500 =A=

Obsidian Command was a busy ass place. The starship Atlas was far from home on a mission. And everyone was on their toes so to speak. A Steamrunner class ship was just coming through. It is the USS Hale and she slowly transits by the larger Intrepid.

=A= Atlas 8121K, Frederick is clear at 26, cleared for departure. =A=

=A= Cleared for departure at 26, Atlas 8121K =A=


The ship gracefully moved forward with her thrusters until she cleared the large spacedoors of Obsidian Command. Now that she was out of spacedock, she had to get clearance to go to warp and leave the system.

=A= Obsidian Traffic Control, Atlas 8121K, 20KM bearing 030 of marker at 4500KPH, en route Charlotte, request transit Class Bravo TC =A=

=A= Atlas 8121K, OTC Approach, squawk 3121 and ident. =A=

=A= Squawk 3121, Atlas 8121K =A=, the helm replied.

On the OTC screen of the enormous spacedock, the new blip on the sensor grid was the USS Atlas

=A= Atlas 8121K, sensor contact 18KM bearing 030 marker beacon, cleared through Class
Bravo direct transit Charlotte, impulse only and maintain 5500, until past the marker then increase to 7500KPH and maintain SFR =A=

=A= Cleared through Class Bravo direct transit Charlotte, impulse only and maintain 5500 at the marker, increasing to 7500KPH and maintain SFR, Atlas 8121K. =A=

The starship was directed to fly a level departure angle and maintain a set heading and speed.

When the ship passed the marker the helmsman called, =A= Obsidian Traffic Center, Atlas 8121K, 32KM bearing 030 mark 140 at 7500KPH departing system with mission brief Charlotte =A=

=A= Atlas 8121K, OTC Departure, squawk 4323 and ident. =A=

This was customary practice. The Atlas was not a part of Obsidian Fleet. And her transponder identified her by her registry and fleet identity code only. The OTC was asking for verification of her identity and verification of her orders. Code named, “Charlotte”

=A= Squawk 4323, Atlas 8121K =A=

Sending the ships Marine identity and confirmation of her orders to leave the system. The skipper watched and listened as his crew did their jobs.

=A= Atlas 8121K, ident confirmed, and Charlotte approved. Departure sensors contact, cleared to enter Class Bravo traffic space, adjust nav heading 020 mark 140, speed limits in place and watch for cross traffic and maintain heading 3000, departure lock SFR. =A=

=A= Cleared to enter Class Bravo traffic space, adjust nav heading 020, mark 140, aware of smaller traffic and speed, maintain heading 3000 departure lock SFR, Atlas 8121K =A=

It was a beautiful repartee and a beautiful dance. The bridge chatter continued and as soon as they were clear, the ship entered warp and was more underway.

None of this was even heard by the Marines assembling below in the shuttle bay.


USS Nisus sat there in the shuttlebay. It was a Marine drop ship of the Ahzani-class runabouts. Looking more like the Captain’s yacht from the Galaxy-class ships of the line, she had been retrofitted with Marine…enhancements.

“On the LINE! Get yo asses on the LINE!” a sergeant yelled as the compliment of ten Marines formed up. Satisfied that this was as good as it was going to get, the Sergeant had them board the Nisus.

Making a head count, Sergeant asked, “Where’s the damn sniper?”

“Over here!” Sam said as he raised his hand and then dropped it after being sighted. The Sergeant and a 1st Lieutenant walked over to Samuel who was seated near the front. They looked at him as if they had just stepped in poo.

“You Woolheater?”

“Yes sir” he answered.

“You better be good. This is going to be a surgical extraction and there isn’t a lot of time to dick around.” The 1st Lieutenant was…direct.

Sam nodded, “Yeah. I better be good.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the Sergeant said as the Nisus lifted off the shuttlebay and slowly exited.

“Better sit down. Everyone. We’re going to be exiting the Atlas’ warp bubble in 30 seconds!”

The Sergeant and the 1st Lieutenant sat across from him on the opposite side of the center aisle. “Captain Drake says your Captain spoke highly of your skills. Says that you can interrupt the supply chain and give us a chance to acquire the target. You understand the mission and what’s at risk?”

Sam nodded, “Let’s be clear about one thing though. This mission isn’t exactly Starfleet or SFMC approved, is it?” They didn’t answer, “We’re talking about scooping someone up, from off the street, of a Federation planet, in a large city in broad daylight.” Sam paused and then said, “Doesn’t sound like a job for SFMC and more for the local security.”

“We better not have a problem Marine. You do what the fuck we tell you to do or you can find your ass floating home.”

Sam leaned forward as the Nisus lurched a little. “I’ll do my job. I’ll keep the local trash out of the way. But this smells and stinks like an Intel OP.”

The pilot said, “Hold on. We’re about to leave the warp bubble. There may be a little bump!”

The Nisus started forming its own warp bubble as the Atlas could not stop to drop them off. They would have to exit the ship while at warp. As crazy and as dangerous as that was.

The Marine drop ship exited the warp bubble and immediately, despite the maximum effect of the inertial dampeners, everyone lurched forward and then violently back. The drop ship established its warp field, and everyone lurched back into the upright position. Someone, jokingly said, “We’ve all been bitch-slapped!” Sam added, “That was some bump!”

Nisus now was at warp heading to her classified destination. With ten Marines, one of them a sniper and another a spotter and two in command who didn’t trust anybody. They would be briefed on the two-hour journey to the planet Indar IV.

They didn’t know it yet. But they were all on their own now.


Captain Samuel Woolheater
“Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas”
Division VI, MARDET 62nd Company "Spartans", 1st Platoon CO
=/\= USS ELYSIUM - NCC-89000 =/\=


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