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Consul Andrinn Orin

Name Andrinn Tobin Orin

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Consul

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Logic is just the beginning of wisdom, not the end-Ambassador Spock
Species El-Aurian/Trill (Joined)
Age 339
Cabin Assignment Deck 16, Cabin 14W-O

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing approximately six foot tall, Andrinn was on the taller side of most average humanoid species for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. He was muscular due to training in various forms of combat, martial arts, and marathons throughout his lifetime.

Due to his heritage, he has spots running down both sides of his body. However, the spots aren’t as pronounced as other members of his family due to having an El-Aurian mother.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Endrin Danthor
Mother Emory Danthor
Brother(s) Toran Danthor, Yendrin Danthor
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family members throughout the quadrant that were displaced after the destruction of the El-Aurian homeworld

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andrinn was born on the Trill homeworld to an El-Aurian mother and a Trill father. He was born back in the year 2060, less than a hundred and fifty years prior to the destruction of his mother’s homeworld at the hands of the Borg. After hearing about the destruction of his mother’s homeworld, it caused Andrinn to become untrusting of people with technological enhancements that were similar to the Borg, even if it was a positive enhancement.

However, not only was he born on Trill, Andrinn was born on a time in Trill society where xenophobia and bigotry was still more commonplace. Thus, Andrinn and his mother were looked upon as though they couldn’t be trusted members of society, even though they proved themselves countless times throughout the early part of Andrinn’s life. Andrinn’s father, being a diplomat, helped to push for reforms in Trill society during his life and helped to make their species more open and understanding, especially since the advent of space flight was making it easier for their species to see a more worldly view of the universe.

That push allowed Andrinn to join the Trill Symbiosis Commission candidate program when he was 27 years old. While he was of a mixed heritage and DNA, they were still compatible and Andrinn still had the necessary connections to allow for him to be joined with some minor medical altering. Thus, a year into his candidacy, he was accepted to be joined with the Orin symbiote and to work with the current host for when he passed away. However, the current host, Tobin Orin, was rather rude and inconsiderate towards Andrinn and even pushed for him to be pushed out of the program. But, before he could send the information off, he was killed in a shuttle accident and Andrinn had to take the symbiote immediately.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-Great Listener, Physical Strength, Easygoing, Quick Learner

Weaknesses-Distaste for the Borg and Nanotechnology, Catches a temper when someone tries to harm the people that he cares about
Ambitions One of the biggest ambitions was for Andrinn to become a diplomat to the Federation for the Trill homeworld before he turned 450 years old. His father was a Trill ambassador in the early days of space exploration for the Trill people and made sure to impart wisdom and knowledge onto his son from an early age. His father was instrumental in helping change the views of the Trill people from that of bigotry and xenophobia to a more open species, helping to push his son towards a life of diplomatic affairs after his death and the eventual Trill joining of the Federation in the 23rd century. Andrinn wanted to continue his family legacy.

Another ambition that Andrinn has is to master the art of Klingon Martial Arts. He worked with several Klingon Diplomats over the years and they helped him start with learning the basics of the Klingon Martial Arts, but due to their busy schedules and eventual deaths over the years, couldn’t complete the training. Thus, one of his biggest ambitions was to complete his training and be able to go to competitions, winning at least one in his life.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon Martial Arts
Culture and History

Character Background

Personal History Andrinn Orin was born on Trill in 2060 to Emory and Endrin Darthor. His mother, Emory, was an El-Aurian diplomat working for the Vulcan High Command. His father, Endrin, was a high ranking Trill diplomat working for the Central Trill Government after first being established with the Vulcans in 2055.

First Contact between the Vulcans and Trill happened in 2055 and went terribly wrong. Requesting outside assistance, the Vulcans brought in Emory, an El-Aurian Diplomat to mediate the talks between the Vulcans and the Trill. She began working with one of the Trill’s top diplomats, Endrin Danthor, in 2056.

Endrin and Emory worked closely together for two years to try and make a peace accord between the Vulcans and the Trill. But, nothing worked out between the two people and caused the Trill’s isolationist policies to become more extreme. However, during the two year period, Emory and Endrin became close and secretly married one another in a private ceremony in the Trill capital city of Leren Manev in 2059. Within a year, the couple found out that they were pregnant with their first child. A boy that they would call Andrinn.

Andrinn was born in December of 2060 in a Trill hospital outside the capital city. According to physicians from both Trill and Vulcan, Andrinn was a miracle child because it was the first recorded birth between a Trill and non-Trill. One of the Vulcan physicians tested both Edrin and Emory was unsure if their two species would be able to procreate due to the physical makeup of both species, with the Trill having the pouch for the symbiotes and the El-Aurians having the genetic makeup for longer lives.

Thus, when Andrinn was born healthy, Endrin and Emory heralded the news as a miracle. Elated that their first child came into the world as healthy as could, they took the news with a sigh of relief. However, soon after Andrinn was born, the news began to travel and the family started receiving numerous correspondences from all over the Trill homeworld, telling Emony to take their half-breed child elsewhere, as both of them were unwelcome on the planet.

Since Emory was a non-Trill and had been working with the Vulcans with their first contact with the Trill that went terribly wrong, many on the Trill homeworld saw Emory as an enemy of the state. Therefore, Andrinn was an enemy of the state by default. Endrin and Emory talked about it after Andrinn’s birth and decided that they would both stay on the planet to try and combat the prejudices that were unfolding in front of their eyes.

After Andrinn’s birth, he was tested for various diseases and abnormalities, to make sure that he was truly healthy and would continue to be so. Andrinn was scanned and tested by physicians on both sides to see what genes and physical characteristics he would have or currently had.

One of the most noticeable differences between Andrinn and his peers was the spots that ran up and down the side of his body. Trill had spots running up and down the side of their bodys that helped to differentiate them from other humanoid species. Andrinn’s spots, while there, were not as pronounced as other members of the Trill species. Another unusual premise was when he was scanned at birth, the pouch that was within the abdomen wall that carried the parasitic life-form of the symbiotes was there, as were the connections for a Trill joining.

Another characteristic that came to light after the genetic testing was that Andrinn had received the El-Aurian gene for longer life. Andrinn, Emory, and Endrin were all tested to compare their genes, and the results came back to show that Andrinn had received his mother’s genes for the El-Aurian longevity.

Coming together as a family after Andrinn was born and after receiving the numerous correspondences from around Trill, Emory and Endrin decided that all would stay on the homeworld. While there was xenophobia and bigotry, Endrin wanted to use his skills to guide Trill to become better as a society and try to steer them away from the hatred that he was witnessing towards his family.

Therefore, as Andrinn grew up, he watched his mother and father take on the bigotry and xenophobia that several members of the Trill society epoused as the whole society was still reeling in from the fact that they were no longer alone in the galaxy.

Watching his parents fight the bigotry growing up allowed Andrinn to see his first glimpses into the universe around him, helping him to understand that he was different too. While the tensions never boiled over into the threats his parents received when he was younger, he was never truly accepted for all that he could have been.

As he began secondary school and started growing up, not only was he a social outcast for his genetics, Andrinn started to have feelings that made him feel more like an outcast. While his peers were talking about having crushes on members of the opposite sex, Andrinn began having feeling towards members of the same sex.

Throughout the history of the trill, attractions towards all genders was commonplace due to the connection the Trill had with their symbiots. However, due to his heritage and where his family came from, Andrinn felt as though if he expressed his feelings towards member of the same sex, he would be critized more for those feelings.

Andrinn decided to keep these feelings hidden away and compartmentalized. This decision left Andrinn feeling lonely and isolated him from his peers. As his parents continued to fight for the rights for his very existence, Andrinn hid that existence away from others.

However, change began happening when Andrinn went off to a new High School that was created in the capital. Since the Elementary, Middle, and High School were all housed in the same complex and with an influx of students, the leaders of the capital decided it was time for a new school to be built just for the senior level grades in secondary.

Not only did it allow for a separate space for the students in grades 9-12, the influx of students allowed for a more diverse and open population of students to start attending the new High School. The new students were ones who were previously in schools on the outer edge of the city. One of the newest students to attend the new High School with Andrinn was a young man by the name of Tobin, who was the son of Trill agricultural farmers, living on the outskirts of the capital city. When Tobin started, he and Andrinn were both starting their 9th grade year at the new High School.

Tobin and Andrinn became close during their first year of school together, especially since they were both new and starting in the same grade together. Andrinn at this point in his life, had accepted the fact that he was gay, but he was hiding that part awa. He didn’t want to cause his parents or society as a whole any more trouble than he had already caused when he was born.

As the year progressed though, Tobin started showing more affection towards Andrinn and he began wondering if he and Tobin could potentially become something more than friends at some point in their lives.

Near the end of their first school year together, there was a dance that all the High School students could attend. All they had to do was get a ticket. Tobin approached Andrinn one day after school and asked him if he had a date to the dance. Being a closested gay male in Trill society and an outcast by the same token, Andrinn hadn’t been thinking about even attending the dance at all.

Thus, Tobin asked Andrinn to the dance as friends.

Both the young men bought their own tickets and a pair of matching suits. Andrinn’s parents were elated that their son had made such a friend and that they were going out together. The dance wasn’t extremely formal, but near the end of the dance, slow music came onto speakers, allowing the couples to dance if they so chose to. Tobin, being the gentleman that he was, offered a hand to Andrinn and asked him to dance, where Andrinn accepted.

After that night, Tobin and Andrinn opened up about their feelings, especially towards each other. The two young men started dating, secretly at first because of the way that Trill society as a whole still viewed Andrinn and his mother. However, Tobin loved Andrinn and vice versa. They eventually declared their love publicly and dated through their senior year, where the unforeseeable happened.

During their senior year, Tobin was visiting family in the city of Mak’ala, which was approximately twenty kilometers away. During his family’s return trip back to the capital, their shuttle exploded due to a fault power distribution converter. There were no survivors from the crash.

Andrinn was devastated for quite some time after the crash. Tobin was one of the few people outside his family that he felt connected to. After the funeral, Andrinn became more isolated as he began focusing more on his schoolwork. He decided that there was still too much bigotry out there and that he wasn’t comfortable being at the center of it.

Upon graduation from High School, Andrinn went off to study at the Templin Institute in the nearby town of Tan’la, which was approximately five kilometers outside the capital city. Having lost his partner in such a horrific shuttler accident, Andrinn preferred taking a hover car or another form of similar transportation. While the accident that took Tobin’s life served to help upgrade the technology on all the shuttles in the fleet, Andrinn was still uncomfortable taking something that took the life of someone he cared about.

During his time at the Templin Institute, Andrinn met a fellow student by the name of Ranul Orin. Ranul was a joined trill, whose family were some of the most vocal opponents of Andrinn and his mother. Ranul’s parents were some of the biggest supporters of having Andrinn and his mother expelled off the planet due to their bloodlines and heritage.

Andrinn and Ranul were always at odds with one another during their time together at the Institute. Both men fought for the best grades, best classes, and so much more. Not only that, but Ranul was a member of the Trill Symbiosis Commission, which made the decisions about whether or not an initiate could become a host.

Andrinn had discussed applying to the Commission with his parents and attempting to become a host to one of the select few symbiotes. They had decided that he would apply for becoming a host after he graduated from the Institute and had worked for a couple years with his parents at the Diplomatic Corps.

Andrinn decided that it would be in his own best interest if he didn’t talk about his desire to become a host with anyone at the school, especially with Ranul. Endrin had talked to Andrinn about the process of becoming a host and Andrinn didn’t want to lose his chance of becoming one in the future.

Thus, the next three years at the Institute went rather smoothly, even if Andrinn and Ranul continued to be at odds with one another during that time.

However, in the week of exams that led up to graduation, Ranul tried to get the Dean of Students to expel Andrinn because of cheating. He gathered a group of like minded students and told the Dean that Andrinn had been planning on cheating, trying to enlist their help to cheat. The Dean brough Andrinn and his parents in to try and garner the truth out of him about the cheating scandal.

In the end, it was proven that Andrinn wasn’t trying to cheat on his exams, but Ranul wasn’t punished for his deed in the scandal, causing more of a rift between the two men.

Graduation went on schedule and as planned approximately a week later. Ranul went back to his rural city as Andrinn went back to the capital city.

Andrinn went to work with his mother and father in their diplomatic offices, where he began seriously considering applying to become a host. Andrinn wondered why somebody with a symbiote within them could have such hatred for another living creature as Ranul did with him. Seeing the hate that Trill society had overall was abhorrent and made Andrinn want to help his parents change that, but he knew that he couldn’t do that within the diplomatic offices in the capital. One place to start would be with the mystical creatures in the lakes underneath the surface and the people who helped them.

Thus, Andrinn began applying to the Trill Symbiosis Commission approximately a year after he graduated from the Institute.

The Commission began reviewing Andrinn’s file and quickly realized who he was. At first, the Commission wanted to deny Andrinn outright, knowing of the outrage that would have caused from various members of Trill society. However, the leader of the commission at the time decided that he would allow Andrinn to try to go through the program, but would put him with Ranul Orin to test his stamina with someone who disliked him.

When Andrinn got the news that he was accepted into the program, he was ecstatic. However, that feeling was quickly filled with fear and upset when Andrinn learned that he was being placed with Ranul Orin as his guide and mentor through the program.

Things quickly got heated as on the first day of training, Ranul and Andrinn almost got into a fist fight over something Ranul said about Andrinn’s parents. Ranul said that his parents shouldn’t have been allowed to even marry, have kids, and several other nasty comments that made Andrinn mad. As Andrinn balled up his fists and was about to swing his fists, Ranul reminded him that Andrinn would need his written permission to pass the program and be assigned a symbiote.

Over the next four years, Ranul made Andrinn’s life a living nightmare. Ranul made sure that Andrinn passed every test that the Commission had for their regular recruits, plus several more, just to make sure that he was qualified for becoming a host. However, Andrinn became more and more determined as the days, weeks, and months went by.

However, near the completion of his training, as Andrinn and Ranul were waiting for the test results on medical scans of Andrinn at the Trill Symbiosis Commission, there was a bombing by a group of extremists that wanted the Commission be destroyed, as well as the specalisized equipment that helped with the transfer of the symbiote from one host to the other. The bombing was rather unsuccessful, but it was able to harm several people kill one…Ranul.

Ranul was standing in the front atrium when the bomb went off, but it didn’t kill him immediately. It seriously injured him and caused several internal injuries. The doctors rushed him up to one of the medical bays that they had within the facility, but they were too late. Ranul had died on the table before anything could be done for him.

Thus, since the host died, the Symbiosis Commission knew that they would have to transfer the Orin symbiote to another host and rather quickly. They didn’t have the wonders of statis like the Vulcans did, so they knew they would need a host immediately. Since they had just completed the scans on Andrinn and he was right there, they knew he would be one of the best possible candidates to transfer Orin to.

Checking the scans, vitals, and everything for Andrinn, the medical staff at the Commission quickly realized that he was a perfect match for Orin. They quickly prepped Andrinn for the transfer of Orin into him and put Andrinn under. When he woke up, Andrinn and Orin were now one.

When Andrinn woke up, a specialist was waiting for him, asking him various questions about how he felt and asking the hosts names of Orin. Before his joining, Andrinn didn’t know that there were only two hosts of the Orin symbiote, as Ranul kept that a secret. Ranul didn’t think that he was going to die and have his symbiote transferred to Andrinn.

Over the next several weeks and months, Andrinn worked with the specialists while he worked with his parents. While Ranul was still rather young and inexperienced, the first Orin host was a skilled leader and diplomat by the name of Jorell Orin. He was one of the first ministers of the Trill before the turn of the 21st century and had made great strides within the realm of politics and diplomacy for the Trill population.

Having the knowledge of multiple people was something unusual for Andrinn. While he had studied and prepared for this eventuality, nothing truly prepared you to become a host until you actually get to be joined. Not only that, but you get the life experiences of the previous hosts, which for Andrinn, included Ranul. The two had been at odds with one another for several years, but never got to reconcile before Ranul’s death. Now, Andrinn was carrying the Orin within him, with the knowledge of how much Ranul truly despised him.

Over the next few decades, Andrinn worked hard to reconcile the feelings that he was hated by Ranul and the understanding of the people that didn’t like that he was even born. It eventually became something deep within Andrinn, almost like a deep pit of self loathing and despair. Having grown up as a product of two worlds while living on one, it was hard, especially when you thought you knew how one world truly felt about you. But, then, to actually have the feelings of hatred slung towards you from deep within you was something else.

By the turns of the 21st century into the 22nd century, Andrinn heard through his diplomatic circles that the Vulcans made first contact with a species called the Humans, or Terrans, depending on who you asked. While the Trill hadn’t made solid relationships with the Vulcans during their tenure with the Trill, Andrinn was able to get information on the Vulcan’s first contact with humans and saw how the Vulcans treated the humans, especially in regards to their warp program.

While the Vulcans were clearly an intelligent species, they didn’t have the emotional intelligence to understand the emotional needs of those around them. The interactions between the Vulcans, Trill, and Humans showed that the Vulcans didn’t have all the necessary skills to truly work with all species and Andrinn saw that. Thinking back to how his parents met, Andrinn talked to his mother and asked to be able to speak with the Vulcan High Command about a proposal.

Andrinn had several years of working with his parents in Trill diplomacy and wanted to move his skills off-world and into the universe. Andrinn wanted to try his skills for the Vulcans with the Humans the way that Vulcans used his own mother with Trill.

It took several years before the Vulcans even considered allowing Andrinn to work with their diplomatic teams on Earth, or even elsewhere in the galaxy. The Vulcans considered Humanity to be an underdeveloped species that needed more time to catch up. However, Andrinn began speaking with some of the senior Vulcan diplomats, allowing him to showcase his skills as a listener, as well as his negotiation skills. The Vulcan leadership was thoroughly impressed with his skills and landed Andrinn a position working behind the scenes on Earth for the Vulcans with regards to the handlings with the Humans.

Andrinn moved to Earth on June 1st, 2107 as he began working for the Vulcans as a third party mediator. For the next century, Andrinn worked to help quell disputes between the Vulcans, Humans, and eventually, the Andorians and the Telleraites. While he wasn’t there for everything, Andrinn worked to bring groups of people together and opened channels between what would become the Federation and the Trill people.

Once the Federation was founded and the Vulcans were one of the founding member worlds, Andrinn became a part of the Federation Diplomatic Corp, foregoing a field commission within Starfleet for the time being. Since neither of his homeworlds were technically a part of the Federation and the fact that he never went through Starfleet, Andrinn felt as though it would be cheating if he earned any sort of commission in Starfleet without going through the Academy to earn it.

However, over the next century and a half, Andrinn worked with his mother, Emory, as she was working on making Trill an open and less xenophobic society. The Trill leadership was watching the universe unfold around them and were making some concessions about their ways of life. The Trill council that were made up of several of the noble families of Trill wanted to make sure that, if they were to ever join the Federation in the future or if people would come to Trill, that the secret of the Trill symbiotes and their hosts would stay as quiet as humanly possibly.

Andrinn and his mother worked with the Federation Council in reaching out to the Trill Council and making the connection, allowing the door to be opened. Using their natural abilities at listening, Andrinn and Emory were able to hear both sides of the coin and allow for both groups to come together and persuade the Trill Government to begin the application process to the Federation.

The whole process took approximately five years before the final signatures were completed, allowing the Trill to join the Federation around 2275. Since Trill was officially a part of the Federation by that point, Andrinn decided to go through the official process of becoming a Starfleet officer and study diplomacy. He went for the Officer track to get a commission and completed his training within three years instead of the typical four. Due to his age and massive experience, Andrinn was given a waiver for his cadet cruise and was given a commission to the rank of Ensign.

Andrinn’s first posting was to the USS Zander, a refit Miranda-Class Starship that was surveying a newly formed gas giant near the Rigel Star System. Andrinn was assigned to the Starship Zander as a junior diplomat under several different people during the seven years that he served onboard. Andrinn made sure to listen to everyone that he worked with and he gained valuable knowledge that he wouldn’t have before.

The next starship that he worked on was the Constitution-Class Starship Revere from 2285 until 2295, when the Federation began phasing out some of the last active Constitution-Class Starships. However, since the accords between the Federation and Klingons were made with the Khitomer Peace Accords, Andrinn was able to request an Earthbound assignment to study the effects of the accords on both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

From 2295 through 2340, Andrinn worked on Earth at Starfleet Headquarters, perfecting his skills that he learned and picked up throughout his lifetime. Andrinn worked closely with his mother back on Emory on Trill to make sure that all of the provisions that the Trill asked for back when they joined the Federation were still being upheld, as well as to check in on how the Trill people were progressing as a whole. The xenophobia and bigotry had slowly gone on the downturn since the middle of the 22nd century, eventually getting to a point that it was almost completely gone by the middle of the 24th century.

However, Andrinn quickly noticed how much he was missing home on Trill and while his father had passed away centuries ago, he was thinking about all the lessons that he learned from him while he was young. Andrinn had a yearning to go back home, but he didn’t want to give up his commission or the duty that he had come to love just as passionately. Andrinn asked his superiors on Earth if there were any open positions at the Diplomatic Corps on Trill, where he was surprised to find that there were several of them. Curzon Dax had requested several diplomats from his homeworld of Trill to become part of his own diplomatic corp as he worked with the Klingons, leaving several openings for Federation Diplomats on Trill.

Andrinn quickly jumped on the opportunity to go back home to work for the Federation. Requesting one of the spots that were vacant, he quickly heard back and was given a mid-level position in the Diplomatic Office of Trill.

Andrinn worked hard throughout the next half of a century as the Diplomatic Attache to the Trill Representative to the Federation. Emory, Andrinn’s mother, was joining him in the Office as a mediator between the Trill and the Federation. During that time, the Trill expanded their scientific and cultural knowledge, allowing for a better understanding of their own species and the universe around them.

However, as the century came close to closing and turned into the 25th century, Andrinn began wondering what his life would have been if he went back to Diplomatics on a Federation Starship. Thinking back to the tales he heard about the Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, and many others, Andrinn had a yearning to eventually go back to what he considered “Frontier Diplomacy.”
Service Record 2278-2285: Diplomatic Officer, USS Zander (Refit Miranda-Class Starship)

2285-2295: Diplomatic Officer, USS Revere (Refit Constitution-Class Starship)

2295-2340: Diplomatic Corps, Starfleet Headquarters (Planet Earth)

2340-2397: Diplomatic Corps, Leren Manev (Planet Trill)
Languages Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan, El-Aurian
Academy Graduation Year 2278

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review While he is physically healthy, Andrinn has several psychological issues that he has yet to deal with due to various factors of diplomatic life.

However, the Orin symbiot and the Andrinn host have both been healthy since their joining several centuries prior, when Andrinn was 27 years old. Physicals are required every six months to one year to make sure that both continue to physically heatlhy.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Recommended for the Counseling Department onboard the USS Elsyium:

Mr. Orin has had several traumatic incidents that have occurred throughout his life. While his overall mental health appears to be intact, there are several issues deeper than the surface that need to be addressed by mental health professionals.

Upon examination of his records, the only psychological examinations that have been done were when Andrinn went through the program at the Trill Symbiosis Commission to test the abilities of each host. However, some of the notes about the testing must've been flawed as they appear to be...almost harmful to the host. But, further investigations revealed that the documents were falsified by a member of the commission due to the heritage of the patient.

Further counseling sessions are highly recommended either way.