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Ensign Zara Qiri

Name Zara Qiri

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "Chin up. Eyes forward, antennae aft."
Species 1/2 Human, 1/4 Andorian, 1/4 Betazoid
Age 23 – Born 11/3/2373

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description From the moment she was old enough to walk, Zara was a creature of the mat-as her mother once called her-following quite literally in both her parents’ footsteps. The Starfleet officers had spent most of their careers in Security, and the gym was simply a constant, and by osmosis likewise for Zara. Because of her training and the rigorous physical demands of her life, she has maintained a lithe, muscular figure. Her lean build is offset by the hourglass figure she inherited from her mother, as well as her smile, rare as the night-blooming Cereus. Her jet black hair, moon rock grey eyes, and azure complexion are her father’s, however. Zara possesses a stoic beauty, though she does not flaunt it as her sister Eleanor does.


Father Jau'Hua Qiri
Mother Adora Qiri née Randor
Brother(s) Emran Qiri
Sister(s) Eleanor "Nell" Qiri

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outwardly, Zara exhibits a stoic front, of few words around strangers and something of a duranium wall, her eyes revealing about as much as a professional poker player’s… not that she’s ever learned to play the game. To those she comes to know and trust, she has much more to say; at times, she’s even a flood of words, as if making up for lost time.

There are deep wells of rage and guilt, sometimes brought close to the surface when placed in a position to be reminded of her violent upbringing. Since her return to the fold, under the guidance of clinical psychologists as well as the deeply philosophical training of her parents, she has rebuilt much of her identity, though in many ways Zara is still discovering new interests and perspectives that would otherwise have developed during her younger years.

Where many might have learned cruelty and apathy, Zara’s experiences forged a potent empathy and a thirst for justice. Whether those aspects of her personality were borne of her genes, or her upbringing prior to her time in the shadows, they are the primary motivators behind her decision to join Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Curiosity – Zara’s natural interest in people and things, coupled with her tendency not to say much, has made her a surprisingly good listener, though she usually has little in the way of advice to offer. For some reason, this is also a good thing.

Perfect Pitch – Aided by her Andorian antennae and their ability to ‘see’ the electromagnetic spectrum, she has an acute sense of sound and sound waves. Useful when picking certain types of advanced locking mechanisms. She’s gifted with a great singing voice, too, not that that has ever been needed.

Old Soul – Qiri exhibits a compassion that only one who has been through the fire and come out the other side can express. Her presence has a tendency to put others at ease, even if she doesn’t exactly know how to act around them.


Agoraphobia – She does not like wide open or crowded places. While it’s not entire incapacitating, the distress it causes her greatly affects her ability to focus and concentrate. When in such circumstances, she acts like a hare looking for the nearest hedge to disappear behind.

Fish Out of Water – Zara is simultaneously wary around strangers and naive to the world. This is due to the severe lack of social interactions she had during the better part of her youth, and she is still surprised when confronted by customs and knowledge that is common among others.

Nervous Energy – She doesn’t like being in one place for too long. It’s why she requested starship duty as soon as she had clearance. Sometimes - in flashes of insight - Zara realizes she’s running, but from what, she isn’t sure.
Ambitions Zara wants to help. She *needs* to help. The impulse is difficult to put into words, but the mere thought of there being others out there in need like she once was drives her forward. As for career or other life ambitions, she is interminably trapped in ‘now’ with no thought to what the future would look like. Somewhere deep inside, if she ever answers that question, it would feel like a cage.
Hobbies & Interests Music - She sings because it reminds her of her father (he wasn’t good at it but he would listen to her avidly). His affinity for lounge music has passed on to her.

Exercise & Martial Arts - She practices Tai Chi because it brings peace and reminds her of her mother, who taught her. Zara also practices tumbling, yoga, and the ice dances of her Andorian heritage.

Zoology – Animals, especially alien creatures, fascinate her. She still holds on to a stubborn childhood belief that somewhere, real unicorns exist. She has a plush mugato stuffed animal that is never far from reach.

Cryptological Puzzles - They’re the closest thing to the thrill of thieving she used to get up to, without the legal consequences. Also useful in her line of work.

Character Background

Personal History Zara was born November 3, 2373, to Jau’Hua and Adora Qiri, officers serving aboard the USS Endeavour, on the eve of all-out war with the Dominion, which she sometimes imagines was a portent of the tribulations ahead. Her first year was aboard the Nebula-Class ship, but she still hazily remembers the day her mother took her home to Earth without her father, who’d gone to help liberate her grandmother’s homeworld of Betazed. She didn’t understand it then; all she knew was her father wasn’t there, and when he returned he’d seemed different. With the war over, her parents opted to work on Earth, her father administrating the security services for the London branch of the Federation Archives and her mother commuting to Starfleet HQ. Soon the family welcomed her sister Eleanor and her brother Emran into their lives. Like Zara, Emran was also born aboard a starship, the USS Eikō Maru, now that relative peace had settled on the quadrant following the war.

It was on a routine mission that disaster struck the Eikō Maru. Zara was separated from her siblings as the ship shook and strained under heavy assault. She still holds onto that last memory of her father, as he scooped her up into his arms and secured her in an escape pod. Then he was gone. *Everyone* was gone. She drifted alone among the asteroids, wondering when rescue would come. When it did arrive, it was by a Ferengi scavenger, who then sold her to the criminal mastermind who would become her master in the ways of thievery and assassination. She was forced to forget everything that wasn’t useful to him, even that last precious memory of her father. She was shaped into a weapon, and sent out into the lawless corners of the galaxy to enact his wishes. Theft, sabotage, even cold-blooded murder. She wasn’t alone, either. There were others like her, though they were never permitted to contact each other. Eventually, she was sent on a mission to kill one of her mysterious siblings, and it was on that mission that she regained awareness of her real self. On the run, with an entire criminal underworld after her, Zara was nearly captured and killed… but her parents found her first.

The next few years, with the help of doctors and psychologists, and the enduring love of family, Zara built the semblance of a normal life. She insisted on entering Starfleet Academy, and though she was in many ways behind her classmates, she pressed forward, learning from every failure. However, upon graduation, she learned that Starfleet intended to keep her Earthbound, under evaluation, and she was assigned begrudgingly in the watchful cocoon of Starfleet Headquarters. She worked harder to prove herself, and pressed her superiors for a chance to serve aboard a starship. Not quite a year later, she was granted special dispensation, and just in time, as Zara was sure she’d been about to crawl out of her skin. Her new assignment: the USS Elysium.
Service Record 2392-2396 – Starfleet Academy
2396-2397 – Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence HQ
2397 – Intelligence Officer, USS Elysium
Languages English, Spanish, Andorian, Ferengi, Orion
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Physically fit to serve. A multitude of healed hairline fractures and lacerations traceable on the subdermal level. Exterior scars have been medically removed.
Counseling Review Cleared for duty with regular check-ups. Patient has traumatic childhood history, and while we are satisfied with her recovery, risk of relapse is present.