Season 6: Circinus

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Back Home

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Story Posts for those back home in the Federation

Season 6 : Episode 1: Circinus

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The USS Elysium is sent on a mission to transport supplies to an outpost on the Federation/Romulan border.


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To give the crew something to do on cold nights, a civilian dug out a Karaoke machine and set it up in the communal tent.

Season 6 HIATUS

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The crew find a beautiful M Class world and the Commodore orders shoreleave for all.

Season 6: Episode 2: Survival

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With the ship damaged and the crew finding themselves stranded light years from home, they have evacuated to the planet below, while repairs are made on the ship.

The camp is set up in ice caves and supplies are being hunted for.

Due to the limited Oxygen on the ship, crew will be rotated to the ship to make repairs in teams.

While they repair the ship, the crew also explores the planet

Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane

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In 226, the USS Archeron was lost. It vanished without a trace. All hands were listed as MIA.
But in 2396, it was found floating in a nebular. All hands were in suspended Animation. The crew was slowly revived and sent to DS34 for healing, counselling and reassignment. Now as the USS Elysium slowly makes it's way back home via another Galaxy, something is stirring.

A young child wakes screaming in her cabin, and throughout the ship nightmares become prevalent.