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The crew find a beautiful M Class world and the Commodore orders shoreleave for all.

Mission Group Season 6: Circinus
Start Date Thu May 2nd, 2024 @ 10:24am

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Title Timeline Location
Pondering Imponderables
by Lieutenant Commander Rin & Lieutenant Commander S'hib & Lieutenant N'vok Holv & Teevs Dosivi
Mess Hall
Question of Health
by Lieutenant Samaire MacBride-Reece [Lalor] & Commander Sthilg & Staff Sergeant Liam "Swede" Reece [Reece]
Md5 Main Medical Bay
A Time to Relax
by Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen [Taylor]
MD3 1000 hrs Tropical Planet
To The Beach We Go!
by Lieutenant JG Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik} & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa [Taylor]
MD3 0900 hrs Tropical Planet
An important request
by Deanna Kelea & Commander Sthilg & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson
MD1 Various
Mojitos and Mai-Tai's - Part 2
by Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath & Master Chief Petty Officer Chuck Finley [Reece]
Current The Beach
Mojitos and Mai-Tais - Part 1
by Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath & Master Chief Petty Officer Chuck Finley [Reece]
Current The Beach
Getting to Know You
by Lieutenant Anna Esquivias & Lieutenant Sapphire Morgan [Lalor] & Lieutenant Scott Gregory [Taylor] & Lieutenant Samaire MacBride-Reece [Lalor]
MD 7 Deck 11 Conference Room
The Commander Dances
by Lieutenant N'vok Holv & Commander Kyle Reece & Lieutenant Commander Rin & Lieutenant Anna Esquivias & Captain Samuel Woolheater
Immediately after "Promotion Party" Dancefloor
The gift.
by Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani & Sovereign T'handu
MD 01 1500 Miraj's Quarters
Confrontation and such
by Cadet Junior Grade Gérard Dirsye [Reece] & Miran Lalor [Lalor] HRH & Cadet Junior Grade Triston Montgomery [Lalor] & Cadet Junior Grade Clary Henderson
MD7 Deck 21
Dinner Date ***MATURE CONTENT***(Long Read)
by Harper o’Leary & Commander Kyle Reece
MD4 / 1900 hours USS Elysium
Catching up with a friend
by Consul Andrinn Orin & Nicholas Mathias
MD5 Diplomatic Suites-Deck Two
INTERMISSION: Lunchtime in the 24th Century
by Lieutenant Commander Rin & Josef Forstinger & Teevs Dosivi
MD 1 - 03/03/2398 - 13h00 Arcadia Bar, Deck 4, USS Elysium
Family Time, Learning things
by Lieutenant Cassia Cavendish & Lieutenant Nicholas Reece [Reece]
MD4 Edens Reach
Promotion Party
by Lieutenant Commander Rin & Captain Gary Taylor & Commander Kyle Reece & Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Anna Esquivias & Consul Andrinn Orin & Captain Samuel Woolheater & Lieutenant N'vok Holv & Teevs Dosivi
Some days after the away mission Somewhere Good
Sun and Fun
by Miran Lalor [Lalor] HRH & Cadet Junior Grade Gérard Dirsye [Reece]
MD4 Edens Reach
Family vacation *Mature Content*
by Captain Mattias Richardson [Reece] & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson
MD3 Edens Reach
Fun in the Sun
by Staff Sergeant Liam "Swede" Reece [Reece] & Lieutenant Samaire MacBride-Reece [Lalor] & Skylah McBride [Lalor]
MD3 - 10h00 Edens Reach
Casual Conversation
by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson & Captain Gary Taylor
- MD8 Commodore's Ready Room
by Harper o’Leary & Commander Kyle Reece
MD 3 Edens Reach
Gathering PT 2
by Avalon [ADMIN NPC]
MD3 Edens Reach
Quilting Bee
by Lieutenant Alice Jordan ( Barclay de Tolly ) & Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant Athena Magnus & Lieutenant JG Toshiro Yamaguchi & Ensign Francine Yamaguchi & Ensign Lorelei Lee ( Barclay de Tolly )
Current Magnus Quarters
by Avalon [ADMIN NPC]
MD 3 Edens Reach
Stranded and Mining
by Avalon [ADMIN NPC]
MD 3 Aboard Shuttle 7, Nebula Expanse

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