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An Unlucky Horse Shoe

Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 5:52am by Lieutenant Commander S'hib

"Computer begin personal log" S'hib sighed deeply as he entered his quarters, the sound of a large bag, thrown to the floor followed by his hooves clicking into the next room being picked up on the recording.

"It's now... gone sixteen hundred hours, and I've finished my last shift before heading down to earth for shore leave." He added, undoing his one-piece uniform as he stared briefly out the window to look inside earth spacedock.

"The last few days have been... taxing, to say the least." He added, looking over at the mirror in the small section of his quarters that was the bathroom.

"Especially today... I'm probably In a lot of shit, but hopefully I can get down to the planet first and go off the grid for a few days." S'hib said with depressing undertones to his choked up voice. "Damn it." He snorted, teary eyed as he swatted his desk chair aside like it was a toy. "

"Computer... delete log."


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