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Dabo girl Lia

Posted on Sat Nov 9th, 2019 @ 8:09pm by Commander Aurelia Taylor

"Computer begin recording. Well I have been here a week and so far all Dr. Bashir has done is get me a job as a Dabo girl, his response to my question as to why made me wonder if he really can help. It seem he wants to see just how far I'm prepared to let others abuse me, so far I can report my backside is black and blue from Quark pinching it. Gary isn't pleased about this turn of events, but I'm letting things go at Dr. Bashir's pace for now. How can I explain to Dr. Bashir just what I am thinking about when someone is abusing me? He wants to know what is going through my mind when things are being done to me, if I'm honest my mind goes blank almost as if I'm in a trance.

I can't help but wonder how I'm going to tell people just why a Commander is now a Dabo girl, the costume isn't great in fact everything is on display and I mean everything. With my life now hanging on how I can beat this thing, I need to win so I can continue on the Elysium. I can just imagine them having a easy time as their only on what Gary say's is a milk run, I hope S'hib isn't causing to much trouble. Computer save to my personal file, and close.


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