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A man of many useless talents

Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant Commander S'hib

“These last few weeks have been just been awful.” S’hib said to himself, standing naked in front of his floor length mirror. “I mean they really have...” He added, staring at the missing hair on his hip, pink and brown splotched skin visible between his finger tips.

“I’ve been shot, humiliated on numerous occasions... And now my plants are dying.” He finished, looking over at a wilted potted plant, its leafs curled and dry.

“Computer...” S’hib sighed, throwing his back in frustration, rubbing his face and eyes slowly as he exhaled. “Computer delete personal log and start recording... again.

The frustrated Sequus fell silent after hearing the computer chirp in response, standing there motionless, letting all the negativity fall away like dead leafs.

“Ensign S’hibs personal log... Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Casperia Prime.” S’hib said thoughtfully, lost inside his own head as he wondered over to his bed and sat down. “Captain Naxea agreed to accompany me on the trip.” He added, letting out a small chuckle, finding something amusing about everything. “I feel like Im learning to gallop before I can walk.”

“We get on well.” He said after a long pause.” I think, I hope...oh for fuck sake.” S’hib snorted, letting himself fall backwards onto his bed. “Computer delete log!” He added, admitting defeat to his unorganised mind.

“Try this again after a shower...” He lied to himself, making no effort to move whatsoever.



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