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Null and Void

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2020 @ 4:23pm by Commander Anje Brett
Edited on Fri May 15th, 2020 @ 1:28pm

:Begin log:

Well, no nice way to say it, this freaking sucks. Been blundering through the void for days now, no light to be seen, and Quinn gone back to the continuum, where she's half expecting to catch a lot of shit about being with me. Not enjoying this region of space at all, I mean, on the surface it should be fine, very peaceful, just no ambient light sources, but it's making everyone so tense. Myself included. Not the right time to be sleeping with your cat, if you get my meaning.

Times like this I really notice my girlfriend isn't here. Times like this I really envy Milla and Jessica.

But, I've got plenty of work to keep me busy at least. Thanks to Cdr. Garrett Lovejoy deciding now was the time to try and destroy the family here as an F-U to Phoenix, I'm now back where I started; Flight Control. Haven't done this since Bozeman, really missed it, too.

Contacted Vulcan right before we left for the Void, Rebecca, Lt. Stafford, trying to get me to take my old job back, seems Auntie is about to drive her crazy. Wonder if I can get her to take on Lovejoy for us? He can replace Rebecca who can come here, Naxea needs good officers, and she can drive him batshit until he quits and goes into civilian life where he can't hurt us anymore. Knowing his cockroach like luck he'll survive the nuclear blast of dealing with Auntie and get a cabinet post or something.

The weird part is I'm seeing things. Georgi is too. I mean, I know it's just the shadows playing tricks on my mind, but it feels really real. I messed up and read Marisol Lopez's book the other night, Auntie was right, it really is tabloid trash at best, but that night I swear I thought I saw Aubrey Tate in the corridors. I know that's the combination of the void, that trashy book, and my being worried sick about Kerri, but it felt real, really real. I slept with my 110-K that night.

When we're back in range, I'm going to see about getting in touch with Cortic, find out how she's doing. Maybe once I know she's going to be okay I'll stop with the dreams and hallucinations. Kerri's more than my aunt's bodyguard, she's been with us so long she's family. A lot of my aunt's people jokingly call her "Mom" and I've referred to Kerri as my cousin for years, it's really a strong bond between her and all of us. She needs to be brought home, where she'll be safe and back with her family. Plus, Aubrey needs to be brought in, dead or alive, or Auntie has no chance of ever being President. Then we end up with Pres. Grogan... God help us.

Grogan, now there's a guy who would put Lovejoy and the other dipshit... What was his name? Oh, yeah, Alrbright! Grogan would put both of those thundering morons in the cabinet, or at least make them Admirals. Can't let that happen, under any circumstance.

Well, now I've laid out all my worries here and, contrary to what I had hoped, I don't feel any better about any of it. Well, shit. Ain't this just like gettin' Ribbentropped? Oh, well, time to try and get some sleep, wish Milla was still here. Maybe I can convince her to come stay with me for a couple days, or have the women I shared the tent on Cortic with come stay, the ones who are still here that is. Don't want to be alone tonight, that's for certain.

:End Log:


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