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Godless Marines

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 1:48am by Lieutenant JG Maxmillio (Max) Solanga MA, Rev.,


Computer, Open a new entry in the Chaplains personal log.
Working said the computer....

I will have Frederika make an appointment with me to see the Marine Commandant, and his staff. To let them know that I'm available to the Marines for any counseling issues that are of a spiritual nature in essence.

Since I do possess the Marine Chapllaincy Combat Course diploma, I should probably do well in talking to the skipper of the Marine Detachment. At least he'll know that other than being the shps chaplain,

I also know what happens in a Marine rifle squad, and how the mind works during combat operations, that none of the other therapists would ever know.

Since many Marines would never think of going to see a ships counselor, but would not think twice about seeing the Marine Chaplain....

Computure end Log.
Lt. Solanga, Max
Ships Chaplain.
File under CHAP 001-A005-D


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