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Medical Interest Testing for Potential Student

Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 7:36am by Lieutenant Olivia (Carter) Voight

Olivia had been busy with a few things prior to the away mission when they had gone back in time and never got around to finishing up the medical interest testing for the Gunny’s daughter and a refresher for him on a few things at the same time. There were several different areas of study medical wise, and Olivia was trying to make sure that she had some questions to cover all the different areas possible. The physical part of the test would be several different simulations that could be done on one of the holodecks to cover several different situations. So far on the written portion of the testing Olivia had come up with 50 questions and was looking it over to see if she had missed anything or needed to add more questions to the test.

After getting back onboard ship and going through the required quarantine after coming back onboard, Olivia went back over what she had already worked up and then added to it at the same time to ensure she had things covered. There were questions related to specialties in heart, obstetrics, orthopedic, and neurological just to name a few of what was being covered. Olivia had gotten word that the Gunny and his daughter had gotten an emergency transfer back to earth soon after they got back to their own time line due to family emergency and had to send an updated copy of medical records for both of them. Even though they weren’t onboard at the moment, Olivia finished up everything related to the testing and saved it. Hopefully the Gunny would be able to return after taking care of the family needs and she would have the testing ready for him and his daughter should they decide to see if it was a good fit for his daughter and a refresher for him. Meanwhile it would be available just Incase some one else came by and expressed an interest in seeing if medical was a potential route for them at the Academy.

Saving everything that she had worked on, Olivia got to working on finishing up a few other reports that needed to be completed. Luckily things were quite for the moment there in Sickbay so that she could finish up the reports before they got reviewed before being sent on to Starfleet Medical.


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