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The Personal Journal of Kate Daniels

Posted on Mon Jul 5th, 2021 @ 2:55am by Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Entry One

I don't know how to begin this. Nor do I know who I truly am anymore.. All I can say is. A week ago I and the woman I loved more that life itself were enslaved. We became... mockeries of our former selves. Concubines for sale. While I have recovered my person from who Flossi was... I'm still working on recovering my soul, and my love from them. My enemy; Kyle Cragen... It feels like I've known him all my life. Like he was there to begin with. Plotting to destroy everything about me. He made me into a slut to mock me.. The ultimate expression of the sex slave he always wanted me to be. Flossi loved nothing and no-one, but even she couldn't last long against a mind like mine.

As fate would have it. I was rescued by Phoenix Lalor. They told me she was arrested for treason, tried, and held in a classified location. Our Commanding Officer replaced by a disrespectful bitch named Yasmine Carrington. I couldn't abide her. We should have won the respect of the entire Federation by keeping the Terrans on the other side from obtaining the Elysium's Quantum Slipstream drive. Instead, when the Media could not slander our ship and crew... Starfleet Command began plotting... Again. This time, it was this Epsilon Protocol. They told Phoenix that Commander Taylor would be the CO and I would be the XO. Instead they played the good'ol shell game with Phoenix, and we ended up with that horrific bitch as CO.

Then... I take a look at the Equinox's crew, the people who rescued me, and I've grown closer to them than, I'm ashamed to say, Starfleet Command itself. They don't have to wait for permission from the Admiralty, or some ascendant's damned bureaucrat, to do the right thing.

Is this what's its come to? Career obsessed fools climbing the ranks in Starfleet Command, and suddenly I find that the Epsilon Protocol is fighting the enemies at the gates that Starfleet Command and the Media are too blind to see? How long has Command let a beast like Kyle Cragen infest the Quadrant. I know it may be all smoke and mirrors. The great deception of the Epsilon Protocol. Now... I'm realizing more and more that Starfleet obsesses over Phoenix Lalor commanding a starship when they should have been watching Kyle Cragen. Maybe if they did that, the love of my life wouldn't be a brainwashed sex slave!!!!

Maybe Kate Daniels is needed more than Arrianna Salannis an Vantar. At least Kate Daniels is not told 'there are things you are not privy to,' and then demoted by that black hearted bitch, when slavers take our people!!!!! *Sound of something being thrown* I'm stronger as Kate Daniels now. She won't let herself be enslaved ever again.

The Media slandered Phoenix relentlessly. And they did not even turn one eye towards Rigel X when I became a slave... When at what point did Starfleet ever give a damn about people at the far ends of the galaxy being broken into slaves... Every time I see the crew of the Equinox just grabbing a phaser and going out to do the right thing... I'm realizing more my place was here. The only thing I truly regret.... Is that I was not here to begin with.

Slavery... I can tell you this. If he kills my Josie... I'll become Kate Daniels for good. Leave Arrianna Salannis an Vantar behind. I'll even offer for Malakai and Mattias to join me... And we'll do what the Federation is too timid and hypocritical to do. I'll do what Empress Tirielle did; Fight evil with a sword... not with words!

End log.

End log.


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