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Things Are Looking Up

Posted on Wed Jan 4th, 2023 @ 4:22am by Ensign Mrera Sr’au

(Before the start of the Mission)

Personal Log, Ensign Mrrerra Sr’au,

Thingss are looking up! Not only have I been sselected for a posting aboard the Elyssium as a Communicationss Officer, I have met the mosst wonderrful man. Desspite him being of anotherr sspeciess, he hass been sso nisce to me ssince I have boarrded. Hiss name iss Napoleon Bond, a Communicationss Sspecialisst with the Engineerring Deparrtment. He iss a drream! (Purr of contentment) Bessidess beind sso nice, he is handssome, charrming, and brrilliant. I have moved in with him into hiss quarrterrss. Can I tell a ssecret? His lovemaking rivals the alphas of Cate’s jungles. (Another purr of contentment mixed with a giggle).

Ass farr ass the possition, Lieutenantss Whavi and Rredal have been verry helpful. They have boosted my morrale and doing everrything on theirr powerr to enssurre my ssuccesss.

Note to Motherr and Fatherr: I know you arre concerned about my choice. Pleasse know, I am the happiesst I have everr been in my life.


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