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Posted on Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 @ 10:02pm by Consul Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2.A: R&R
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 0850 hours
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Toran was more or less pushed into the medical bay. Or as pushed as he could be by a teenage Bajoran girl. Turning to give his daughter a wave as she left him there. "Yes well, have a good day at school." With that he turned to see who was in the sickbay. He was not only overdue for a medical checkup, he had managed to successfully avoid his annual medical check up for the better part of three years.

"Well, hello there, Mr 1700-appointment", Estelle said as she first heard, then saw the bulky Klingon. "Well, don't be shy. Undress and hop on the bed."

He gave a slight exhale before starting to take off the over-clothing he had on, getting down to the simple underclothing, and getting onto the medical bed. Clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing, but not seeming to want to make it harder on the doctor or awkward.

Estelle had expected for him to protest, but this suited her better. All the metallic components of Klingon attire tended to make medical scans less reliable, though not by much. "Tell me, have you got any complaints, no matter how minor, which you might want me to look at in particular? And remember, a warrior is only as good as he is healthy." She hoped that would help persuade him to open up without feeling like he was admitting a weakness.

"My knees are swelling from time to time. I think my eyesight and hearing are a bit worse than they were a few years ago on the right side." He seemed to think for a moment. "Also some.. umm... gas pains." It all sounded like he was actually reciting a list he was given. All and all he was just showing normal issues of Klingon ageing. If anything, he was in better shape then most Klingon's his age because he would go to the doctors every now and then.

"Let's start with the easy things, then", Estelle smiled. "Scans show irritation of your digestive tract, you must have eaten something your system does not agree with." She drew a small sample of blood and handed it to a technician nearby. "Run for food allergies, I want to know what's causing this specifically." If it wasn't visible in his blood, the answer lay with the intestinal bacteria, and that would open an entirely different can of worms."

Estelle continued reviewing the scans, ignoring the gas pains for the moment, until he'd come back with the results. "Looks like you've collected a number of souvenirs over the years. Didn't anybody tell you it's unhealthy standing next to exploding consoles?"

He gave a small chuckle but not enough to move him much. "That's from Dominion anti-personnel mines... I had the console bits removed. And the food allergies is Kava fruit." The fact that he knew the allergies already was telling, meaning he was knowingly eating something he was mildly allergic to.

"Oh", Estelle replied. "Well, so do you think Kava fruit is so good that it's worth the discomfort, and you'd appreciate a pill that'll make the troubles go away, or are you doing this as a means of self-torture and I should better stay out of it?"

"Well, to be totally honest, I'm rather indifferent to the fruit, but if your daughter cooks something and it won't kill you? You eat it." He listened seeming to be a little bit surprised. "Pill? Hmm. The Bajoran doctors used an allergen immunotherapy hypo, damn thing always gave a rash. I forget some times that Bajor is still lagging behind the Federation. Ha, or even the Klingons.. A pill would be fine doctor."

"No, you misunderstand", Estelle said. "The pill contains an enzyme that'll process the allergen into an unoffending substance. It's used when the allergen is already in the system, to calm down your intestinal tract. The hypospray is preventative medicine. You take it, depending on what the Bajorans are using, between once a week and once every few months, so you won't have to take the pill. But you could always keep the pills around and take one before or after the meal whenever the need arises." She did not believe that the Bajorans in particular were less developed medically. "As for the rash... I doubt Bajor has medicine specifically developed to treat allergies in visiting aliens. But we can take a look at the substance in question, and our lab wizards will try to modify it so it works without discomfort." She wasn't going to take the credit herself. She was a surgeon, after all, and not exactly the best molecular biologist.

He seemed to think about it. "Well the pills will work for now. If it keeps being a problem, I'll start getting the hypos."

Estelle nodded. "Sensible, yes." She walked over to the replicator, keyed in a list of commands and came back with a glass bottle containing two dozen pills, as well as a fresh cup of coffee straight from the machine the CMO had put up next to it. "Here you are", she said, handing both to the Klingon. "One at a time. You'll have the best results if you take it before eating your daughter's meals."

He took one and a good amount of the coffee. Looking at the bottle. "Well this should last me about three months. So I shouldn't have to bother you too often for them."

"You better don't, you can't begin to imagine how much hassle it is to walk all the way over to that replicator, the bother of pushing almost three dozen buttons and the labour of schlepping over a pill bottle and a cup of coffee", Estelle grinned.

"Indeed doctor, the hassles of modern technology. I'll try not to avoid my check ups as much as I have been by any rate."

"That would be best", Estelle agreed. "Especially considering this find here." She was wondering which verbal manoeuvre would get it across with the least amount of emotional unsettling. "Look here, this is a brain scan, and a part of your brain is beginning to shrink. It's called the medial temporal lobe, and it's an early warning sign for Klingon Alzheimer's disease, which is a type of dementia that leads to disorientation and forgetfulness, among other things. Now, the good news is, it is treatable in its early stages, but is does bear out monitoring."

He took another slow exhale using his hand to feel over his beard a moment. "Hegh yot, doctor, In Klingon this is called Hegh yot. The invading death... My grandfather suffered from the advanced stages. It normally ends with the person becoming violent and having to be put down, in the old days a warrior would leave home and wander to find an opponent to give them a warrior's death.... But I think I'll pass on that and opt for the treatment and monitoring." He gave her a nod. "You have my attention now doctor."

"I would like to refer you to Sthilg, our CMO, actually", Estelle said. "His experience with Klingon physiology is a lot more extensive than mine, and the brain is one organ you can't just exchange for a spare part if something goes wrong."

He gave a nod. "Well I don't think I would be willing to try even if it could be replaced... Hmm. I think I keep forgetting that I'm getting old doctor, Hmm. But still only slightly past middle aged, maybe something else to ask Sthilg?"

"No, this is definitely a consequence of getting older", Estelle said. "But consider this... the alternative is to die young, deprive yourself of the chances to enjoy life and those around you of your joyful disposition."

He gave another chuckle. "Yes, well I don't think my daughter would be all that pleased with the outcome ether. So treatment is not open to debate."

"Good", Estelle smiled. "I'll go over these readings with Sthilg and we'll call you in once we have agreed on the best course of action. For now, just know that this is not a cause to worry yet, we caught it early."

"Well I'm sure I'm in good hands if nothing else. Is there anything else we needed to go over? Or.. Can I put my clothes back on?"

"Yes, of course", Estelle smiled. "Wouldn't want you to catch a cold. Enjoy your daughter's cooking."

"Next time she cook's, I'll remember to have save some extra. Her hasperat is very good if you like spicy foods. And not enough people learn to cook these days." Toran didn't take all that long to get most of his clothing back on.

"And to think your digestive tract is more adapted to raw food, you still appreciate cooking", Estelle smiled. "I'm pleasantly surprised."

"Domestic life has done wonders for me, Doctor, but as for digestive issues, just wait until the next time Jera orders Pipius claw. Loves it, but practically turns green after eating it." He finally got his clothing on. "I'll check back about treatment in a week or so If I haven't heard anything, Doctor, and I suspect that my daughter will need a check up soon also." He gave a short bow and unless stopped would show himself out.

"She can come in at any time", Estelle said and waved as he bowed.


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