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Ex-chief engineer returns...

Posted on Sat Feb 27th, 2021 @ 7:15am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Commander Gary Taylor & Lieutenant JG Kara Hoffman

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: XO'S office
Timeline: Present
1367 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Kara sighed, what an absolute disaster. She rang the chime, to the XO'S office, it was 12:17pm. She had just come back aboard. "God, what a mess, admiral kabar, kicked my ass...." She said aloud, waiting to be allowed entry. her meeting with the CO and XO awaited her. She was nervous. She parted her hair and tied it back as best as she could. "Shit..." She muttered under her breathe, waiting.

Inside Gary was seated with Phoenix. They were reading the report of Kara's training along as her behaviour while getting the training. "Well." Gary said, as he put the PaDD down. "Kara really made a name for herself at least as far as Admiral Kabar is concerned." He noted. Just as the chime on his door rang. "Looks like our erstwhile engineer is here to see us."

"Hmm, shall be interesting." The Captain said from her seat to the side.

"Interesting. That's one way to put it." Gary answered with a shake of his head.

Kara entered in standard military fashion, her pristine white uniform as always; except this time she was missing a pip on her collar. She had been demoted. She stood at attention. "Captain!, Commander! Lieutenant Hoffman reporting in. Permission to come aboard!" She said loudly, in a drilled military voice. She then saluted and stood at attention, with her hands behind her back. She was feeling extremely nervous of the coming conversation.

"Knock it off Kara, and at ease." Gary told the engineer. He held up a PaDD and pointed to it's twin in Phoenix's hand. "Want to explain yourself if possible?"

She relaxed a little. Commander Taylor could always seem to put her at ease somehow, no matter how bad things were.

"I screwed up Commander, Captain. I screwed up big-time. I have no excuses and offer you both my sincerest of apologies. I also want to thank you, for stickin' up for me through all this..." She hung her head in shame. "When I was in the simulator, going over the latest training, admiral Kabar showed up and started saying I was useless. That I should never have been accepted as an engineer in the first place, I got so angry, I left. He then tracked me down and accused me, with three security officers, for dereliction of duty! I couldn't believe it. I lost my temper and... well... it's all there in the report as to what happened next. The admiral required facial surgery because I punched him in the nose so hard. Also I'm pretty sure I'm officially banned from even stepping foot onto space station 82 after this. I'm honestly lucky to not be in prison right now..." She shook her head. "I'd completely understand if you rejected my application to come back, or even still if you accept, then I'd accept my punishment of being thrown in the brig for eight weeks at least."

Gary shook his head, " You screwed up big time Kara. The Admiral got to you Kara. He pushed your buttons and you reacted just like he was hoping you would. I thought you knew better. " Gary had thought about having Kara take a seat but decided against it. He wanted her to realize how badly she screwed up. "As for getting thrown into the brig. Not going to happen, that's too easy for you. Your going to work; work every odd shift, the dirtiest jobs, until you finally realize you need to keep your temper in check."

He glanced at Phoenix, "Captain called in a lot of favours to keep you out of the brig. I vouched for your character and your ability. Said we needed you here, don't you dare make a liar out of me or cause the Captain any further embarrassment."

"Kara, this cannot continue. When you came here years ago now, you told me, You promised Matias that your attitude would not get you into trouble." Phoenix said softly. "You are to report to Lieutenant Barclay de Tolly, as his assistant chief. Do not make me regret calling Lovejoy to get you back here."

Kara gasped, and her eyes widened, she threw her hands over her mouth. "Wait, lovejoy?! He's the one who...?" She was astounded. "But... but, how.. wha-" She took a breath a composed herself. "I guess that's a few favours I owe to you all now, I won't let you down. As for..." She hesitated. "I will not let him down, I promise I will be better! I realise I have already messed up... I was trying but just not hard enough. I wasn't giving my full effort and I admit that. Nothing like this, will EVER happen again." She said, with a firm tone.

"Kara, you are an exceptional engineer, your ability is second to none. However you need to get that temper under control. If you can't, you'll be having scheduled counselling sessions until you do and that is non-negotiable." Gary told the young engineer.

"I believe it would be best, if you have them with Lieutenant Commander Kelea-Salik." Phoenix said. "And, Kara, you have to understand that since you have been gone there are a number of changes that have happened. Crew have left, been demoted and others yet changed. Do not expect this to be the same Elysium you left."

Kara nodded. "A lot can happen in a few months, that's Starfleet for you. Anything in particular you think I should know about? Oh and to counselling, I completely agree. If you check my record, Starfleet medical has made it one of the conditions of my...rehabilitation. Apparently if I didn't agree to counselling onboard I couldn't return." As she explained, she found herself remembering the conversation with her mom; that one day her hot temper would land her, in even hotter water. She just wished her mother had been wrong, for once.

Phoenix nodded and stood. "Very well. Welcome back to the Elysium Lieutenant Hoffman." The Erisian however did not extend her hand. "Now, if you will excuse me, I will leave you in Commander Taylor's capable hands"

Kara was stunned. "Um ma'am, if I may say one more thing, personally to you and only you?" Kara dropped to one knee, in a traditional Klingon style. She bent forwards, and put her hands onto the floor with her back arched, almost as in a prayer position. she then raised both her hands, and clasped them, as she rose onto her knees, her back straight. "I am truly sorry, for the dishonour I have brought upon you, your ship, Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. I swear I will never let you down again, you have my word, as an honourable warrior." She stayed in her position, awaiting the Captain's response. A few tears began to flow from her eyes. There was no doubt that she felt ashamed, humiliated and dishonoured.

"Ah..." Phoenix was rather taken aback. "Apology accepted. Please stand up Lieutenant."

"Thank you for letting me apologize properly and for speaking freely, Captain." Kara stood back up and placed her hands behind her back. She felt much more relaxed now that she had got her feelings off her chest.

The watch on Phoenix's wrist pinged. "Sorry, I need to go," she said, "Good Luck" And with that the captain left the office.

Gary had watched the proceedings in silence as Kara had taken the unorthodox approach of apologizing into Phoenix in traditional Klingon style. He looked at the empty space where Phoenix had stood just moments before and back to Kara.

Kara sighed nervously. "I uh...I hope I haven't scared off the Captain, Commander." She said, after a long silence, turning to face him.

Gary shook his head, "I don't think you did Kara. She just had a prior appointment." He explained, not sure if that was the case or not but it was a plausible explanation.

Kara nodded. "I was just trying to be humorous. I should report to Main Engineering, meet the new chief. May I be dismissed for now, Commander?"

"Kara, don't worry about it. Captain just had another appointment and yes you are dismissed and Kara? Keep your temper under control and your mouth shut."


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