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First meeting

Posted on Sat May 1st, 2021 @ 11:26am by Captain Yasmine Carrington & Commander Garrett Lovejoy

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: SB1
Timeline: MD-1 12h00
1861 words - 3.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Yasmine stepped clear of the shuttle that had brought her to SB1 and looked about, her gaze lofty. Her uniform was perfect, from the straight 4 pips on her collar to the shine of her boots. She snapped a finger and an aide exited the shuttle carrying two heavy duffles. "Have them beamed to my temporary quarters" She ordered and then headed off leaving the Aide struggling with her luggage.

It didn't take her long to find the Office that had been set aside for her while she waited for permission to board the Elysium. She tossed a PADD onto the desk and looked around. As a temporary place it would do. She hit the comm. "Commander Lovejoy, please report to Captain Carrington's office."

Garrett was in his office when the call came through from Captain Carrington. * she doesn't waste anytime. I'll give her that.* He thought even as he tapped his combadge. "I'm on my way Captain." He replied crisply.

Yasmine sat down in the office to await his arrival.

Scant moments later the chime to her office door rang.

"Come" Yasmine stood, she hated being towered over so she was standing by the time the doors finished their slid open. Her gaze focused on the tall officer entering the office. This was her choice of Executive Officer. And she hoped he lived up to the hype. "Commander Lovejoy." She said her tone neutral. She held out a hand. "Captain Carrington."

"Captain Carrington." Garrett answered, holding out and clasping the Captain's hand firmly but not too firmly even as he shook her hand he was sizing her up. not overly tall, slender with brown eyes and brown hair and a confident, almost arrogant manner.

"Be seated. I am sure by now, Commodore Mountbatten has informed you that I am to be the new Captain of the USS Elysium and you have been selected to be my Executive Officer."

Garrett took the offered seat. "Yes the Commodore has informed me of both you assuming command of the Elysium and you selecting me as your XO."

"Good. Nice to see she could do that" The last was muttered but audible. "Now, we will need to ..." and here her lips seemed to twist. "Inform the former XO of his demotion as well as select a new second officer. I have a list of suitable crew members... and I would appreciate your opinion."

"Yes, I don't believe Commander Taylor will happy with the news. May I ask why you chose not to retain him as your XO? He's widely respected and has the experience. he knows the crew and ship. May I see the list you have for possible second officer candidates?""

"He is too close to the former captain. And while he may be respected I do not need Lalors lacky as my XO." She held out a padd. "The chief of Operations, chief of Intelligence, chief of security was a choice but she is married to Taylor."

"I see." Garrett replied. "Just mentioning this. Taylor is no one's lacky. He is very much his own man. However it is your decision to remove him and I have no problem with that." He paused as he looked at the PaDD. After a moment, he looked at her. "I would select Whavi as your second officer, She has no deep connection to Lalor and she has experience."

Yasmine nodded. "A solid choice. The chief of Science and Chief Medical officer do out rank her but, I would prefer an officer with command track experience rather than scientific."

"I am glad you concur Captain. I believe she will make be a good choice and do a good job as second officer." Garrett replied all while thinking how much these changes were going to shake up the Elysium crew.

"I have also been reviewing other crew files. You know some of the crew of the Elysium Commander, in fact i see you assisted with the review of their science department. Why?"

"Captain Lalor asked me to help with the review as I would bring an outside evaluation of the department. Also the Science Chief and I are not exactly friends and I believe Captain Lalor wanted us to talk and just get to know each other better." Garrett replied.

"Really? I thought you and Captain Lalor do not get along. In fact I have been told you barely tolerate the woman."

Garrett smiled wickedly, "It's a ploy Captain. All to get closer and show the Admirals that Lalor never should have been given command of the Elysium. That she is not qualified to sit in the center seat."

"Yes well it has taken them long enough for them to come to that conclusion." Yasmine replied. "I have a feeling we will have a lot of cleaning up to do."

"You know how the Admiralty is Captain, always slow to react and admit they made a mistake. Any who can't cope with you in command can clear out." Garrett replied.

She seemed pleased at that. "Good to know we are on the same page Commander."

"I couldn't agree more Captain. Makes commanding a starship that much easier when the command team is on the same page." Garrett readily agreed.

"So Tomorrow at 09h00 I will be summoning the soon to be former XO and second officer to meet me at the docking port of the Elysium. I expect you to be there..." she paused "And," she glanced at the PADD on her desk "Your family?"

"Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the expressions on their faces when you announce the changes." He paused for a moment, "I will bring the family on later, they don't need to see this."

"very well. Commodore Mountbatten informs me that the Ship's AI has assigned you a cabin on the command staff deck. For some reason, it did not assign you the Executive officer's cabin, but we will fix that."

"A minor annoyance Captain. One we can easily rectify." Garrett replied smoothly. "The AI probably didn't because of Taylor being married to the Security chief." He put forth.

"Have you dealt with the ship's AI before Commander?" Yasmine asked curiously.

"Only in passing Captain. When Lalor had me come aboard to review the science department and once with the Commodore when we carried out an inspection of the Elysium. Lieutenant Commander Albright was with us."

"And your opinion of its programing?"

"From what I have seen, it preforms it's duties adequately. No need to alter it's core programming. When you take command it will recognize you as Captain of the Elysium."

Yasmine nodded. "One hopes so. I would hate to have to spend the time deleting its programming."

"I don't believe the AI will present a problem Captain. If once you are aboard are dissatisfied, we can have it's programming altered." Garrett pointed out,

"well I will want every department reviewed. And I would ideally like Taylor off the ship but Mountbatten will not allow it. We have to find him a role somewhere out of the way." Yasmine said her voice cool when she spoke of Taylor.

"In fairness Captain, it would look peculiar to have Taylor off the ship. By reassigning him you can always say captain's discretion." Garrett pointed out. "However out of the way you say. What about Chief Diplomatic Officer. It sounds important but it is a do nothing position."

"Perfect and there is no room for him on the bridge. What is your opinion on his wife?" she asked curious.

"Knows her stuff. Not afraid to voice her opinion wanted or not. Lalor was lax in
allowing her officers to talk." Garrett replied. "They all have opinions and they all voice them. A mouthy group." Garrett observed.

Yasmine nodded "To be expected. Lalor probably needed the reassurance. She had no command training at all. Barely any time in the XO role before she was shunted into the Captain's chair. They will learn proper restraint."

"You are probably right. Lalor is a child and the center seat is no place for a child." Garrett added pointedly.

"well I am sure time in prison will help her grow up. So glad to see that they finally arrested her."

"It was only a matter of time Captain." He offered, "Lets see her be a princess in prison."

Yasmine nodded. "Pity about the children though. But then, they will be extradited with their Aunt, uncle and grandmother" Yasmine mused as she sorted through the files. "Is there anyone of concern we should be aware of on the Elysium Commander? Anyone who may make trouble?"

Garrett thought of Arrianna Salannis an Vantar but kept his mouth shut. "After you demote Taylor that will put them all in their place and on notice that they could be next." Garrett offered. "They will all be on their best behavior."

"Hmm well that's what the brig is for." The Captain said casually. "Do you have any questions for me?"

"I can see your ready for the big chair. " Garrett fluffed her ego. "Tell me what your command style is like."

"Straight forward and to the point. I expect orders to be followed. And any questions taken up in private. I do not approve of outbursts on the bridge or in public and any crew member doing so will spend a week in the brig. We will follow Starfleets rules and regulations. I am not one for short cuts."

"Won't take long for that to sink in." Garrett noted "and what of me? What do you expect from me?"

"They will expect you to be against them Commander I want you to foster that. Frankly I want anyone close to Lalor gone and if they go on their own, more the better. Also, watch the command team closely. Any sign of treason, and I want them in the brig."

A sly smile appeared on Garrett's face. "That will be easy Captain. I think by and large the crew of the Elysium is one step above rabble and it's a short step. As the officers let the crew feel they could speak on any subject."

"Then I hope their Brig officer has enough space." Yasmine said calmly. "And BUPERS will have an influx of new transfers."

"There is always the cargo hold Captain." Garrett offered.

She smiled at that thought. "Indeed. But we have to maintain the proper standards." She looked at him. "Are you ready for this Commander? It is going to be a very interesting time"

"Captain." He replied with a smile, "I wouldn't miss this for the world. It's going to be nice taking this crew down a couple of pegs." He admitted almost gleefully.

"Good. 09h00 tomorrow... in this case, be a little late. Lets surprise them."

Garrett nodded, "By your command."

She smiled and held out her hand to shake his. "I am looking forward to this command, Commander."

His hand clasped hers. "Me too Captain, me too. The crew won't know what hit them."

"Until tomorrow then. I will let you go get sorted." She smiled.

"Thank you Captain, until tomorrow." Garrett answered with a smile of his own.


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