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End of Things

Posted on Sat May 1st, 2021 @ 11:23am by Lily Kass & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Captain Jackson Heilong & Lieutenant Commander Jaeih t'Noramei-McKinley & Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: -1 MD 02h00 - 09h00
1724 words - 3.4 OF Standard Post Measure

The Elysium had cruised into its berth at Starbase 1 in high orbit around Earth in sol sector. Its crew were dismissed to shore leave as it was secured and the computer locked into the Starbase computer systems. Cleaning drones moved through the corridors and halls, cleaning and maintaining the graceful lady. It was as silent as a ghost town as the ship was on minimal power and no crew. Bar one.

Captain Lalor was finishing up paperwork in her ready room. Her sister had beamed down to the planet with the captains’ children and her mother and brother. The Lalor’s were planning on having a small family only vacation at their house in Colorado.

Phoenix was engrossed in her work when the COMM pinged in her ear. "Yes Avalon" She said looking up,. But the hologram that appeared was not the ship's AI.

"Jackson." she stated "Long time."

"yes indeed." the man replied.

"You are looking well"

"Phoenix, they found it. Its time."

His words made ice form and settle in her stomach. "When?"

"2 weeks ago, we just got word. We are being called in. Epsilon point."

Phoenix nodded. "I will see you there."

The hologram vanished.

"Avalon" Phoenix said standing up. the Ships AI appeared.


"initiate Epsilon Protocol"

"are you sure Captain?"

"Yes. Do it"

The AI nodded "Epsilon protocol in affect." Transporter beams lanced through the ready room, and decks below through the captain's cabin. Then one caught Phoenix and she was gone.

=20 minutes later=

Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten looked at the holographic image before her. "And she ordered you to initiate Epsilon Protocol."

"Yes Commodore she did." Avalon stated. "I have completed the protocol on the Elysium, my last duty is to inform you of this."

Evelyn nodded. "Thank you Avalon." the AI broke the connection.

Evelyn sat back in her leather chair and contemplated the situation. She looked towards the woman sitting on the couch, a young child in her lap.

Jaeih looked up from her child, raised an eyebrow at her Aunt. "Problem?"

"Yes. A big one. But one you need not worry about."

Jaeih smiled and stood, her son in her arms. "Then we shall leave you to it Aunt."

Evelyn nodded and watched them leave.

Several hours later she hit her comm. "Get me Commander Lovejoy."

["Yes Ma'am"] Came the reply and the message went out.


A comm signal came through to Commander Lovejoy.

In his office going over fleet readiness reports, Lovejoy's com chirped. Mildly annoyed by the interruption, he nonetheless kept the irritation out of his voice. "Lovejoy." He answered simply and waited for whatever message was to come next.

["Commodore Mountbatten is requesting your presence Commander."] The comm officer stated.

"Understood." Garrett replied, "Inform the Commodore I am on my way." With that he closed his com, set aside the reports , rose and headed for the Commodore's office.

A few moments later he stood outside Commodore Mountbatten's office door. He looked himself over, straightened his tunic and once satisfied pressed the chime to alert the Commodore to his presence.

"Come" Came the call. The doors opened and the room was in its normal brightly lit state and the Commodore was standing, hands on hips staring out at the skyline of San Francisco.

Hearing the command to come, Garrett entered the office to see the Commodore with her back to him staring out at the San Francisco skyline. He stopped short of the desk and cleared his throat softly, "You sent for me Commodore?"

"Garrett. She turned. Graced him with a smile and waved him to a chair. "Please sit."

"Thank you Commodore." Garrett replied politely.

"What I have to say to you is classified and important. I trust you and the person who I am to discuss trusts you as well so, I expect complete discretion."

"Of course Commodore. You know I can keep a secret. My lips are sealed." He replied even as he wondered what it was the Commodore wanted to discuss with him. *Must be damn important* He thought.

"Have you heard of the Epsilon Protocol?" She asked

"The Epsilon Protocol?" He shook his head, "No Commodore, I can't say that I have. What is it?"

"A long story. But it is a protocol that got put in effect in 2395, when the Elysium returned to our galaxy from Andromeda and they found that there were mutineers on board. From a splinter group. This group was discovered by then Commander Lalor and her crew. And it was discussed and classified. The protocol, calls for certain people to leave their active duty station and vanish basically. Captain Lalor, initiated it about 2 hours ago. Thus removing herself from Command of the Elysium, effective immediately."

Garrett listened as the Commodore filled him in on the Protocol and recent events. "Commodore that is an amazing story. You said Captain Lalor left, vanished, does this mean she is not returning to the Elysium? If so, will command be going to Commander Taylor?"

"Captain Lalor would wish that to happen, and if I could make it so I would. And Captain Lalor's disappearance will be flagged as undercover work, which is what it is. The protocol calls for several people to go into deep undercover. It could be for a short period or it could be for years. One does not know. As for command of the Elysium, that has always been looked at as you know, people fighting to replace Captain Lalor, yourself included at one stage. but Command has a person in mind who I do not trust in the slightest."

"I see." Garrett replied but he really didn't Captain Lalor's sudden and perhaps prolonged disappearance. A Captain being placed in Command that the Commodore didn't trust. It was all very mysterious. He looked at the woman sitting across from him. "Commodore, how can Command place a Captain in command that you obviously have severe doubts about?"

"Because sometimes its not what you know Commander but who you have slept with." Evelyn replied. "And this.. Captain has slept with her former CO and he wants to .. reward her so, he has pushed for her promotion."

Garrett nodded even in Starfleet, sex was a powerful weapon and as shown here could even lead to command of a starship. "You realize this is going to go over like a lead balloon with Taylor and the other members of the command team aboard the Elysium." He felt obligated to point out.

"yes, even more so when they find out that Taylor will not be executive officer"

"What?!" Garrett couldn't keep the surprise out of his voice. "Commodore, with all due respect. Taylor has the experience, the support of the crew and has been a captain in the past albeit temporarily. Are you sure this is a wise decision? He'll scream bloody murder over this and I can't really blame him."

"Neither can I." Came the reply. "but Carrington, that's the new captain, does not want him as Xo, She wants someone new."

"Doesn't want Taylor? He's one of the most respected XO's in fleet." Garrett replied, "Sounds like Carrington is intent on cutting their throat."

"no she seems intent on being a cow to established crew. She wants someone who has a history of not getting on with The crew of the Elysium. She wants you."

Garrett sat there in stunned silence. Had he heard right? Surely not. "Excuse me Commodore, did you say she wants me? Not that I doubt you but are you sure? I'm not at the top of the nice guy list as far as the Elysium crew is concerned."

"hence why you have been requested. I just managed to stop her from transferring the entire command crew. Commander Taylor, will be moved to another role on the ship." Evelyn looked disgusted with the whole thing.

Garrett shook his head, "I want a command position but not like this. I'm going into a burning building with a gasoline fire suit." He sighed, "I'll go of course but this is not going to be pleasant."

"Oh I know. Which is why I want you to make it clear to Commanders Taylor, and the second officer that I am fighting to get this sorted. Do not however, let Captain Carrington know, you are not on her side."

"Yes Commodore, I'll tell them but I don't know how receptive they will be. As for Captain Carrington. I'll obey her orders and do my duty to the best of my ability and never give her an inkling I'm not on her side."

"Good. She and her lover can bloody well hang for all I care. If it was not for her, I would have Taylor as CO and put you in as XO."

Garrett nodded, "I would have been happy with that even as a temp XO until Captain Lalor came back."

Evelyn nodded. "I know. And Lalor will be back. Maybe not as we know her, but she will be back." A faint smile flitted across the Commodore's lips. "She is determined not to take too long on this mission of hers."

"That is good to hear and know. I wish her good luck. I, uh owe her and the crew a great deal." Garrett said simply.

"Will your family be accompanying you Garrett?" Evelyn asked. "It might be a good chance for your son to learn"

"Samantha will and I hadn't thought about bringing Gavin but I believe you are right , this will be a good experience for him."

"Good then I will make sure Avalon appoints the correct cabin." Evelyn said. "Captain Carrington will arrive in 4 days. The crew is currently on shore leave, so you have a few days to prep before you have to face them."

"Thank you Commodore... for everything. I will be sure to read Captain Carrington's file so I am familiar with her and her likes and dislikes." Garrett answered sincerely.

Evelyn picked up a PADD and held it out. "Good luck" she said honestly.

Garrett took the PaDD and then did something he had never done in all his years as the Commodore's aide. "Thank you Evelyn." He replied equally sincerely.

She smiled. "You are welcome. Make this work Commander I am sure you will learn a lot."

"I will Commodore. I promise you that." Garrett answered with confidence.


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