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Posted on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 7:37am by Avalon & Samantha Prescott & Envoy Gary Taylor

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: Gary's New Office
Timeline: MD2 - 09h00
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Samantha had snarled about it. She believed Garrett should do his own bloody dirty work, but in the end she knew that Commander Taylor would never believe Garrett. So, she dressed in what she termed 'going out clothes', which for her, was black slacks and a tunic top of rusty red. Her stay at home clothes were normally tracksuit pants and shirt. And now she stood outside the new office of Commander Gary Taylor, now Chief Diplomat of the USS Elysium. Sighing she hit the chime and waited.

Gary sat in his new office as Chief Diplomat. The lights were dim and he was madder than he had ever been in a long time. Phoenix was gone according to Carrington arrested on charges of treason which he didn't believe one damn bit. Lovejoy was now the XO of the Elysium and he (Gary) was effectively out of the loop. He didn't blame Lovejoy for his actions, he was following orders, orders that stunk to high heaven. So while he brooded, his chime rang. Who could be coming to see him? He sat up and raised the light level before calling out "Enter!"

The woman entered the dimly lit office and froze for a moment. "Capt... sorry Commander Taylor" She differentiated between him and his mirror. "I am Samantha Prescott. I am the new member of your diplomatic team."

"A pleasure Miss Prescott. Welcome to the home for lost souls, Have you been exiled as well?" Gary asked the newcomer.

"After a fashion, more like returning from Exile. I have been asked to deliver a message to you Commander."

Gary frowned and then it came to him. "Wait! your who we rescued from the Mirror Universe. Your Commander Lovejoy's wife." Gary replied without managing to choke on the words. "A message? Well please deliver it Miss Prescott, we're not exactly a beehive of activity."

"Wife? No ring. Partner" She smiled. "Garrett and Commodore Mountbatten, are trying their best to keep things sane for you and the crew. They both argued against your being replaced, and Evelyn even tried to get you to replace Captain Lalor. Also, you should be aware that Captain Lalor was not arrested nor is she in jail. Its a cover story."

"My apologies. I hope you get your ring ." Gary replied and then gestured, "Please sit down Miss Prescott. "That's an interesting story Miss Prescott, not sure I buy into it, not with what's been happening on the Elysium since Carrington came on board."

"Yeah told him and Evelyn that but they insisted I be the one to tell you. Tell me Commander have you ever heard of the Epsilon Protocol?" Sam sat and crossed her legs.

Gary shook his head, "Sounds like the title to some spy novel. Can't say I have, why Miss Prescott?"

Samantha held out the PADD she carried. "Its what your Captain Initiated. And what has led us all to this."

the PADD had a message for Gary on it. It read:

Do not kill me. I am sorry you were left with little to no explanation. Evelyn should be getting you the position of Captain of the Elysium while i am gone. I should only be gone 6 months. If that. I and others have been tracking a group of traitors for the past 2 years. These traitors escaped our net on the Elysium back when you first met me. I and others have worked to find them. And we have. Lead the crew Gary. Good Luck - Phoenix

Gary sat back after reading the PaDD, "Well so much for the plan of me being Captain." He said sourly. "So, what's next? Assuming this is all on the up and up and not just to set me up and send me to prison?"

"Keep your head down, and you and your wife will join Garrett and I for dinner tomorrow night." Sam said. "Carrington wants Garrett to spy on the crew. We intend to keep the wool over this woman's eyes for as long as possible."

Gary nodded, "Two things check your quarters for bugs and two if I roll over and play nice, Carrington is going to suspect something. She isn't stupid. I have to resist a little to keep her off balance and let her think she's in control."

"And we expect nothing less Commander. And believe me, i know all about cabins on this vessel. I have checked every nock and cranny. Your... not ALICE.. Avalon, is most helpful."

"Good to know, someone knows about taking nothing for granted. Alright, I'll play along for now but this better not be some type of set up, double cross." Gary answered, his message clear.

She studied him. "You don't scare me Commander. I knew your mirror, intimately. You have nothing on him. And if you think about it, Garrett owes you and this crew. As do I." She stood.

Gary smiled thinly, "I wasn't trying to scare you Miss Prescott. I was attempting to inform you. Yes, I heard my mirror was a piece of work. As for owing me and the crew, we'll see."

She turned for the door. "Yes we will. And when you next see Garrett, you might do well to remember, this was not his fault nor his doing. And he is just as stuck as you are."

Gary studied her, her body language, she seemed to be telling the truth or at least the truth she had been told. "Message received and understood Miss Prescott."

"I knew you were smarter than you looked." She quipped and left his office.

From inside the office came the sound of loud boisterous laughing. Someone was enjoying themselves immensely.


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