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What If: Ra Ra Rasputin

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2023 @ 7:44pm by Kyle Cragen [Reece] & Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar & Avalon [ADMIN NPC]

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Petrograd (St. Petersburg)
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Arrianna rode with Kyle in a carriage. "So, this is what I know. The Austrians are meddling here in Russia. Nicholas' rule is failing and They've sent this man named Vladimir Lenin back here to cause a great deal of trouble. We need to deal with this Rasputin and learn how he's involved.

Sitting next to Arrianna, Kyle was deep in thought. He was trying to figure out whether this whole situation was caused by outside sources, or if the Humans were actually trying to kill each other. Of course, as he experienced their barbarism first hand when he was a child, he would not be surprised if this war was fully natural.

Turning his gaze to his wife, he replied. "But how do we accomplish that? From what I hear, this Rasputin never leaves the Czar's palace?"

Arrianna spoke. "I managed to get in touch with a certain Prince Felix Yusupov, he has agreed to summon Rasputin to home, where he is to be poisoned. And we've prepared a rather scrumptious meal for him. Laced with Cyanide. We're the backup plan. And I have something very potent to put him down in the back."

Kyle looked over at his wife, partly surprised by her level of preparedness. "Do we know for a fact that he is, in fact, not human? While I agree that the war must be stopped, what you are suggesting goes against what both of our people's would deem as noninterfierence. What if our actions make things worse for the Humans?"

"There's stories that say he's been poisoned before. Prince Yusupov hinted in his letter that he probably was not the first to poison him, but he did state he would be the last, which means the Prince might be in danger. Of course, that was a week ago, and Rasputin does have the Czar's ear. Strangely. I've been in contact with other contacts that tell me Austria-Hungrary is beginning to meddle in this war. I think it's a plot to put someone in power who will pull Russia out of the war. His name is Vladimir Lenin. And he has some extreme ideas, even by Alindari standards. The state owning all the wealth of a nation for the good of the people? Please tell me this is not some kind of human practical joke, My love. That is too much power and authority for even the state."

Kyle sighed and shook his head slightly. "I wish I could. You forget, I've been on this planet alot longer than you, my love. I have seen, first hand, what the humans are capable of. I would not be surprised if these wars continue until they wipe themselves out. The only saving grace for the innocents that are here now, is that they have not developed atomic weapons."

"Atomic theory has been circulating through England's academic establishment." Arrianna noted.

The carriage pulled up to the Princes residence to see a disturbance. The front door had been ripped off, and several people were in the streets, "Glorious Ascendants." Arri stepped out and walked up in her lavish coat to examine several injuries. She noticed something perculiar near the mouth. Something crawling out of a deceased man's body. Whatever it is suddenly lunged at Kyle's mouth trying to get inside.

One thing was for sure about the Alindari. Their reflexes were fast. Amazingly fast. She caught the insect in mid air and put the squeeze on it. Killing it.

Kyle stepped back, his reflexes a hair slower than his wife's. When he realized the danger, his face went white. "No... It can't be!" He started to rush inside, reaching down to pull up a handkerchief to cover his mouth. "It's the Yetchanalli!" He shouted back to Arrianna. "Cover your mouth! That's how they take over a host!"

Arri put the cover on and moved to the back of the Carriage. Pulling out a crate. She entered a passcode and opened up, taking out two phaser rifles and throwing one to Kyle. They seemed new. Improved. A secret technology Arrianna had developed. She then began removing parts of her dress. To reveal she had a particularly splendid pair of dress pants and a blouse on underneath.

"We know of these creatures. We call them Taa'son'ii. 'Mind ravagers' They tried to take over the Imperium, but they did not know of our telpeathy and we stopped their invasion in its tracks. We need to find the queen. Each one of them is linked to her telepathically. I can trace them." Arri noted. "If you can as well through our bond, look for thoughts of great envy."

Kyle was still feeling a bit of shock at seeing the parasite. "The Yetchanalli! Here?! How can that be?? We hunted them down ten thousand years ago! We destroyed their entire home system!" As he spoke, he readied his rifle, though, it was the first time he had ever actually held one of this design. "Beloved? A quick instruction please?"

Arri spoke. "Settings toggle. Safety, and the holographic sight. I also genetically keyed it to you, Love. So it works only for you." She gave him a brief rundown of the rifle.

Despite the situation, Kyle smiled at his wife. "Awww, it's not every day a wife gives her husband a futuristic weapon to deal with an alien parasitic organism." He started to lead her inside. "Though, Dearest, you must tell me how you've kept these hidden for so long."

"I made these a few years ago using replicator technology." Arrianna noted. "I knew we were going to have to deal with something like this one day. But thats aside the point, we need to keep more humans from becoming infested. These creatures are pure envy, love. They may talk about peaceful coexistance, but it's far worse. They love our bodies, but hate what's in them."

"Well then, we had best hurry before someone sees us with these weapons." He raised the barrel of his rifle in front of him and led the way inside.

Arrianna lead him into the streets of Petrograd and then they began to see bodies laying alongside the streets. "I don't think we need to worry about being seen." She noted.

Seeing the carnage, Kyle felt more resolve to stop the invasion. "We are going to have a huge mess to clean up afterwards."

"They slay everything and everyone they cannot use, mercilessly." Arrianna noted. "When they say they want to peacefully coexist, it is not out of compassion, it is out of envy." Arri mentioned. "They covet our bodies, and hate our minds."

"You're telling me this like I don't already know, beloved." Kyle moved carefully through the street, his eyes constantly scanning for any threat. "Remember, my people hunted them down before your race ever encountered them."

They entered a alley where a horrid man was dancing over one of his victims. "Ra... Ra... Rasputin Ra ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian queen There was a cat that really was gone Ra ra Rasputin Russia's greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on."

"Oh I like that song, even though I won't be made for a hundred years." He laughed. "Oh how do I know about that song? You aren't the only one who have ever travelled in time, Lieutenant Arrianna Salannis an Vantar. We've gone back too... To eat... and have sex..." The creature man laughed."

Arrianna began to unload shotgun shells into the creature.

As Kyle watched, the human shell that the creature had stolen started to be blasted away, revealing its true face underneath. A completely alien being started to rise from the ruined torso of Rasputin. It started to screech loudly at them both as it tried to crawl creal of the corpse.

"I don't think so," Kyle stated as he advanced on the creature, and placed the barrel of his weapon against his head. "You will not claim this world, you foul creature!" He then fired, completely destroying the creature's head.


(We're dealing with this. )


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