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Mind and Body

Posted on Sun Nov 5th, 2023 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Danica Kovitz & Lieutenant N'vok Holv

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Science Office
Timeline: current
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N'vok sat on the edge of his desk. "So, Kovitz, have you ever practiced meditation or yoga? Those are both good building blocks for the sort of mind-body techniques that are used in Vulcan practices."

Danica leaned against the wall in the entrance to the office. "Not a ton, frankly. I've done some dance, though that's usually a bit more movement than a mental relaxation technique recommends. I suppose I've 'done' yoga, but...I guess I've just always been a bit too impatient for it."

"I would have thought that as a scientist, patience would be one of your virtues," said N'vok. "But we start where we are. Breathing techniques are the best starting point. Take a deep breath, hold it, and breathe out slowly. Now again, feel the air come in, try to . . . visualize the flow of oxygen from lungs to heart to body."

Dani closed her eyes, doing her best to follow the instructions. Focusing was...difficult. Her mind wanted to race all over the place. But she put as much focus into listening to the signals of her body as she could.

"Now again," he instructed. And they went through the exercise a few more times. "Good, I am sure it does not seem like much but we must build slowly to have a firm foundation."

"How is your shoulder?" he asked.

She tilted her head for a moment in thought. "It's been better. Been worse too though, I suppose. Tense would be my best description. It's working harder than it normally would, and the muscles are little tired of it."

N'vok stepped closer. "Starfleet medicine is a wonderful thing but it does not do a great deal for mind-body integration. May I touch your shoulder, Kovitz?"

Dani shrugged, slightly regretting it as the muscle protested. "Fine by me."

"Feel my touch," he says gently placing two fingers along your collarbone, repeating the phrase and touch moving along your injured shoulder. Careful to avoid pain as he hopes to help establish a bond between an aware mind and a healing body.

"I have to say, being more aware of the part of my body most mad at me is a...less than painless experience," Dani said with a forced chuckle, as the nerves of her shoulder seemed somehow more pronounced.

"Give it time," said N'vok soothingly, "your body is capable of more than just feeling pain, but in concert with the mind, it can reduce it, speeding healing." He continues with the gentle, but solid, touches along Dani's arm.

The sensation seemed to calm her screaming nerves and Dani was able to finally relax her muscles a little. She was surprised to feel how fatigued they were, clearly having been tensed far more than she'd realized. She spoke calmly with a sigh of relief. "Ok, now we're getting somewhere."

N'vok nodded and continued. "Think about how your body connects, how muscles move and nerves echo."

Danica cleared her mind as much as she could. Her focus narrowed around the signals her body sent. Perhaps there was something to all this after all. "I don't know I'm able to get my mind clear enough to really feel the specifics. But...I think I'm at least following the general feelings of it."

"That is a good start, shall we stop for now and get a bite to eat?" the Vulcan said.

"I certainly won't argue," the young officer replied, relaxing her posture a bit. "Want to head to the mess?"

N'vok nodded. "Yes, a meal will do us both good."

"Computer, standby settings to terminal 3," Danica said, turning toward the door. The small scale physics simulation whirred down to a calm equilibrium, "Can't exactly have my station exploding while we're grabbing lunch."


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