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Ship Wide Alert

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2023 @ 10:51am by Avalon [ADMIN NPC]

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Timeline: MD3 10:30
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The Viewscreens across the ship lit up with the announcement [[SHIP WIDE BROADCAST COMMENCING]]

The USS Elysium has come across a beacon broadcasting the following message:

[[Warning to all. Now entering Thaih'ean space. Slavers. All non-Thaih'ean ships are subject to inspection and mandatory tithing of 5% of the crew to the Thaih'ean slave market]]

We then received the following communication from Starfleet Command. The viewer changed and a haggard older man in a Starfleet uniform.

"I am Captain Jon Michael Gideon, Captain of the USS Archeron. I am recording this to protect other ships of the fleet. If this message is playing, then my worst fears have come true." He swallowed. "I am from the year 2260, my crew and I faced a race called the Thaih'ea in late 2260. They caused an incursion into our galaxy and attacked and overwhelmed my crew. They took us millions of light years from home. To another galaxy. The Thaih'ea are slavers. They are highly advanced and from our 2260 perspective they could have destroyed us without hesitation but they wanted something from us. They experimented on our crew. But I managed to get them to let us go. It cost me and I do not regret it."

" I, with the help of certain crewmembers, who will never remember it, destroyed their main genetics vault and I had to give up my ability to ever have children but as my wife died because of their experiments, it is not something I regret. I managed to convince them to send us home, and they did so. But with a twist. The agreement was that they would never come to our galaxy ever again. They agreed and sent us home, only they sent us home in suspended Animation and it was centuries before we were found and woken. I believe they have broken their agreement in the decades past but I cannot prove it. But my crew... they don't remember but I do as does my XO."

"After we sealed the agreement, we woke in the Archeron's cargo bay. Covered in slime. Naked. All around me the rest of the crew and families were in the same state. Hanging from the ceiling were gelatinous pods, where we had all slept in for nearly 140 years. Around us were Starfleet Officers of the USS Patriot. They had found the Archeron in a nebular and they revived us. All the crew, civilians, we all have the same issues. Nightmares, sleep walking, nausea around certain foods, fear of invasive medical procedures. Some have... succumbed to despair in the past few months."

"If you are hearing this message then they have broken their agreement and you have come face to face with them or their realm of space. Do not engage with them unless you have superior fire-power. They only understand force. And they want more slaves to do their bidding. If they have taken you to their home planet I suggest you create a weapon of great destructive power and unleash it on them, Prime Directive be damned. They are evil. And only understand brute force. May whatever gods you follow have mercy on your souls because the Thaih'ea will not." He took a breath. "I have done all I can. Good luck" and he signed off the message.

The Command Crew are currently discussing this. We have NOT crossed over to their region of space. Further Information will be released shortly. ]]


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