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Welcome aboard the... One of us...

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2023 @ 10:55am by Lieutenant JG Dr. Anna-Lee McEntyre Ph.D & Lieutenant Myne Redal

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Myne's Office in Operations
Timeline: Before the madness
1387 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure


Myne stood at her desk and scratched her head, the console in front of her felt like it was messing with her on purpose. A minute, two, five, ten even had passed by the time she gave up and sighed with exasperation. Federation software engineers were a whole species upon themselves and it had been two hundred years and still Myne felt like they were being obtuse on purpose.

Taking her trusty PADD and connecting it to the console she began to quickly tap on it command after command then stopped and waited. Her wonderful friends inside started translating all the data Myne had wanted to go through in a more easily parsed and exposed format. Only after two minutes had passed and the PADD pinged gently, did Myne finally smile and got back to work properly. Now that was much better and... oh?

"Damn, see, this is why I wanna replace half of the programs we use, I have a greet and meet with a new officer in... one minute?! Gods darn it... Avalon I swear I am going to replace all of your software one day..."

“I’d be careful about that, computers tend to get a mind of their own.”

*A small Caitian of very disheveled looking brown/gray fur and thick swishing tail, stood in the doorway. Her uniform looked like it’s been on for a bit, a white lab coat over it. Her hair, looking like she’d tried to tame it with a brush but was defeated midway though.*

“Hi, I’m Dr. Anna-Lee McEntyre. I apologize for my appearance, kinda hard to get oneself in order in a transport shuttle’s washroom.”

She said with a toothy grin, trying to project happy but looking more like she’s on something. She had an old style messenger bag across her, covered in various pins and buttons, well used and loved by the look of it.

"Don't I know it?" Myne replied then stopped and frowned. "Wait, since when do the voices in my head get in through the ears?" Them her head shot upwards and saw Anna. "Oh, you didn't hear that, did you?"

With her brown hair in a very long ponytail and dark spots of many sleepless nights under her eyes, Myne took the sight of the offer in front of her. "Nope." She shook her head at Anna. "If you look overworked, got barely any sleep and you're utterly exhausted, then it means you're working in Ops and doing a good job at it. Or as the Humans say, Go Team Biscuit! Or something like that."

"So, in short, love the look so take a seat. I am Lieutenant Myne Redal, call me either Myne or Redal, I don't mind." She offered as she gestured towards the seat and let her Trill spots be more easily visible. "As Assistant Chief Ops, serving our benevolent lady and mistress Chief Baeryn, I'll be handling your induction I guess."

Anna smiles, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of the small desk in the office. She purrs softly, but skittish, rocking her hips softly back and forth, fidgeting in her chair.

“I’m glad to be here. First time being assigned to a starship and that can be a thing on it’s own.”

Anna started.

“I’d love to hear about everything, best spots on the ships, best replicators, anyone I should get to know, juicy gossips, cute guys, anything that’ll get me acclimated to the ship.”

Anna started babbling off, listing things as fast as she could think of them, definitely hyper already.

Myne chuckled as she saw Anna fidgeting in the chair and nodded to herself. "Alright, I think I like you already. Quick rundown you ask? Best spots are in the jeffrey tubes, there's even a gambling ring in one of them around Deck 12 I think. Best replicators are in Ops, obviously and my cabin. I hacked mine, took it apart, rebuilt it, so its a custom job at this point, but really cool I might say. Get to know Rin, chief of Intelligence, Super Horsey Man, chief of security, spider boy, you'll know where you see him, Vira one of our other Ops officers, and of course brother Gary, our XO. Stay away from the Captain, she creeps me out. Juicy gossips? No idea, never pay attention to them. As for cute guys, they all are taken sadly, which is a darn shame."

Anna's babbling was met by Myne's characteristic waterfall of words as she smiled and counted things off of her fingers.

"Now, how about you, can you hack a computer properly?"

Anna nods at the young trill, pulling out her PADD, legs up under her in her chair and she quickly dances her fingers along the PADD.

It took a few seconds of what seems like child’s play to get Myne’s computer to go basically bonkers. Flashing with all sorts of Old Earth anime art of various guys, some were tiny holograms that appeared on the desk. Her computer was going haywire, and all Anna could do was smile that smirky, yet friendly smile.

“You mean like that?”

Anna grins.

“This computer is good, but could use some work. But that’s only because I didn’t go into any actual systems that could be useful or vital.”

She restores the computer to proper functioning status.

“I think we’re goin to be the best of friends, you and I. Especially if we seem to be thinking on the same wavelength.”

Myne watched the spectacle with a growing grin, taking in the display put on for her benefit. She liked this one, quite a lot. A lot of fun in their future at the very least. As Anna restored the computer to proper functioning status, Myne's attention turns silently to her own PADD.

On her desk, right by her right hand, what seemed Starfleet in design was anything but at a closer look. It might have been once Starfleet made and modified extensively, or it was never Starfleet made but someone added the proper Starfleet aesthetics just for the fun of it on top of the Frankensteinian construction.

The PADD made a few noises of its own accord without Myne doing anything, and then it began to scroll information in a old Trill dialect. Myne read it with a very very wide grin and nodded to herself before turning to Anna.

"Ooooh yes, we are going to be the bestest of friends Anna. Well, I got the best references for your abilities that I could get. You should be receiving your assignments, cabin and the works on your PADD in about... now." And with that Anna received a ping on her PADD. Again, Myne doing nothing but talking and holding her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Anna let’s out a caitian equivalent of a happy squeal. She did a little dance, tail happily swishing behind her in pure joy and excitement.

“This is goin be so awesome!! We should hang out! Sleepovers! Lunches! It’ll be the best! Oooo oooo, you got to introduce me to Super Horesy Man! I’d never met someone like him before! Oh oh, I’ve got so many anime holoprograms and other…programs.. heh heh”

She was rambling excitedly again. She’d been nervous about what her crewmates would be like but meeting Myne had put those fears to bed. Anna was going to love her time on the Elysium.

“I should go get my stuff to my new cabin! Come by later, we can hang out more!!”

She twirls on her feet, her lab coat and skirt twirl with her, in just as equal excitement.

"Hihihi, yes certainly Anna. Sleepovers, lunches and the like. The command staff is going to loose their mind with two of us around. I'll tell you all about the clandestine Super Garrett Fanclub as well, but later. Now go and get settled and we'll talk after your first shift!"

Myne chuckled and nodded happily at the eager officer. Yep, this is going to be a loooot of fun.

Lt. JG. Dr. Anna-Lee McEntyre
Software Engineer
U.S.S. Elysium

LT. Myne Redal
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Elysium


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