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She found out anyway.

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2024 @ 8:14am by Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander S'hib

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Naxeas' and S'hibs temporary quarters.
Timeline: After "Don't tell Naxea."
1153 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

“We made it back and nobody spotted us.” S’hib grinned as he looked down at Sle’anna strapped back to his chest. “Well… we’ll ignore the bit in the turbolift…” he added as he pressed the controls and rushed inside his quarters.

"Having fun?" came an annoyed voice belonging to Naxea, sitting on the couch with crossed arms.

“Shit.” Was the first thing that left his lips, quickly followed by Slee snorting something that sounded remarkably similar.

He glanced down, then back up at Naxea before placing his hands over the little girl's nose in an attempt to stop any more snorts.

"Could you not curse around our daughter? I don't want that to be her first word," Naxea said, standing up.

Sounds more so than words came out of S'hib's mouth as he muffled Slee's little snout. "And It won't be." He finally managed to get out as he felt huffs of air being blown through his fingers.

Truly he was a Sequus caught in the headlights at this moment, unsure of what to do beyond stand there.

Naxea sighed, shaking her head as she approached the two and took Sle'anna into her arms. "Come to momma," she said with a grin before turning back to S'hib. "So where did you go?" she asked, more seriously.

"I took her to sickbay," S'hib replied softly before his tone changed. "Nothing happened, she's fine." He yelled out quickly. "It was just a checkup."

"A checkup? Without informing me? Because I wasn't aware of any checkups due. Did she get injured playing?" Naxea questioned as she bounced Sle'anna in her arms.

"No, nothing like that." S'hib insisted. "It's just that everything that came out of her earlier while you weren't here, was green... and I was concerned."

"What did medical say?" Naxea asked, looking at S'hib as Sle'anna squirmed playfully in her arms.

He frowned momentarily, as if unsatisfied with the answer he was about to give. In truth, he was, having snuck all that way only to be told what he already knew. "Sthilg thinks it's her diet..."

"Her diet? Anything in particular? She's been nursing as usual and beginning to eat soft vegetables," she said, growing worried.

"I asked the same thing," S'hib remarked as he wetted the tip of a hoofed claw, smudging it on the side of Slees' face to remove what must have been food.

"Didn't really get an answer, just got told to give her these at lunch and dinner." He remarked, removing a small bottle of gummy medication from his belt pouch.

"Though I was thinking, It's possible her diet isn't entirely like mine... she might eat meat." He concluded, grimacing at the thought

"Well, we can try meat infused puree and see how she handles that," Naxea offered.

The thought made him feel sick. "Maybe we just try the gummies first?" He asked as he brought a loosely bawled fist up to his mouth.

He had no issue watching Naxea or anyone else eating meat, so why now he thought... glancing at Slee, feeling that same churning in his stomach again.

Naxea grinned as she approached S'hib. "Sure. Now go eat a salad. You'll feel better," she teased him.

Hot air left his nostrils in an incredulous huff of defiance, setting his daughter off to do the same.

"For once, I'm not hungry." He shot back before sulking off to the couch, still troubled by the thought of Slee being something akin to an Omnivore.

Naxea followed and sat down next to S'hib. "Our daughter is different than any Sequus or Bajoran. She's the first of her kind. But those qualities don't make her any less Sequus or Bajoran. If it is meat that she needs, there are meat alternatives that will provide her nutrients that meat provides without actually eating meat."

"I know," S'hib began, leaning more into the cushions. "It doesn't change how I feel about her... it's just..." He paused, looking over at Nax with a coy grin. "I'm gonna be outnumbered at the dinner table, it's not fair..."

Naxea leaned against S'hib. "Tell you what, Mister outnumbered, I'll try to eat more non meat meals. Will that make you feel better?"

He glanced at her as she leaned on him, wondering what he had done to deserve her in his life. "What would make me feel better, is all of us... having dinner together."

A happy sigh left his nostrils as he turned and leaned his lips into her hair. "I miss your cooking, Nax. I miss burning my tongue on your hasperats..."

Naxea chuckled in response. "If I get time and some energy, I'll be sure to cook us some Hasperats, except for Sle'anna. She'll have to wait until she's older to try it."

He smiled, finding her hand and gently wrapping his fingers around it. "No rush, just... we should make time to do more together, it's been nothing but work for both of us these past few months."

"Not much to do," Naxea shrugged. When she wasn't working, she was taking care of Sle'anna, if not she was at least trying to sleep. Holodecks were still on the fritz though much promenade was beginning to return to normal. She hoped they would find a way home soon. She still had a lot on her mind after she met with Lalor and whether or not she was going to resign--a fact she hadn't told S'hib. A part of her wanted to scream until her throat hurt. Yet it was something she knew she couldn't afford as too many people were looking to her for strength and support.

"Well... we could at least do nothing together..." He sighed, feeling an argument brewing if he continued.

"I'm gonna get her lunch ready," He added as he pushed away from the couch, "But I gotta figure out how to open this without breaking it first." He continued, more to himself as he fiddled with the gummy bottle.

"Give it here, clumsy," Naxea said offering an outstretched hand and a grin. "And we will do something together, S'hib. I promise."

His stubby hooved fingers fought against the lid in defiance up until the moment he dropped it into her hand, stubborn even in defeat. "M'not clumsy." He sulked with a disapproving snort, once again setting Slee off to huff air out of her nostrils.

Naxea slapped her hand hard against the bottom of the jar, causing an audible popping sound and gave a small grunt as the lid twisted off. "Here," she handed the jar back to him. "And stop pouting," she said with a grin before rising onto her toes and giving S'hib a quick kiss.

He pulled her back before she could sit down, a firm hand on her lower back telling her in no certain terms that he wasn't done. "One more..." He grinned before kissing her again.


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