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Athena’s Dilemma Part 2

Posted on Wed Mar 27th, 2024 @ 6:40am by Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant Athena Magnus & Ensign Francine Yamaguchi

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Counselor’s Office
Timeline: Thirty Minutes after Thor’s Visit
1301 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Lt. Athena Magnus had a lengthy conversation with Acting Ensign Francine Yamaguchi. She was feeling upset as she felt duped. Granted they were in another galaxy and there was nothing can be done now but she felt hope one day they will be back in the Milky Way galaxy and justice would be served.

Not only was she duped but so was Francine. The whole drama reminded Athena of what she read in the history books about the Me Too movement.

She walks into the counselor’s office with a sense of frustration. Seeing a lady when she walked in she says in a calm voice as she had taken a deep breath, “Counselor Kelea-Salik I assume. I am Lieutenant Athena Magnus. Are you free now?”

Alicia checked her appointment schedule just to be sure before nodding. “Luckily I am, please come on in Athena.” She walked on ahead into her office. “Your husband mentioned you’d be wanting to see me. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you,” Athena said as she graciously crossed her legs as she sat. She waited until Alicia before she started. “Miss Alicia,” she said as often calls people this way when she meets them for the first time, “Reason why I am here is to report someone from years ago and yes, they are back in the Milky Way Galaxy but I need to say not only was I victimize by a Commander Theo Yana and so has another member of the engineering crew. I was talking to Acting Ensign Francine Yamaguchi and it turned out the same person who raped me almost nineteen years ago, he also raped Francine about a year ago. I know I am trying to get this out and I know this is a legal matter and there is a possibility we may never get home, so the only thing I can do is to learn how to deal with it plus also help Francine. I reported this when it happened but they told me he died.”

Alicia gave Athena a surprised look. “I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting something of this magnitude, however I’m here to help and that’s what I’ll do.” She offered a comforting smile. “Who is it that told you this man was dead? Do you think it was a deliberate attempt to protect him, or did they truly believe he was dead?”

“It was Deltan Ambassador Aide Palea,” Athena responded. “He was like Theo, half Betazoid and Deltan. As I look back on it, this is how he probably was ever to mask his thoughts and feelings. Before you ask, I did tell Thor before we got married. He understood and he said let us concentrate on the present and plan for a great future together. Is there a JAG officer on this ship. So what do I do now. Do I swear out an affidavit so if we ever get back home, it will be on record that I was duped.”

Alicia offered a calming smile. “Getting this on file is the biggest step to start with. We do have a JAG Officer, Lieutenant Serenity Triannth if you want to talk to her then it’s your right to do so. First things first let’s get this all down and official, as you said you already reported it but nothing was done about it.”

“Before I start,” Athena said, “Let me page Francine to come here.”

For the next hour, Athena then Francine gave their details of what happened to them. Everything was recorded down, so if anything ever happen to them, the powers that be would have something. After all the legal stuff was done, Athena felt better and now it was Francine’s time to chat with the counselor.

Francine now was sitting, she introduced herself so that Alicia would have the information on her. Speaking in her southern accent she started, “I am acting Ensign Francine O’Hara Yamaguchi. I was born near the border of Alabama and Georgia. The previous assignment is where I met Toshiro. Several members and myself were taking martial arts classes with him. He and I fell in love and we got married eventually. Now I am pregnant with his child. What else do you need to know?”

“Whatever you are willing to tell me about your experience Francine.” Alicia offered a gentle smile. “You don’t have to go into full detail if you don’t want to, just give me the basic outline of what happened to you, just as Athena has.”

“Well,” Francine said as she wondered where to start. “A few days after I arrived on the base I met Commander Yana. He was introduced to me by his daughter Sirena. He kept looking at me as it made feel tingling inside. Three weeks went by till he made his move. Initially he asked me over and over. I kept telling him no. Finally one day another Engineer and I went to go see him at his quarters. The other Engineer was called away. I would have left but he was right in the middle of a demonstration. Ten minutes later he offered me some lemonade. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in his bed. He blamed me for what happened and he told me if I reported it, both he and his daughter would get kicked out of Starfleet. I did not say another word. I went to go see the doctor immediately. After the doctor visit, I put in for a transfer.”

“So it sounds like he drugged you?” Alicia frowned at that. “This cannot be allowed to continue, but unfortunately being out of contact with the Federation puts us this far and no further.” She sighed. “What I will do is share what you’ve both told me with Commodore Lalor, with your permission of course. Once we reach home she has the contacts to get this moving in the right direction.”

“I understand,” Francine sighed. “I am just glad I did not get pregnant. Since this is my first counseling session here, are there any Routine questions you need to ask me. I am Acting Ensign and I think it is important I pass a psych evaluation. Routine questions like how I like my job. I love it. How do I get along with the crew. As far as I know, they like me. Are there any difficulties I foresee. Not yet. Lt. Thor Magnus has assigned Athena to be my mentor. What about my pregnancy. Not to worry on that because they have me learning new right now. Do I want to be promoted quickly. Hope not. I prefer normal pace.”

Alicia grinned. “I think you’re asking and answering all the right questions all by yourself.” She relaxed back in her seat. “The fact that you’re settled and you’re enjoying your work is wonderful. Is there anything besides what you’ve already asked yourself that you’d like to talk about? Any worries in your job? Any other concerns?”

“Same worries we all have which are hostile aliens,” Francine answered in her souther accent, “Thank God Lieutenant Thor makes sure everything is working perfectly. He makes sure we carry weapons. Back home, my Momma always said, why worry. It does not change what is going to happen. Just pray to the Lord and keep the faith.”

“Always good advice” Alicia smiled warmly. “It sounds to me like you’re settled in and are doing okay. Any worries about anything feel free to come and see me, or any of the counselling staff.”

“I shall and thank you for the talk,” Francine replied. She stood up and she said right before she left, “Have a good day Alicia.”


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