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Commodore's Log

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2024 @ 5:41pm by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD10 - 21h00
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**Commodore's Formal Log**

Our successful escape from the Thaih'ea system remains a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of our crew. While not without loss, particularly among our valiant pilots, our efforts have resulted in the rescue of approximately 27 Milky Way personnel, including several children of diverse origins.

Among those rescued are five Starfleet-trained officers, albeit with varied circumstances. Notably, one officer's training is significantly outdated, spanning over a century. Additionally, we've encountered an individual displaced from the late 20th century, further underscoring the complexities of our mission.

Navigational challenges persist as our pilots navigate intricate courses, relying heavily on our cloaking technology to evade detection. Nevertheless, we anticipate clearing Thaih'ean space imminently, affording our cloaking device a well-deserved respite.

However, not all challenges are external. The discovery of a Cardassian Gul aboard with an outstanding warrant, dated over two decades ago, poses a delicate dilemma. While I'm committed to upholding principles of justice and fairness, I'm mindful of the complexities involved. Collaboration with Security and Intelligence is imperative to ensure equitable resolutions for all involved parties.

Concurrently, vacancies within our crew demand attention, particularly the Chief of Operations role vacated during the mission. While the prospect of Sapphire's tenure looms ominously, a worthy successor among our rescued personnel offers a promising solution, fostering optimism among the Operations team.

Medical concerns also demand consideration, as several crewmembers emerge from stasis, necessitating genetic screenings. Surprising revelations, such as unexpected parentage and genetic manipulation, underscore the intricacies of our mission and the diverse backgrounds of those we've rescued.

Engineering developments provide a beacon of progress, with preparations underway to enhance our warp capabilities. The stability of our core signals potential for increased speeds, a prospect met with enthusiasm from Lieutenant JG Derani and the crew at large.

In the face of adversity, our resolve remains unwavering. As we chart our course forward, may we continue to navigate challenges with fortitude and unity, guided by our commitment to justice and compassion.

End Log.


Phoenix sat back in her desk chair and sighed as she reviewed the information before her. She was working late for not the first time in the past few months. She was looking forward to going home to her husband and children. But she still had reports and such to read. Sighing she stood and headed for the bridge. Night shift was on duty and she didn't speak and simply waved the ensign who had been about to bark out that she was on deck to silence. She stood silent and let her gaze sweep the bridge.

So much had happened. Her gaze landed on the security terminal and she had to wince at the thought of Aurelia who wad currently in stasis due to an undiagnosed illness. Phoenix had to admit that their relationship had often been turbulent, she had been closer to Gary and to... Liselle. Liselle had been her best friend and even when she had joked to Gary that he should have married both Aurelia and Liselle, she had privately been team Liselle. The thoughts of her friend had her gaze landing on the helm console where the Trill had sat, beside Phoenix when she had been an Operations officer. They had, had a great banter and both had worked together well. But time moved and things changed. Biting back a sigh, Phoenix turned back into her ready room. Back to work.


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