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Check your Pah at the door, Part Two

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 6:31am by Consul Andrinn Orin

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Bajor System
Timeline: 2369
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As Andrinn and his colleagues entered Conference Room 4 aboard Deep Space Nine, the atmosphere was tense but hopeful. The Bajoran delegates, adorned in their traditional robes and with expressions of cautious optimism, stood to greet them. Andrinn took a moment to observe the room—a blend of Cardassian utilitarianism and Bajoran cultural artifacts, a testament to the station's complicated history.

Andrinn and his team were greeted by one of the ministers for the Provisional Government, Minister Veyla Maris, a prominent political figure that was focused on the economic reform of Bajor that would help with rebuilding Bajor's infrastructure after the Cardassian withdrawal from the planet.

She extended her hand to welcome the Federation delegation aboard Deep Space Nine and into Bajoran Space. "It's wonderful to finally meet the members of the delegation brought forward by the Federation. I know it must've been a long journey from, I believe it was Trill, correct? Here, we've made something from Bajor to give you guys an example of our culture, Poma Tea. We find it especially useful after a long journey or after a long day of working, which I'm sure that all of you have had."

Andrinn and the rest of the team took the glasses that were offered up to them and took a few sips each. It was hot tea and it actually helped to sooth Andrinn's sore throat that he had been nursing for the better part of two weeks. Andrinn was the first one to speak up and replied, "Thank you very much! This has helped me out with a sore throat that has been bothering me for the better part of the last few weeks. So, thank you for the tea."

Minister Veyla offered up a kind smiled and said, "Oh, you're most welcome! We were just glad that the Federation was able to set up the station as quickly as they have and were able to send out the diplomatic teams this quickly. We weren't expecting anyone for months, especially with how the Cardassians I'm sure were being with the Federation. But, if you fair people wouldn't mind having a seat and we'll begin the talks."

Everyone, including Orin himself, took a seat and the talks between the Bajoran government and the Federation began. The talks weren't expecting much this early on, but the talks themselves turned out to be rather engaging and left Orin and the others optimistic about the future between the Federation and the Bajoran people.

While there weren't going to be anyone joining the Federation quite yet, Orin knew that it wouldn't be in the best interests of anyone for the Bajoran people to join the Federation quite yet. Alliances took time to grow and nurture, which these talks were hoping to accomplish.

After several hours, there were various people from both groups that were talking in separate, smaller groups. Orin had split off and talked his way through several of them and now, was looking outside the conference room window at the wormhole that was opening and closing, allowing for visitors to the station to see it in its total beauty.

Minister Veyla walked over and stood a few steps behind Orin as he gazed out onto the wormhole. "Isn't it a beautiful work of art from the Prophets? The Emissary truly blessed us with showing us the entrance to the Celestial Temple. We can never truly repay him for all that he and your Federation have done for us."

Orin looked back and saw Minister Veyla standing there and listened to her talk about the "Celestial Temple" and the "Prophets." He was warned about the religious nature of the Bajoran people, but nothing had come out until this point about their religion. At least, nothing in the talks quite yet.

Orin looked back out the window and watched as the wormhole opened and closed once more before looking back at the Minister. He was curious about so many things within their religion, but Orin didn't want to intrude into anything that was taboo or anything.

Minister Veyla quickly saw the look on Orin's face and put her hands on one of Orin's ears, as though she was a sousayer from the likes of Earth. He was slightly taken aback, but he didn't move while the Minister's hand was on his ear. When she finally spoke again, it was like she was able to look straight into Orin AND Andrinn's souls.

Veyla said, as she took her hand off of Orin's ear, "You are of two worlds, both inside and out. Andrinn was the outsider, while Orin was the insider. The Pah for both of you have been working overtime to make sure that Andrinn and Orin could work within unison. You've got to quit fighting what Orin has been trying to help you out with...yourself."

Orin was curious now. He was curious as to the way that the Bajoran religion worked and what exactly was a "Pah" as the Minister called it. But, more so, how was it that Veyla was able to get so much into the mindset of both Andrinn, the man, and Orin, the symbiant.

Orin looked at Veyla and asked, "Ma'am, not to be rude. But, how exactly were you able to get such a strong reading on anything like that? On both me as the person and my smbiant inside of me?"

Veyla simply smiled and replied, "I used to be a Vedek during the Bajoran Occupation. While I fought with the resistance, I was apart of our religious order. We have our ways of going into one's...more spiritual side. I could tell that there was something bothering you deep down or that you had been working on for quite some time. I think your uniqueness is what helped to make you a diplomat. That alongside your History, of course."

Orin still wasn't sure what the Bajoran or how their religious beliefs worked, but he knew that there was something special about this planet. He looked back at the minister and said, "Thank you. I don't know exactly what you said or anything, but I think it has helped me out."

Veyla replied, "Anytime. If you'd ever like to learn more about us or our religion, you can always stop by the Bajoran Temple onboard the station. But, I think we're gathering again. So, if you wouldn't mind taking your seat."

Orin nodded and headed back to his seat. He was definitely curious, so he made a mental note to head out to the temple onboard after the day's meetings.


Consul Andrinn Orin
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Eylsium


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