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Jungle Paradise

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 5:18pm by Commander Kyle Reece & Gunnery Sergeant Luxa Gami [Naxea]

Mission: Season 6 HIATUS
Location: Eden, waterfall in jungle
Timeline: MD 6 / 1234 hours
1376 words - 2.8 OF Standard Post Measure

While most of the crew had chosen to enjoy the beach, Moses had found a very nice spot, deep in the jungle, with a waterfall of crystal clear water. He thought it would be a great place for he and Gami to spend some time together.

So, he waited, dressed appropriately and carrying a cooler full of food and drink, outside transporter room three, for his lovely Amazonian beauty to join him.

Gami sighed as she entered the transporter room. She had been irritated the past few days. The source of her irritation was the ship's Chief of Security who should be thanking Naxea she didn't flay his mind. She smiled as she looked at Moses. "Hey you. So how did you find this place that we're beaming down to?"

Seeing Gami approach, Moses cracked a wide, happy grin, his perfectly ivory-white teeth a stark contrast to his dark, ebony skin. "I looked through the sensor logs and thought the spot we are going to would be perfect for a little get away for us to relax and not think about anything but our time together." He offered her his large right hand as he turned to towards the transporter pad.

"Sounds good. I need to get off this ship anyways," she replied as she took his hand and they stepped up onto the transporter pad.

Once they were ready, the transporter operator activated the controls, and the pair were beamed down to the planet below. Within a few seconds, the pair rematerialized in the jungle, in a clearing near the base of the waterfall.

"Wow," Moses remarked. "This place looks better than the scans revealed."

"I think you may have outdone yourself for once," she replied, as she took in their surroundings. She made her way over to the water and tested the temperature with her hand. It was a pleasant coolness compared to the humidity of the jungle.

Moses grinned, happy that Luxa was impressed. "For you, I will always strive for the best, sweetheart." He found a nice flat, grassy area and started to set up their things. A few moments later, after he was finished, he looked over at Luxa and asked, as he started to remove his shirt. "Shall we enjoy the water some?"

"Sure, why not?" She said as she removed her tank top and shorts, revealing a two piece black swimsuit underneath. The planet was a much needed break from the stresses of being aboard the Elysium the past couple of months. "Hard to believe that a planet like this isn't colonized."

Moses enjoyed the view of Luxa in her swimsuit. "Damn, baby! Where have you been hiding that swimsuit?" He gave her a hungry smile as he moved closer to her.

"Easy there, Imzadi," Gami said, holding up a hand, smiling. "Plenty of time for that later."

Chuckling softly, Moses smiled brightly at Luxa. "Alright. I'll behave, for now." He offered her his left hand.

Gami took Moses's hand as he led her deeper into the cool water. It was a nice reprieve from the jungle's humidity.

Once they were both in the crystal clear pool, Moses smiled. "That feels good on my muscles." He found a place to sit, near the falls and started to soak. "So, young lady, tell me, what would you like to do tonight?"

"Relax," she stated with a sigh as she lowered herself into the water.. The past several months had been stressful and now she was worried for her friend and CO. She needed a small break from everything.

Though they had only been together a short time, Moses had already learned the tells of when something bothered the woman he cared about. In a soft, caring voice -at least as soft as his deep bass could sound, "What's troubling you, sweetheart?"

"What isn't troubling me," she said as she lowered herself into the water. "Wanting to flay someone's mind and being told not to by my friend."

"Amd who is the target of your anger?" He had a suspicion as to the answer, but as they hadn't talked about it yet, he wanted to be sure.

"Clue. He's a big dumb Sequus Fleet officer who had the audacity to hurt my friend," she said, closing her eyes and leaning back in the water. Gami didn't have many people she could call friends which made her much more loyal to them.

Moses nodded silently. While he had heard that there had been a major fight between the Colonel and her husband, he didn't know the details. "Do you think they can recover from it?" He asked softly as he moved closer to Gami and gently rested his large right hand on her left thigh. Not in a sexual way, just being close and intimate.

Gami shook her head slightly. "I honestly don't know. That Sequus jackass really dropped the ball when she needed him the most." Gami thought of how Naxea had informed her that he had shoved her aside. That infuriated Gami and Naxea had to stop her from hunting S'hib down and rip his mind apart.

Moses nodded thoughtfully as he tried to soothe the woman he loved. "If it would help, I'd be willing to act as a neutral party, to try and find a way to remedy the situation? That is, if a remedy is wanted?"

Gami shook her head. "No. This is the Colonel's fight." 'Unless she needs me,' she added in afterthought to herself.

Moses moved a little closer and embraced his love gently, silently offering her any comfort and support that she needed. If she read his mind in that moment, she would see how devoted to her he was feeling right then. Though he didn't say it out loud, it was very obvious that he loved her dearly.

"So nice to finally relax after so many months," Gami said. She was starting to worry they would never get back home however.

Nodding calmly, Moses replied. "I just hope we can find a way home soon. I mean, I know the USS Voyager had been lost for several years, at least they were still in the same galaxy. Us? We were unlucky enough to not only land in a different galaxy, but one that is speeding away from home every day." He was quiet for a few beats, then asked, "When we do get back, what are you gonna do first?"

"I'm not sure," she said honestly. "Maybe visit home.". It had been over a year since she had been home to Betazed. Being home still brought back bad memories from the War.

"I've never seen Betazed, though I hear it's a very lovely, even with the reconstruction to repair the damages that the Dominion War." The big man pulled Gami over to him and held her close as he said his next words very carefully. 'Perhaps, when we do get home...we could get married," he then paused briefly to watch her reaction.

Gami, despite herself, let out a laugh before feeling the need to explain. "Married? I never really imagined myself being married. Why do you want to marry me?"

Looking into her beautiful face, Moses smiled softly, the devotion he had for her evident in his eyes. "Because I love you and want to spend the rest of my days at your side, protecting you from your demons, while you protect me from mine, ya beautiful dummy!" He smirked playfully as he finished speaking, to signal that his last word was only a playful tease.

Gami was silent as she thought over the proposal. She still wasn't sure about this, but Moses did mean a lot to her. "Okay," she said softly.

Moses' dark, ebony face suddenly lit up brightly as he smiled ear to ear. He gathered Hami up in his powerful arms angle spun her around in their little oasis. "Oh, Luxa Gami! You have made me the happiest man in creation! I love you so much, sugah'!!"

"Love you too, you big oak," she replied before kissing him.

Moses returned her kiss with equal passion. The pair then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying their little slice of the tropical paradise that they were in.



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