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A Good Beginning

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2020 @ 10:57am by Lieutenant Scott Gregory [Taylor]

After leaving the mess hall and Sapphire and the enjoyable conversation she provided, Scott returned to his quarters.

"Computer activate personal log." He instructed.

"Ready." Came the emotionless reply.

"I made a friend today. A Lieutenant Sapphire Morgan, who is also an Ops officer. we had a nice conversation in the
mess hall. She was witty and bright and intelligent. I'm sure she could carry on an intelligent conversation on numerous
subjects and topics. Said she wanted to sit in the center seat and I have no doubt that one day she will. She is focused
on her duties but not to the point of being fanatical with them. She doesn't appear to live and breathe Ops twenty four hours
a day. At least that's the opinion I have. Unfortunately at least for now we're assigned to different shifts but I hope we can
in the near future be on the same primary shift." He paused for a moment then continued with a smile in his voice. "On
the plus side, she's agreed to have dinner with me! I still can't believe it. I am tempted to pinch myself. We just need to
work out a time that is good for both of us. Who knows? This may lead to more. I'm not pushing as we just met and right
now I need a friend."

"Computer end log and save."

"Entry saved."

Satisfied, Scott went and sat on his couch. "Computer play Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, "Turn the Page." As the song
started, he closed his eyes and softly sang along.


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