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Letting her go

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2023 @ 12:44pm by Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

The Personal Diary of Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

I am leaving Josephine for a while, it may be a long time.. years.. I can't do this to her.. I love her, too much to hurt her.. In the mean time.. My unstable emotions make what I'm about to do even more difficult.

I am sealing my love for Josie away. In my mind, essentially I am going to forget about the Relationship. Everything..

I can't do this to her anymore..... If I continue this... I will lose her for good. She will remember, I will not.. Only when she asks me to remember. And it's better I only remember some things about Kyle Cragen. I must keep this a secret from everyone. The Counselors... Phoenix... I'm keying this block in my memories to a single phrase from Josephine when the time is right.

'Remember me'

This is my way of dealing with it. And no one will like it.

End log.


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