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Thinking Long Term

Posted on Tue Apr 11th, 2023 @ 11:42am by Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Personal Log,

Alright... It's time to think long term.

First. I'm not going to be interested in love for a while, maybe in a few years or so. Humans and cheap love. I can't begin to understand human behavior. They're as argumentative as Tellarites, Driven by their passions as Klingons. Arrogant as Andorians. One moment they're as driven by their emotions as Bajorans, and the next they confound me by suddenly embracing Logic.

I'm crazy in love with her. But I need it to be more than some trauma induced fling. I have hope, but I have doubts. If she's serious about us... She'll come to me now. I can't go through this again. It's making me a wreck.

Second, We hare thirteen million light years from home. Phoenix is going to come in here and say. "Arri, I need a short cut." And I'm going to reply. "With all due respect, I am a scientist, not Quinn." The problems with this journey are myriad. First, we have to think about the condition of the Elysium. We will need the Quantum Slipstream Drive to make the journey, and we'll have to more than use the QSD, We're going to have to upgrade it. As far as I can tell, We are in the Maffei group of galaxies. Even with the QSD. It will take approximately five years to return home. That's if we don't run into some alien warlord out there and he decides to take slaves and destroys the Elysium with one shot from his flagship. Or some other militaristic junta out there. Which reminds me of a rather fascinating social study i read that the ratio of gloriously hostile empires out there outnumbers the peaceful ones at a ratio of three to one.

So what I have for Phoenix and the Chief Engineer is the following. We need to find a port to refit the Elysium for such a journey. And figure out what the Ely will need for an intergalactic transition. The first one in Federation History. I wonder, certain types of exotic quantum anomalies boosted our QSD's range by a factor of several thousand to get us out here. I wonder if there's a way to reproduce this. And to do that. I may need to examine the place where we appeared.

I'll need Avalon, my yacht and its sensors, chocolate, coffee, and several days away from any proximity to Josephine Carlyle-Cragen. *Sigh* I need to have faith in her. It's all I have left. At least if I do the things she'd expect of me when she recovers, I'll be true to her.. even if she chooses another. But the betrayal will not come from me.. It came from what they turned me into. I hope she forgives me.

Anyway, that is my only mission right now. Get this crew home. Maybe Josie will be proud of me if I do this. This is the only mission I have. I need to talk to Phee.


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