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What Just Happened?

Posted on Tue Sep 26th, 2023 @ 12:23pm by Captain Gary Taylor

Gary had returned to his and Lia's quarters after leaving the brig and Lia. His mood somber and the quarters seemed to reflect that. It was dark, silent somber.

He was still trying to make sense of what happened. "Computer start personal log of Captain Gary Taylor." The chirped that it was ready. "I, I can't understand how two experienced security officers not to mention that they were chief and assistant chief could blow an investigation so completely. I understood being upset. But there comes a point where you had to put your emotions aside and act on instinct. Lia and S'hib failed in that regard. They didn't maintain their objectivity. Especially Lieutenant Commander S'hib.

He was emotionally compromised by the attack on Ensign Derani. We were all upset and shocked by the attack but S'hib took it exceptionally hard and assaulted a suspect. Worse Lia let him and when the suspect asked for JAG representation, they ignored the request. When questioned S'hib confirmed what happened but Lia got an attitude, insulted me and Phoenix that is Commodore Lalor. Tried to resign and walked out of the hearing. Her reward? Two weeks in the brig and a reduction in rank to Lieutenant Commander.

I don't know where the attitude is coming from with Lia. Its if you don't agree with her, you are against her." He paused the recording to gather his thoughts and then resumed. "I love Lia very much even as she accused me of hating her. Even as she insulted me and refused to apologize. In her mind it is no big deal. I'll give her time to calm down and go see her in the next day or so and she if I can talk to her."

He took a sip of the glass of wine he had gotten out "End Log.


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