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Josefs Personal Log: Vol 1, After the Rescue

Posted on Fri May 17th, 2024 @ 2:58pm by Josef Forstinger

Personal Log. I think, thats how you work this thing anyway.

400 years. I've been frozen for fucking 400 years. Not only that, for a bit of that I had serve as some Alien Freaks personal fucking plaything beating in peoples skulls for their entertainment. At first I didn't realize it was even people, well-it were aliens. But I never quite understood what they were saying. At least until they implanted something into me. Then I could. It only made it worse.

Now though, Ive been rescued onto a .... Starship, as weird as that sounds. USS Elysium. They seem nice, even the talking horse. But, its been hard settling in.

I keep seeing things in my sleep, hearing things. Echoes almost, to them what I experienced is ancient history apart of their history books. But to me ? It was maybe a week ago.

I still remember what happened, the ambush-the launch. I keep having the same nightmare. But whats worse, I am getting new ones about my Family, Mom and Dad....and the Arena.

Ive been scheduled to meet with a Counselor soon, but do I tell the truth ? Ill seem like a fucking Nutjob. Back then Alcohol kept the nightmares away, but now all they have is this fucking Synthol shit, tastes like puke too.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough. Talking to myself like this makes me feel even more insane. Who knows, maybe I am. Perhaps I'll awaken in a hospital bed and this was all just a bad dream.

God. What I wouldn't give for that. Uh- End Log.


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