Always Look Up At The Stars, Never Down At Your Feet - They May Not Be Firmly On The Ground!

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2024 @ 2:58am by Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath

The ACMO woke outside her lightweight coverlet and shivered involuntarily. She had been dreaming. It had been the most amazing dream. In her dream she had met the most incredible person. She had fallen in love with him much too easily but she had NO regrets whatsoever!

She had dreamed this dream since she was younger, MUCH younger. It was like a fairy tale to her. She would play with her dolls as a youngster and whichever doll was representing herself would always meet and fall head over heels in love with a handsome prince and they would marry, have babies and live what was called loosely "Happily Ever After".

As J'Air had grown up, she'd left toys and dolls far behind her and with them, her dreams for the instant love and romance with the perfect man. She no longer dreamed of marriage or children but if she could still have some hope left inside her inner little girl, then Chuck Finlay was the personification of that far-away fantasy.

He was 100% perfect! Well, nobody could ever be 100% perhaps but Chuck was most definitely 99.9% she was certain. She rolled over and encased herself in the soft sheet, imagining it was his arms around her. His strong, beautiful arms. His softly haired chest. His eyes! Gods those eyes..... J'Air had to unroll herself and get into the sonic shower, setting it to cold.

This was surely obsession.

Could it be that old chestnut "Love"?

Or should she consider lust instead? No, because she didn't seem to ever stop day-dreaming about those eyes in the face of a small child, who would be holding her hand and calling her "mama". She couldn't think of any part of the future without him in it. She wondered if he might leave this ship and if he did, how would she get to go with him - unless it was his choice as well?

Maybe she could start up a little GP's Practice on a nice peaceful little planet somewhere pretty and while she would tend the locals as their doctor, then Chuck could..... get bored to tears? What would Chuck do in that scenario? How awful would it be for him? What was she thinking?

Shivering as she began to warm back up after the cold shower, J'Air pulled a bath towel around her and began to rub her skin dry to speed up the process before she might take a chill. J'Air sat on the bed as she dried herself off, thinking again. She must stop thinking all the time.... or at least she must try to think of something else!!!

She tried running through what she needed to plan for work today but it didn't hold her attention so she got our some appropriate clothing for the gym and went down there instead. After a more strenuous routine of exercise than usual J'Air felt tired but not as tired as she had expected to be. This was like drinking caffeinated drinks. She was buzzing. Why was that? It was all a mystery and somehow Chuck was at the centre of it, she was sure.

Taking yet another shower, this time comfortably tepid, the ACMO put on her uniform and made her way to the Sickbay to start her day, still with nothing resolved. All she could do was shrug and look forward to seeing Chuck later.

"Well" she thought resignedly, "if you can't beat it, join it!"

"Ah doctor, your first patient is here early" said the Receptionist cheerfully.

........and the day returned to being just like one that had gone before and another before that, but her warm, fuzzy feeling stuck with her.