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The Start of Things

Posted on Sat May 1st, 2021 @ 12:21pm by Captain Yasmine Carrington & Avalon & Commander Garrett Lovejoy & Commander Aurelia Taylor & Envoy Gary Taylor & Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: Airlock - Starbase 1 - USS Elysium's berth
Timeline: MD1 09h00
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The Elysium had cruised into its berth at Starbase 1 in high orbit around Earth in sol sector. Its crew were dismissed to shore leave as it was secured and the computer locked into the Starbase computer systems. Cleaning drones moved through the corridors and halls, cleaning and maintaining the graceful lady. It was as silent as a ghost town as the ship was on minimal power and no crew.

But still the call had gone out. A summons for the three most senior members of the Crew, to present themselves at the airlock at 09h00.

Gary had received the summons to be at the airlock a 0900 hours. he was surprised as Phoenix hadn't mentioned any special guests coming aboard or any inspections being done. He arrived at the airlock, coming straight from the bridge and waited for Lia and Arri to join him.

Upon hearing the summons, Lia looked at the speaker of the communication system. *Are you bloody kidding me?*, she thought. Lia was in a holosimulation of the last attack made against the Elysium, she was analysing it to see if she had done everything she possibly could have. The cost in people had been high, very high. She closed down the simulation and brushed her uniform clean, Lia slowly stood up and made her way to the airlock. As she approached she could see Gary, "Hi there, any idea what's a foot? And don't say it's the bit that goes into your shoe, or I'll rip your arm off and clobber you with the soggy end". She leaned into him and kissed his lips, "I guess we'll have to wait and find out together".

"Hi there yourself." Gary replied with a smile. "I would never say that." He protested weakly, "What I would have said, is it's the part you walk on." He grinned at her in good humor before kissing her back. "Looks like we will, not that I'm complaining. I'm particularly fond of the present company."

Lia smiled and kissed Gary again, "Yeah it's not bad". She lent against the wall and took out her PaDD, "Sorry I was running a simulation on the last attack we suffered, I'm checking to make sure I did everything right. We lost way to many people for my liking, hell even the Ojnas caught a packet and had to limp back under attack". To say it bothered her, was an understatement.

"Thanks." Gary replied with a smile. "Lia, don't second guess yourself on this. You did your best. I know that and Phoenix knows that. Now you know it. What you do now is learn from it and become better prepared as not to let it happen again." As he finished he kissed her.

This was one of the few times Arrianna visited Earth. Though she wondered what the Captain needed. Josephine was waiting on Earth, and it was time to meet Josie's parents. Arri also wanted to show Josie her home in Kyushu. Arri noted the Taylors. "Commanders. Do you know what this is regarding?"

"Hi Arri and to answer your question, no we don't and that in and of itself is unusual." Gary answered, "I received a summons to report here and that was it. No explanation no further information."

The timing was perfect. Yasmine had been watching the security monitors and now she made her move. Briskly she rounded the corner and moved towards the three officers. She stopped several paces from them and looked them up and down, "Commanders Taylor and Salannis Au Vantar?" she asked her tone disdainful.

Gary turned at the sound of the new voice. Noting the four pips on the collar, he answered the newcomer, "Yes Captain. I'm Commander Gary Taylor, Executive Officer of the Elysium. May I present Commander Lia Taylor, Chief Security Officer and Commander Arrianna Salannis Au Vantar. Chief Science Officer and Second Officer."

"Hmmfp" came the noncommittal reply. "I am Captain Carrington, Captain of the USS Elysium." She waved a hand with a PADD in it. "And your introduction was incorrect Commander Taylor. Your position is Chief of Diplomatic Department"

To his credit, Gary's face didn't register any surprise. His voice was a different story. "Excuse me Captain? Captain Lalor is Captain of the Elysium and did you say Diplomatic Department?"

"Phoenix Lalor is no longer an Officer within Starfleet. She is currently awaiting trial for treason in what will be her new home of New Zealand penal colony. And Yes, Diplomatic Department." She turned to the hall as a man walked towards them. "Commander Lovejoy is now Executive Officer of the USS Elysium. Oh, Commander Salannis Au Vantar? You are here by removed as second officer as well." Captain Carrington said coldly.

"Treason!" Gary exploded, "That's unbelievable and I don't believe it no for a second.... Captain." He replied frankly. He glanced at Garrett, "Lovejoy? Lovejoy is Executive Officer? No offense Captain but are you aware of the history between Commander Lovejoy and this crew?"

"Commander Lovejoy comes highly recommended" Yasmine said coldly. "And yes Treason. Commander Lovejoy will be looking into the rest of this crew, I will not have traitors on my ship."

"Traitors! Treason!" Gary exploded "Captain Phoenix Lalor is a highly respected Captain. There must be some mistake." He protested ignoring Yasmine's comment about Lovejoy coming highly recommended.

"Commander Taylor! Might I remind you, that you are speaking to a superior Officer!" Yasmine snapped. She stepped to the docking port. "Computer, acknowledge."

Avalon appeared "Yes captain."

"Initiate transfer of command from Phoenix Lalor to Captain Yasmine Carrington."

"Acknowledged." Came Avalon's reply.

"I am aware of your rank.... Captain." Gary answered coldly "And I stand by my statement that Captain Lalor is a highly respected Captain and that there must be a mistake in the issuing of these orders and the charges against Captain Lalor."

"None of your concern Commander, and should you wish to maintain that rank I would recommend that you cease this line of conversation." Carrington replied.

Gary started to reply but stopped. Getting demoted or thrown off the ship wouldn't help him get some answers. This whole thing felt wrong and he had a duty an obligation to get to the bottom of this.

Arrianna took all this in and then stared at Garrett Lovejoy with the most evil look he had ever seen in his live. He knew what was coming.. This was more than treachery. This was a betrayal. She then turned to Captain Carrington. "Captain. You will find my request for an immediate transfer off this ship in the morning." She had more of her calm disposition now.

"I am sure Lieutenant Nevada McKay will be a suitable replacement" Carrington said and headed into the ship.

Lovejoy had been silent up to now. This needed to stop... now. "Commanders, Arri, I know this is a shock to say the least but please give it a chance." He was stalling, buying time. They didn't need all the senior officers resigning.

Arrianna grabbed her duffel and began walking off the Elysium. She was enraged... This was not the Starfleet she knew anymore, in fact; it was now a corrupt and decadent hive of villainy, ambition, and now betrayal. After fighting the Terran Empire, Carrington was not worth her spit.

"Arri....." Gary began and stopped then started again. "Don't do this. Don't walk away from this. We need you, I need you as does Lia. This crew needs you."

Standing watching the interaction, Lia couldn't believe what she was hearing. She now stepped forwards, "Due respect Captain, I do not think this is the time or place to be having this kind of conversation". Lia chose her words carefully, and spoke with clarity, "As my husband has been removed from his post, do I then assume I to have been replaced in my post?" She made no further move forwards, but instead moved to Gary's side. "As for Captain Larlor, like my husband I stand by her. So if that makes me a traitor so be it, I'm sure someone will wish to employ an ex Star Fleet Intelligence Officer with Starship experience".

Carrington paused. " You maintain your post for now Commander"

"Am I free to return to my quarters now? Or am I permitted to continue my investigations about our last engagement?" Lia faced Carrington, "After all I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes". The last comment was laced with barbs, but spoken softly and directly at the new Captain.

Carrington merely sniffed and waved in dismissal. "Yes, dismissed." And so saying she left the group to their complaining.

"Gary... I am tired..." Arri noted. "Have you not opened your eyes? Starfleet wants Carrington. They want Lovejoy. Starfleet is entering a new era of treachery and lies, and I assure you; I will not stick around to be a spectator while everything I've ever fought for is destroyed. We fought and bled against the Terran Empire, and this is how Starfleet Command repays our loyalty and courage... With Treachery."

"You're no more tired than I am Arri and I'm not running away. I'm going to get answers and explanations as to what is going on here. My loyalty is to this ship and it's crew. To keep them safe and from harm. You leave they win. Phoenix wouldn't want that."

Arri sighed. Looking out a viewport. "I'll tell Carrington I've reconsidered." She noted. "Every time we come back to Earth. It seems like we meet more and more of these self-righteaous hypocrites who have deluded themselves into the myth of being the perfect Starfleet Officer. And they don't even fathom what we do for the Federation on the far end of the world.. Every time I come back to headquarters... The only thing I see is sheltered, idiotic fools in paradise. It is easy to be a saint in paradise, isn't it? We're going to have a mutiny, Gary. I guarantee that woman's unhindered ambition is going to destroy this ship and crew." Arri turned to leave.

Lia now looked at Arri, "Arri, with respect. I didn't think you or your people gave up so easily, or have you been around Humans to long?" Lia was trying to anger Arri, she knew if Arri got angry enough her thought processes would kick in and she would fight back. She may get verbally abused, but at least Arri would start kicking back at this stupidity with Gary and herself.

"You've just seen it, Aurelia. Suddenly charges of treason just appear out of nowhere. Out of nowhere, Aurellia!!! We're not given time to investigate, we're not given time to prepare a case. I cannot even count the number of articles in the Federation Charter that have been violated here. They've been wanting to do this for a long time. This isn't the Starfleet we've joined anymore. It stinks like the ascendants damned Cardassian Military!!!!" Arri shouted at the last part. "And I'll be damned if I am ever going to let them get away with it. Yes... Fine. I'll stay in starfleet. Long enough to ask a thousand inconvenient questions to the Admiralty, and I'm going to New Zealand to talk to Phoenix. I'd at least want to make sure she gets legal counsel under the Articles of the Federation.

"Ugh... Sorry... I have indeed spent too much time around humans. How the hell do you do it? We do not understand you. The College of Philosphers have done endless studies on humans and each one cannot explain your behavior. You have the arrogance of Andorians, the stubborn pride of Tellarites. One moment you are raging like a Klingon, and then the next you counfound us by becoming more rational than even the greatest of the scholars." Arri noted. "No... we didn't survive the Borg holocaust by giving up. Even though we wanted to at times."

Garrett heard Arri's passionate argument. it was time to snuff it out. "Commander an Vantar." He began coldly in the voice he knew they all remembered. "Captain Lalor is being held a an undisclosed location and therefore will not be receiving any visitors or any communications from you or other members of this crew. If and when she is permitted visitors, you may then talk with her. But not until then." He finished forcefully.

'So you made her disappear you son-of-a-bitch.' Arrianna silently thought to herself. "Yes, Sir....." The same evil look again. Like she was about to kill him.

Garrett knew the look and the tone Arri gave him and even though he wasn't a mind reader, he knew what she was thinking. She wanted him dead. He eyed her with glacial aloofness bordering on arrogance. ""Better Commander, give yourself some time and you'll get the hang of it." He taunted her. "There's a new team in town. Best you all get use to the idea."

Hearing Garrett's words towards Arri, Lia turned and faced him. "I wouldn't get to comfortable Commander, space is a cold mistress and very unforgiving. One never knows just what might happen, you need to trust and rely on those about you". She looked at Gary and Arri, "And a starship is only as good as it's Captain, so things might go wrong very quickly".


The following was announced to the crew over the comms at 11h00 that same day.

[[“The Crew of the USS Elysium is hereby recalled to the Elysium on Starbase 1. All senior staff are to report for departure briefing at 16h00. Elysium departs at 05h00 tomorrow! Please make your way to SB1 for departure!”]]


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