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Tension Rising

Posted on Tue May 4th, 2021 @ 8:47am by Captain Yasmine Carrington & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik

Mission: Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD1 - 17h00
748 words - 1.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Alicia had decided to ‘bite the bullet’ as the saying went, making her way to the Ready Room she paused outside making sure she was appropriately attired before pressing the chime.

Yasmine had been reading crew files and making notations after the senior staff briefing. She had changes she wanted to make. When the chime rang she looked up, called out "Come"

Walking in through the doors Alicia made way across to Carrington’s desk offering a polite smile. “Captain, may we talk?”

"Counsellor?" Yasmine asked curiously. "About?"

“About the crew Captain.” Alicia offered a polite smile. “The staff meeting was ... intense to say the least.”

Carrington, half Betazoid herself had not missed it. "I am sure they will settle down once they realise they have been duped."

“Are you so sure about that Captain?” Alicia studied Carrington curiously. “Loyalty goes a long way, this crew have gone through hell and back with Captain Lalor. We’re a dedicated crew, I know there are those who have voiced opinions that you didn’t appreciate, but perhaps that’s because they’re not used to you. To be told Captain Lalor has been charged with treason and then had a new Captain thrust straight into the void ...” She paused. “Perhaps some leeway rather than the iron fist might be better?”

"I have my orders counselor. The Fleet Command want this crew to be checked out. They expect several others to be charged as well. Frankly where Treason is involved, I do not have time for Kid Gloves." Yasmine replied.

Alicia looked surprised. “More crew? That’s why you asked to know if anyone has avoided evaluations, or appointments.” She sank into a seat in front of the desk looking horrified at the sheer thought of more crew being removed from the ship. “I swear to you Captain, there are no crew here that I would distrust. They are a fine crew, the best of the best. If Starfleet need proof of that just look at what we’ve all faced up until now.”

"It is because of that they are concerned. How well did you know your Captain really counselor? How sure are you, that the woman who returned was the correct Phoenix Lalor?"

Alicia gave Carrington a concerned look. “She was the correct Phoenix, our Phoenix was pregnant with twins at the time, their Phoenix wasn’t. Plus their Phoenix had a totally different command style, one that made us all suspicious. I am confident that it was our Captain Lalor that came back.”

"Pregnancy can ... be fixed. And Command style can be learned." Yasmine said calmly. "They are looking into everyone who was held prisoner. And already several of those who left the ship after the events have been taken into custody."

Alicia frowned. “We were all split up across a station, some were experimented on by the Doctor there, others were lucky enough to escape. I was saved by my husband, my son Connor is the son of my counterpart from the other side. She let him go with me to save him from his father, the counterpart of our Commander Taylor. I don’t know what happened to my mirror counterpart, but as far as I know she’s dead.”

"And as far as anyone else knows, Phoenix Lalor's double vanished amidst the fighting. Very convenient" Carrington replied. "I tell you this, so you can warn others commander. This is an extremely important investigation. Anyone interfering will find themselves on the wrong side of it. I suggest you make it clear to the rabble rousers that their best course of action is to cooperate and do their jobs. I have no issue with disciplinary actions. And I am sure junior members of the crew will be more than happy to step up into their senior officer's places"

Alicia nodded, “I understand Captain. Thank you for hearing me out. I will endeavour to help smooth things over as best as I can.”

"Commander Lovejoy and I would appreciate that." Carrington said calmly.

Alicia nodded. “Also I’d like to arrange your boarding evaluation when you have time.”

"Send the appointment to my Yeoman, I will be sure to attend." Yasmin said calmly.

“Yes Captain” Alicia offered a polite nod. “I’ll leave you to your work Captain, I’m sure you have plenty to do. Thank you again.” With that she stood to leave.

"Counselor, have a good evening." Yasmine said with a nod of dismissal.


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