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Returning to the Ship

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 8:41pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Staff Sergeant Leilani Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Captain George Charles [Reece] & 2nd Lieutenant Slarth [Reece] & Hendor Charles [Reece]

Mission: Season 6: Episode 3: Far From Home
Location: USS Elysium, Temporary Charles Family Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 / 1436 hours
1341 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

While most of the crew went back up to the ship hours earlier, as George was still on the disabled list, he and his family went up later in the day, when more of the walking wounded were ferried up.

As Tink had no duties to perform, due to the fact that her pilot was currently grounded and their bird was in shambles, she had stayed down with George, Leilani and Hendor, to help them move back up to the ship. "Alright, Marine...move that ass," she joked with George as she walked along side him while he used his crutches and leg braces to get going.

"Kiss my ass, you little troll!" George growled playfully to his friend as he moved as quickly as he could, without slipping and falling onto his back.

Pausing to look back behind at her friend's posterior, Tink sighed for effect. "It is a cute ass, and I might be tempted to fulfill your request. However, I don't think I'd want to make an enemy of your beautiful wife. You know, the one who is way too good for you?" She smiled and winked over at Leilani as they continued to move.

Leilani couldn’t help but grin at the playful banter between George and Tink, it was good to know George had as good a friend as Tink was. “Silly question, where are our quarters going to be?”

“On deck 13 with us!” Emily smiled as she and Leana greeted Leilani and her brother, ”Leana this is your uncle George, auntie Leilani, and Cousin Hendor. Ohh and not to forget Tink of course!” Emily smiled warmly.

“Hello Leana” Leilani smiled warmly. “It’s nice to meet you.”

"Auntie Emm!" Hendor nearly squealed in excitement as he rushed over to embrace her tightly.

“Hendor!!” Emily grinned as she hugged Hendor and kissed him on the top of the head. “It’s so good to see you! I’d like you to meet Leana, she’s going to be living with me from now on.”

Hendor released his hold on Emily, then waved hi to the little girl with her. "Hi, Leana, I'm your big cousin Hendor. I won't let anything bad happen to you. I love you!" He then gently hugged the smaller child. His level of tenderness was extremely sweet to observe.

Emily couldn’t help but smile Hendor was a wonderful young boy. “The two of you can play together while I get everyone settled in at home, we’ll manage I’m sure.”

Tink smiled warmly. "Go ahead, I'll keep an eye on my beautiful godson and the little lady."

"Thanks, Tink," George said with a smile on his face. He then looked between his wife and sister. "Shall we?"

Leilani nodded as she looked at Emily. “Lead on we’ll follow.”

Emily nodded and set the pace, making it easy for George and Leilani to keep a slower pace. “It won’t be long until we welcome another little arrival to the family,” She motioned to Leilani. “If you need anything just ask, while you’re staying with me, you put your feet up and rest.”

George smiled warmly at his sister as the group walked together towards their destination. "Thank you, Emm. We really appreciate all the help you are offering us."

Emily smiled warmly. “It’s my pleasure, after all I couldn’t leave you all out could I? We’ll all be comfortable together.”

George smiled at his sister. "Thank you, Emm."

“I do kind of have an ulterior motive” Emily gave her brother a smile. “I want your help, I want to learn how to use my abilities like you do.”

George nodded and grinned at his twin sister. "Of course, Emm! Though, I'm still learning my own control. I'll teach you what I've learned and mastered so far."

Emily nodded. “That’s all I need, and I trust you to teach me.” She smiled warmly. “Anyway let’s get you all settled in.”

"Sounds good," George replied, giving his sister another grin.

"With our quarters destroyed, will there be enough room in yours, Auntie Emm?" Hendor looked at his aunt as he asked.

“It’ll be a bit snug Hendor, but we’ll make it work.” Emily smiled warmly. “There’s a lot of people having to share right now, we’ll make the best of it.”

Hendor nodded his head as he absorbed what his aunt had told him. While he had started to have a lot of space to himself, in his old room, he was equally comfortable in close confines, as that was how his brothers and sisters of the Outkasts had lived.

“I’ve requisitioned some put up beds, luckily they had a load in storage where damage wasn’t so severe.” Emily smiled as they finally entered her quarters. To say it was a squeeze was an understatement. “I’m sorry it’s so cramped, it’s the best I could do. Leilani, George, you’ll take the bunk, you both need it.”

"We've been in worse," George replied, not expounding upon he and Emily's painful childhood. He then gave his twin sister an appreciative look. "Thank you, Emm. For everything." He leaned over to her and placed his forehead against hers, a simple act of affection that they had shared all their lives to that point.

“It’s my pleasure” Emily smiled. “Now the two of you...” She looked towards Leilani then back at George. “Get some rest, you both need it. I’ll get everything organised.”

George gave his sister a tired nod of agreement. "Alright. For a little bit, though." He then looked at his son and smiled. "Listen to your Aunt, Bubba."

Hendor smiled at his father and nodded as he replied. "Yes, Papa."

George then turned to Leilani and nodded that she should go get into the bed.

Leilani smiled at Emily. “Thank you for everything Emily, it means more than you know.” She gave both Emily and Hendor a hug before heading over to the bunk and making herself comfortable. She didn’t like to admit it but she needed the rest.

Once Leilani was as comfortable as she could be, George turned to his sister. "We really appreciate all you've done, and all you're doing for us, Emm." He hugged his sister again, holding onto her for several beats. After he released her, he pulled Hendor against him. "Listen to Tink and your aunt while Mama and I try to get some sleep."

The young boy nodded as he replied to his father. "Yes, Papa."

George leaned down as much as he could, and kissed the top of his son's head. He then straightened up and moved over to the bunk, where Leilani was waiting. Once he carefully climbed into the small bunk, he snuggled up behind his pregnant wife and pulled the covers up over then both. He the kissed her on the back of her neck before settling down and closing his eyes, his left arm laying protectively over her swollen belly.

Leilani was asleep in no time feeling safe cuddled up in George’s protective embrace.

Emily smiled warmly as she sat with Tink and the kids. “Thanks for your help Tink, this must have been hard for you watching George go through all this. I appreciate everything you’ve done for him.”

The diminutive female Ferengi looked over at Emily with a grin on her face. "He's my best friend," she said with a shrug. "I know the journey both of you have taken to get here. The strength you both possess simply fills me with awe, Emily."

Emily smiled warmly. “If it wasn’t for George I wouldn’t be here now, he’s been my rock my whole life.” She lowered her voice so Leilani and George could sleep. “Let’s let them sleep.”

Tink nodded with a soft smile of her own. She then helped Emily care for the children for the rest of the evening.


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