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Miraj's Awake And Phoenix has a plan

Posted on Fri Oct 6th, 2023 @ 11:52pm by Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani & Captain Gary Taylor & Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson

Mission: Season 6: Episode 3: Far From Home
Location: Main Medical Bay
Timeline: MD 5 09h00
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Phoenix met Gary outside Miraj's room in Medical. She carried the small black box which had been burning a hole in her wall safe for months now. Phoenix rapped on the door and stuck her head into the room. "Ensign?" she said casually. "Are you up for visitors?"

"Is she awake or can't you tell?" Gary whispered over Phoenix's shoulder. As they both waited for a reply from Miraj.

Miraj looked like she was sleeping, but then she opened her eyes and pulled a pair of small ear pods out. For a second there was the tinny sound of a British accent narrating ...the rope snapped, and the yard arm plummeted, whisking Bloodbeard skyward into the shrouds... "Yes, of course, ma'am."

Phoenix smiled and stepped into the room. "Its good to see you back among the living Ensign." She said honestly. "How are you feeling?"

Gary stepped in behind Phoenix, a smile on his face. "Hello Miraj. It is good to see you awake and alert. I hope we aren't interrupting anything."

"No, sir. Just listening to a book." She gestured with her earbud, and then dropped them on the top of the biobed arch. "I'm feeling okay. Doctor Sthilg said he'd release me this afternoon, once Security's checked out my room."

" Your color is good. It will take time to get your strength back so don't rush it." Gary spoke and continued, "That is indeed good news Miraj."

"I have increased security around senior staff cabins and I want you to know we are still looking into the situation. Captain Taylor here is leading the investigation at this time." Phoenix said calmly "And now you are back in the land of what humans call the living, I am sure you will be wanting to get back to the helm."

Miraj's fingers twitched at the mere mention of flying. "I was ready 4 days ago. As soon as I'm allowed out, I'm taking Queen Anne for a joyride. She must be so lonely."

"I am sure she is" Phoenix said with a smile. "But before you do, You will need to make sure you are in the proper uniform. When I returned to the Elysium, there was a note on your file, from Captain Lovejoy. A positive note, and one I have agreed with for a while. Your work as a pilot has been excellent, and its something I wished to reward." Phoenix calmly put a black box on the arch beside the ear buds.

"Yes." Gary chimed in. "Captain Lovejoy was quite impressed with your skill as a helmsman and for him to be impressed and leave a positive note is quite the accomplishment Miraj."

The ensign looked suspiciously at the box. "I don't think he ever spoke to me, ma'am."

"Whether Captain Lovejoy spoke to you or not isn't the issue Miraj. The issue is you impressed him and that takes some doing. He isn't one that passes praise around freely. You have to earn it." Gary answered.

Miraj still looked doubtful.

"Miraj, I watch, I listen, I have seen with my own eyes your worth." Phoenix said softly. "You have earned this. A promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. And you need to hear me when I say this. What happened? Not your fault. I have been through this sort of thing before. And I can honestly say that things happen. Andromeda was no walk in the park but we made it back. We will make it home from here and you are going to be the pilot who gets us there."

As Phoenix spoke, Gary watched Miraj's reaction. Her eyes remained narrowed, focused on the box next to her ear buds. However, Miraj made no move to open the box almost as if she was afraid to see what it contained even though Phenix had already she was being promoted to Lieutenant JG. " Commodore is right Miraj, we need you back at the helm to get us home."

Miraj wet her lips, trying to order the words in her head. "I think..." she stopped, shuffled things a bit in her head. "It might be better if you save those until we get back."

Gary shook his head from side to side, "Nothing doing Miraj. We've put this off long enough. You are being promoted."

Phoenix nodded in agreement "When you get out of here, You will be Lieutenant JG."

The young half-boslic bit her lip, staring at the box like it was going to bite her. "I'm... I shouldn't... I can't."

"We trust you. We believe in you. And let me tell you, no one has a right to tell you that you have not earned it."

Miraj shrank a bit. "But not now. Its not fair that I get those when so many people have... have got flags. I don't want to make people angry."

"Miraj, is that why you were attacked?" Phoenix asked softly. "Were you attacked because of promotions?"

Gary listened to Miraj, thought about what S'hib had said the Miraj's attack had nothing to do with the accident but was over the lack of promotions. "Miraj, I understand your feelings on this. But as the Commodore said you have earned this. It has been a long time coming. It wasn't a spur of the notion promotion. You have nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of."

Miraj thought of the petty unpleasantnesses that had characterized their month on the ice world. The mutterings and the mishaps and the 'little accidents' until her memories hit the gaping void that hid the attack. "I don't remember... I just don't want anyone else angry with me." she had to blink rapidly to keep her eyes dry. "Please don't make me do this."

Phoenix felt her temper spike. Not at Miraj. But at the arseholes in her department. She looked at Gary. "I want that Department gone over with a fine tooth brush and make sure each of them know I am watching. And I want the other departments looked at as well. An officer should not be scared of being promoted. And assign her a bodyguard from security."

"At once Commodore. We'll flush out the bad apple(s) and they will know you have your eyes on them. I'll get right on assigning a bodyguard. Miraj, you cannot let whoever attacked you win." Gary said softly. "You deserve this promotion. You put this off, you will always put it off. "

Miraj did not see the downside to that, it sounded vastly better than having a second pip like a beacon, maybe to provoke someone else to- "Let me get you home again first." At full burn of the QSD for 24 hours a day, that was two years. Hopefully enough time for everyone to forgive and forget.

"Miraj no. You are being promoted. Stop fighting this. " Gary answered. "I understand you being leery of being promoted but you can't be afraid. You can't let whomever attacked you win. I promise you; we will find out who did this."

"How?" Miraj hung her head, defeated, not wanting to look at either her superior officers, or the little box of horrors on the bed arch. "I can't remember anything. There weren't any cameras down there."

"Miraj." Gary replied gently. "We're not amateurs. You have Commander Reece, me along with Commanders Taylor and S'hib giving their assistance and insight into your attack. We'll catch whoever is responsible. I promise you that."

"And no one will remain hidden on this ship for long. Someone knows something." Phoenix added. "And it will come to light."

Miraj pulled her knees up, pulling away from the box on the bed arch, and biting her lip so it didn't wobble. "If I must, then," adding in a barely audible whisper. "I'm not ready."

Phoenix looked at Miraj then at Gary. "A good thing then that Gary here is a great mentor."

Gary shook his head, "I have been very fortunate to have a very adept student who caught on quick."

Well, Miraj thought, that was them, not me.

"Miraj, I am putting the Captain in the place of your mentor because we want you to succeed." Phoenix said softly. "No one is expecting you to know what to do straight away. But this will help you grow."

Gary could feel Miraj's doubt. It radiated off her. "Miraj relax. This will all work out and you'll be better a better officer for it."

"Yes, sir," Miraj replied dutifully, voice flat.

Listening to Miraj's flat, unenthusiastic reply, Gary knew he was going to have his work cut out for him. "Miraj, be positive, that is your first lesson. You go into doubting yourself you will fail."

"Yes, sir. I know." Miraj twisted the blanket between her hands, her knuckles turning pale. "I'm tired now" Please go away.

Phoenix nodded. "We will leave you to rest Lieutenant." She said briskly. "We shall see you back on the bridge soon."

Gary turned to follow Phoenix out. "I'll see you soon Miraj and we'll get together on helping on your officer skills."

Miraj watched the leave, waiting until she was sure the senior officers were gone, and the room was properly sealed and soundproof again. Then the bubble of rancid emotions surged up, primordial and raw, a scream of pain and fear and rage and she hurled the box at the wall, the pip inside pinging off to an unknown corner.


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Comments (2)

By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Sun Oct 8th, 2023 @ 5:34am

Congratulations on your promotion to LTJG. You broke the Harry Kim curse. Well done. :)

By Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani on Wed Oct 11th, 2023 @ 4:51am

I didn't want to break it. I like being an ensign. This was all the commodores idea