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Bad dreams come knocking

Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2023 @ 1:11am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Emily Charles {Kelea-Salik} & Lieutenant JG Zac Smithson

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Zac & Emily’s Quarters
Timeline: 3/01/2398
1907 words - 3.8 OF Standard Post Measure

The door slammed shut, the bang so loud it could be heard from all over the house. Emily had almost leapt out of her skin at the sound it had made, it only meant one thing...her foster father was home. It was never good when he came home in a foul mood especially when he’d been out drinking.

The door swung open and Hector Florez stormed inside, grabbing Emily by her hair he made her stand up.

“Didn’t I tell you to have that yard cleaned up by the time I got home!?” He pushed her roughly towards the window where she could see what he’d done, rubbish was tipped over the entire yard that she’d already been out in the rain to clean. “You call that clean!!” He threw her to the ground before whipping off his belt and standing over her, moments later the sound of his belt hitting her back could be audibly heard.


The scene changed, as George entered the room. He tried to defend her and seeing what Hector had done made him react. She watched unable to help as Hector beat George, just for trying to help her. The horrors of watching him taking a savage beating and whipping made her scream in horrified terror.

The scene shifted again, and Zac was in the room, he saw what was happening and grabbed Emily and pulled her out of the room. "Grab what you can and get out of the house!" He shouted as he went back to to help George against his drunken father.


Emily did as she was told, quickly getting out of the house. She could only watch as bad went to worse as Hector started beating on Zac as well. She watched until she couldn’t take anymore and awoke with a terrified scream.

Sitting bolt upright in bed, her body covered in perspiration Emily looked around for Zac. “Zac! Zac, where are you!!?”

Zac bolted out of the bathroom. His face drawn and his eyes had rings under them. "I'm here Emily! I'm here. I was just washing my face, had a bad dream. What's wrong?"

“You...had a bad dream too?” She looked concerned for Zac as it took her mind off her own bad dream. “I...had a nightmare.”

Zac came to sit next to Emily. "I did. Perhaps nightmare is a better word for it. It seemed so real. You were in some danger and I came to help you and, and..." He looked at her. "It was horrible." He said softly.

Emily gave Zack a shocked look. “ were in my nightmare! I’m so sorry! I must have broadcast my nightmare, and you picked up on it.”

Zac hugged her softly. "Don't apologize Emily. You didn't do anything wrong." Zac assured her "But I do have a question. What was I seeing?"

Emily paused before giving Zack an explanation. “That was...our life, when George and I lived with our foster parents. They mistreated us badly for years. Beatings, assault, sexual assault, everything.”

Zac hugged Emily tighter and kissed her cheeks and lips. "It was a bad dream. I'm here for you. You'll never have to worry about being alone or going through something that traumatic again."

Emily nodded as she cuddled up to Zac she felt safe in his embrace, and having seen his reaction in their shared nightmare she was now 100% sure he was the man for her.

Zac held Emily tight. He would let no harm come to her or her daughter. He would protect them with his life if need be. "I love you, Emily. You're safe. You will never be hurt or scared again."

Emily smiled as she held onto Zack, just hearing him say he loved her meant more than he could ever know. She lifted her head suddenly alert for the sound of Leana. “Is Leana alright!? I didn’t wake her or scare her did I?”

Zac continued to hold Emily. "She's fine. I went to check on her first before I went into the bathroom. She's still asleep." He answered and then turned back to Emily. "In fact, there she is." He said pointing at the little girl standing in the doorway. "Ask her yourself." He said with a smile.

“Sweetheart...” Emily held her hand out to Leana, motioning for her to hop up onto the end of the bed. “I’m sorry if I woke you up! I just had a bad dream.”

Zac smiled as Emily comforted Leana. It was heartwarming and touching. The two shared a strong bond of love. He was glad he was here to see it and be able to help Emily or Leana any way he could.

“How’s about we all get a nice chocolate drink to help us sleep?” Emily offered a more relaxed smile.

"That's a great idea!" Zac pitched in as he got off the bed. "Maybe we can even find some whip cream and some cherries to put on top." He suggested.

Emily giggled feeling a whole lot happier as she looked at Leana. “You can choose whatever you want sweetheart okay?” she smiled as Leana nodded. She wasn’t the most vocal little girl but she had no doubt she would be in time.

Zac had already gotten to the kitchen and got out three tall glasses. He was smiling as Emily and Leana entered. "You know Leana, you don't have to have chocolate. You can have vanilla or strawberry if you like."

Leana nodded at the sound of strawberry as she pointed to her choice. “Looks like Strawberry is it” Emily smiled even though she was still shaken to her core by the nightmare she’d just endured.

"I believe you are right Emily." Zac replied as he began to prepare Leana's choice. He stopped and looked at Emily. "Emily." He said softly. "Everything is going to be fine. You and Leana are safe and are going to stay that way."

Emily nodded. “I know Zac, I’m sorry I’m just a little wound up that’s all.” She offered a smile. “I’ll calm down in a little while.”

"Emily." Zac answered softly and gently. "You have nothing to apologize for. I
am here and so is Leana. We're all safe if not a little sleep deprived. Let's enjoy our drinks and try to forget this."

Emily nodded. “Let’s do that, it’s still the early hours so we’ve time to get back to bed and try to get some sleep.”

"I could not agree more Emily." Zac answered as he continued to work on their drinks, preparing Leana's first.

Leana offered Emily a hug, the small girl had already lost one family she didn’t want to lose another.

“It’s okay Leana, you’re not going to lose us that’s a promise!” Emily hugged Leana gently.

"Your mom is right Leana." Zac chimed in as he finished her strawberry drink. "We're not going anywhere."

“Drink up your milkshake and i’ll take you back to bed” Emily smiled warmly.

Zac smiled. It did his heart good to see the bond of love Emily and Leana had developed in a short time. It was heartwarming.

Emily gave Zac a warm smile as she looked up at him, this was everything she’d ever wanted in a family. It was a dream come true.

Zac looked up to see Emily smiling at him. Her smile lit up the room. As did her personality. "What?" He asked.

“Ohh I’m just thinking how much I’ve always wanted this, a man I love with all my heart and a daughter to lavish my love on as well. I’m a very happy woman.”

At Emily's words, Zac stopped making their drinks and walked over to her. "I love you with every fiber of my being, with every breath i take Emily." He replied with a quiet intensity. "I love Leana as well. Nothing I wouldn't do to keep you both safe."

Emily knew at that point there was no way she’d ever be separated from Zac. “How’s about we get you to bed little one” She smiled at Leana, “it’s getting late.”

~ A little while later ~

Once drinks were finished and Leana was tucked up in bed asleep Emily turned to look at Zac. “You’ve been a perfect gentleman in this relationship Zac, you haven’t asked anything of me, and after tonight I’ve come to realise that I want to spend my life with you. Not just that...” she gently took his hand leading him into the bedroom. “No more sleeping on the sofa.”

Zac just stood there as Emily talked. She spoke the words he was hoping, waiting to hear. A smile that could rival the sun, split his face. "Emily..." He began, stopped and started again. "Emily, thank you for your love. I will never give you reason to question your decision." He paused as they headed to the bedroom as a couple. "Plus, that sofa was getting bumpy."

Emily smiled as she paused by the bed to pull Zac closer. “You’ll never need to sleep there again Imzadi.” She leaned in for a passionate kiss slowly pulling him down onto the bed with her as they kissed.

Zac returned the kiss with the passion he had kept bottled up inside him. When they separated, he looked at Emily, "Im... Imzadi. What does that mean Emily?" He asked, wanting to know what the word meant.

Emily smiled. “It means beloved in Betazoid. It’s reserved for those that we Betazoid’s regard as the one who holds our hearts, that we want to be with for the rest of our lives.” She looked into his eyes. “You are my Imzadi, I choose to be with you.”

Zac stood speechless at Emily's explanation. No one had ever expressed that kind of feeling of love for him. He was overwhelmed by it. He stood looking into the face he loved so much. When he spoke, his voice was thick with emotion. "You are my Imzadi Emily. I choose to be with you as well."

“Good” Emily smiled as she gently coaxed Zack down into the bed with her, she was sure this would be the most special night of her life.

Zac slid into bed. His eyes never leaving Emily's smiling face. She completed him, made him whole. He kissed her lovingly, tenderly. "I do love you, Emily." He whispered as he lay next to her.

“As I love you” Emily smiled as her body intertwined with Zac’s. “I’ve never trusted any man to touch me, until now...let’s make this an extra special night.”

Zac smiled at her. Their bodies were one as they lay on the bed. "Your wish is my command, Emily. This will be a most special night. I promise."

~ Sometime later ~

Emily lay sleepily in Zac’s arms, it had indeed been a special night to remember one she wouldn’t ever forget.

Zac lay in bed, Emily in his arms sleeping blissfully. The night, their love for each other had indeed been special. It had been magical. They were a couple deeply in love and that brought a bright, happy smile to his face as he hugged Emily closer to him.


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