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Another nightmare begins

Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2023 @ 12:46am by Lieutenant JG Heather De La Rosa {Kelea-Salik} & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa [Taylor]

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Quarters
Timeline: MD2 0300 hrs
871 words - 1.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Heather tossed and turned in her sleep, something which she rarely tended to do now she had the weight of a fair size 6 month baby bump. Normally once she was asleep she was asleep, safe and content alongside Fernando.

In her nightmare she was back where it all began, the first few days after the disappearance of the USS Wildcat and all hands. The crew had been separated, the men taken for their strength to become mining slaves or breeders for masters. The women taken to become slaves for masters who were only too willing to use them either for breeding, or for entertainment.

The food that was shoved under the door was laced with small doses of drugs, it served to make the women more compliant for showing off to prospective buyers. Stripped of her own clothes, Heather was dressed in a revealing outfit before being brought up in front of the latest batch of clients. The memory of being touched, tasted, viewed and sometimes even test driven by the clients was all too fresh in her mind.

She woke up in a cold sweat as she sat up in bed, it took a few moments to register that she was safe besides Fernando as she got slowly up to go and splash some water on her face.

Fernando was awake. He was aware of Heather's restless tossing and turning. He had heard her anguished moans and cries. He felt so totally helpless partly because he couldn't help her and partly because he was having a nightmare of his own. It involved Heather as well. He was planetside and had seen her being beaten by a man. When he went to stop and rescue Heather the man smiled evilly and shot Heather before he began kicking and beating Fernando. Taunting him. "That's one rescue you won't make Fleeter!" He sneered as he kicked Fernando in the head and Fernando knew no more until he woke up in a cold sweat.

Rising on shaky legs, He went into the bathroom where Heather stood at the sink. "Putting his hands gently on her shoulders. He whispered, "Bad dream?" His face drawn and his eyes red.

Heather nodded as she dried her face on the towel. She looked at Fernando worriedly. “You too? What in the hell is happening Imzadi!?”

Fernando gave a tired nod. "I do not know Heather. It is most disturbing to say the least. If it continues it will affect crew efficiency."

Heather nodded. “Not just that, the body and mind need sleep to function properly, it'll drive us all insane.” She ran her hand over her rounded stomach. “I don’t plan on leaving our children without a family.”

"Very true Heather." Fernando agreed as he wrapped his arms lightly around Heather's waist. "We must find an answer and soon. Perhaps we should look into natural remedies to help us sleep."

“That would be preferable” Heather nodded. “I daren’t use any other remedies as a lot of medications aren’t recommended during pregnancy.”

Fernando nodded, "We will research for some. Perhaps you can ask Dr, Sthilg if he knows of any that will work."

“The medical staff have their hands full as it is” Heather offered a brief smile as she hung the towel up to dry. “Let’s go back to bed, we’ve still got time to get some more sleep provided the nightmares don’t return.”

"I suppose you are right Heather. But it won't hurt to ask him if you can't find any results." Fernando countered. He leaned in and kissed her cheek. "As for going back to bed, I am all for it."

Heather smiled and nodded. “I’m glad our son is a good sleeper and I didn’t disturb him. Now I need to try and get comfortable again.”

Fernando grinned broadly at Heather. "Yes, Cody is a good sleeper. As for you getting comfortable again, I believe I can help you with that my love." He replied as he took Heather's hand and led her back to the bed.

Heather smiled as they headed back to bed, Fernando knew just how to help her get comfortable his back and neck massages worked wonders for her aching muscles. “I’m not complaining about being pregnant, you know I love carrying our baby, but my poor body is feeling the strain this time around.”

Fernando's fingers massaged Heather's back and neck. His fingers massaging the muscles in those areas to bring relief to Heather. He chuckled at her comment and kissed her neck softly. "I know you aren't Heather." He replied as he continued his massage.

Heather closed her eyes enjoying Fernando’s touch on her skin, he had a magical touch that helped to relax her every time.

As Fernando continued his massage, he whispered in Heather's ear. "Sleep my angel. Sleep a blessed peaceful sleep with no nightmares."

Heather nodded as she slowly allowed herself to drift back off to sleep, in hopes she wouldn’t be woken by another nightmare.

Fernando massaged and whispered romantic sayings into Heather's ear as he watched her drift back to sleep. He hoped and prayed she would be spared anymore nightmares.



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