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Where am I?

Posted on Tue Oct 17th, 2023 @ 11:15am by Consul Andrinn Orin

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Orin and Woolheater's Quarters
Timeline: MD1, 1145hrs
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Consul Andrinn Orin had put in for an early night earlier that evening after a long shift and a talk with Sam. The talk with Sam was amazing, per usual. But, Andrinn was exhausted as most of the crew was. After being on the planet for several months and having to battle extreme cold for that period of time, everyone was glad to be back onboard with warmer conditions. So, Andrinn was like much of the crew that wanted to get a good night's sleep in before having to get a first full day of work done back onboard the ship and assess anything and everything that has happened onboard.

Once he went off into his quarters and took a sonic shower, Andrinn got into his nighttime outfit and headed off to bed. Sam had to work a double overnight, so he wouldn't have been able to join him that evening. Andrinn read a few more pages of a book that someone had mentioned to him months prior, but was just now able to get to. Andrinn wasn't that far into it, but it was still something that caught his eye. Before too long, Andrinn was feeling himself get tired and ready for a good night's sleep.

Andrinn put the book away that he had replicated and asked the computer to turn the lights off in the cabin. The lights turned off and Andrinn enjoyed the lights of the warp field swirling outside of his cabin window. While the ship was only going at warp 4, it was still a stellar sight to watch and see the starfield warp around the ship.

As soon as Andrinn's head laid down on the pillow, he felt something unusual. He felt the Orin symbiant inside of his gut start to physically act up. That was something that rarely happened and was a sign of something, but Andrinn tried to brush it off. However, before too long, Andrinn couldn't keep brushing the feeling of something being wrong and decided to get checked out by the doctor, making sure that both Andrinn and Orin were okay.

However, as soon as Andrinn opened his eyes, he realized what was wrong. He was back on the Trill homeworld and it was back when he was way younger. It must've been back in the late 21st century on Trill, which should've been impossible. Yet, he was laying up in his childhood home, in his old bedroom. Andrinn rubbed his eyes because again, this should've been impossible, but it was all happening.

Quickly realizing that he had to make sure he wasn't wearing anything from the future, Andrinn jumped up from his bed and ran over to the mirror that was on the back of his bedroom door and saw how young he was at that moment. He wasn't wearing anything that would show Starfleet or the Federation of the future.

Slowly looking around at the room, Andrinn couldn't believe that he was back in his childhood home and room. It was the room that he lived in before he lost his first love and the one before the second Orin host lost his life, both to shuttle accidents.

"You shouldn't be here!" came a voice from behind Andrinn. He turned to see where the voice was coming from and who it could be, but once he turned around, Andrinn saw multiple hideous things. Andrinn jumped back a few feet and fell to the floor once he saw the faces of his second host, Ranul Orin, and his first love, Tobin. Both of them were badly burned by fire and were blackened.

Ranul and Tobin both stepped forward, pointing their fingers at Andrinn in an accusatory way. Both of the men were yelling, but it was overlapping at this point that Andrinn couldn't make out what either one of them were saying. However, it began to clear up again as Tobin began yelling at Andrinn. "How could you let me board that shuttle! You knew that we'd never see each other again! You knew that my entire family and I would die on that shuttle! You just wanted to get RID OF ME!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!" Tobin said before being shoved out of the way by Ranul.

Ranul picked Andrinn up by the collar of his shirt and threw him up against the mirror, but Andrinn didn't instantly see his reflection. It took a moment for Andrinn to get stable again to be able to look over at his mirror to see his reflection was just as blackened and charred as the other two. Andrinn tried to move away from the mirror, but Ranul came up right behind Andrinn and held him in the mirror. "Look at what you did! You killed me to get my symbiant because you were so desperate to join! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY SMYBIANT!" Ranul yelled at Andrinn before throwing him back onto the floor of his old bedroom.

However, a hand appeared on the shoulders of both Tobin and Ranul, separating them from one another and allowing for another person to walk through. It wasn't anyone Andrinn had personally met, but it was someone that he knew deep within his psyche. It was the first Orin host. A man by the name that Andrinn couldn't remember, but knew so well. It was like someone...or something was blocking his connection to his first host's name, not allowing for Andrinn to remember his name.

The man walked forward and said, "Before too long, you and your species will come to know us. We are coming for you. So, be prepared for us." With that, Andrinn woke up back in his bed back onboard the USS Elysium, soaked from head to toe with sweat. He wasn't sure of what he just experienced, but knew that it was intense. Andrinn climbed out of bed and walked over to the sonic shower that he just used recently, took of his sweat stained pajamas, and took another sonic shower before walking over to the replicator to call up for a fresh pair of nightwear.

After getting into a new pair of clothing, Andrinn walked over to the mirror and took a long look at himself before getting onto the couch in the shared space. Andrinn laid back on the couch and just stared at the ceiling of the living room, thinking about what that first host or alien, whatever, said about them coming for them. What did that mean? Did it mean anything. Whatever it meant, Andrinn knew that he would have to go see the counselors in the morning. As for now, it was time to hopefully get sleep without another nightmare on his horizons. So one could hope!


Consul Andrinn Orin
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Elysium


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