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BACKPOST Working with Purpose

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2023 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Rin & Commander Kyle Reece

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Office of Lt. Rin
Timeline: Before current mission
1232 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Rin had just finished a meeting with Captain Gary Taylor. Among other things up for discussion was the purpose of Intel in these extraordinary circumstances. And so, on Gary's recommendation, Rin tapped her badge as she headed down the corridor.

"Rin to Commander Reese. Do you have a moment?"

===port forward torpedo magazine===

Kyle was working with his team, from the Tactical Department, as they made progress in bringing the ship's weapons back to full operation. He was about to crawl back inside of the feed tube assembly, when his commbadge chirped, and Rin's voice was heard immediately afyerwards. Reaching up, he tapped his badge and spoke out, "Reece here, Lieutenant. What can I do for you today?"

"Captain Taylor has suggested that Intel lend a hand to Tactical. I was hoping we could discuss possibilities."

Kyle nodded as he listened. "That sounds like a great idea, Rin. Let me finish up with these repairs, and I'll meet you up in the Intel dept in hour?"

"Yes, sir. I'll be in my office in the blister."

Rin changed directions as she spoke. She had figured she would go to meet him, but now she turned to the Intel blister just under the bridge.

===Intel Blister===

Once at her office, Rin pulled up the terribly short list of Intel crew who had survived the accident. A small department already, it had, like every other department, been grossly diminished. Still, she was having a hard time finding them meaningful work for all of them, as many of their day-to-day duties simply weren't relevant a galaxy away from the Federation.

She started sorting the names according to how she thought they could best assist Tactical. Kyle might have other ideas - she didn't know what he might be particularly short of - but it was a starting place.


At nearly an hour exactly, the door chime to the Intel Blister rang, indicating that there was someone waiting out in the corridor.

A young petty officer met Kyle at the door, motioning him inside. "Sir, Lt. Rin is expecting you. If you'll follow me, sir."

She led Kyle along a pathway hugging the back of the blister until she got to the office door. She tapped the door chimed, and announced Kyle's arrival as the door opened.

Rin rose from her chair in greeting as the commander entered, dismissing the petty officer. "Thank you for seeing me, Commander," Rin said. "Can I get you anything?"

Kyle nodded his thanks to the young petty officer, then turned his attention to Rin. "Uh, a chilled Altair water, please." He moved to sit in one of the empty visitor chairs positioned in front of Rin's desk.

Rin fetched two waters from the replicator, setting one in front of each of them as she retook her seat.

"So," she began. "the reality is my department has limited use in our current circumstances. We don't have field agents to debrief or surveillance data to retrieve. We don't have to keep up to date with the actions and opinions of Klingons and Cardassians. We're not completely without work, of course. But we do not have enough. Meanwhile, you are running two departments, both of which are short on labor. Specifically, you only have one experienced tactical officer, and that is Malakai. So, Captain Taylor suggested I reach out to you and see how we can assist."

Thanking Rin for the drink, Kyle took a long sip and swallowed, enjoying the bubbles of the fluid as they slid down the back of his throat. Looking at Rin, he nodded as he listened. "That's a great idea. Of course, the longer we are in this galaxy, the more Intel we will be collecting, so hopefully, your people will start to have more work coming their way in yhat respect. As for farming your people out, we would need to see what each of their strengths are, so you and I could reassign them effectively." He grinned softly as he added, "We wouldn't want someone more knowledgeable in collecting info on how an enemy moves their fleet, to be sitting in the brig watching cells, for example."

"Of course." She picked up the PaDD on which she had downloaded her lists and offered it up to him. "Good thing I had a whole hour to dedicate to that."

Kyle chuckled softly as he replied. "Nick told me you were a hell of a leader." He extended his hand in a silent request for the PADD.

She placed the PaDD in his hand. "I appreciate the compliment, but this is mostly the fact I have a computer in my brain. Data is my thing. People I'm still working on."

Looking over the lists, Kyle nodded thoughtfully. "This looks like a good restructure." He handed the PADD back as he continued. As for your brain, don't put yourself down. Most of us have issues understanding other people." He took another sip of his drink. "Now, while I agree with your choices, though, instead of sending out all of your personnel, perhaps you keep a few back. That way, you'll have some eyes to go over any Intel we do start to collect."

"No intention of sending them all away. We aren't entirely twiddling our thumbs," Rin clarified, swallowing her annoyance at Kyle suggesting she was simply gutting her department. "Just ensuring everyone has meaningful duties while taking some of the stress off of Tactical. An evolving arrangement based on what is necessary at any particular time."

Kyle nodded, unaware that he had caused any offense. "Good. I'd hate for you to think that I don't value you or your department. Intel is, in my opinion, one of the most important departments aboard a starship. Your people not only figure our who we should and shouldn't shoot, but when and where."

"Was there anything more we need to discuss, sir?" Rin asked.

Catching the hint of coldness from her tone, Kyle finally realized his earlier error. As a soft, sad frown briefly crossed his face, he shook his head. "Only that I apologize for any offense I have caused." He stood and returned his glass to the replicator. In a brief flash, it waa hone, recycled back into inert matter, waiting to be called forth to take the form of something else.

Looking back at Rin, Kyle's eyes did contain regret. "I hope we can move past my misstep, Rin. I do admire and respect you."

Interesting, Rin thought. If there was one thing Kyle and Nicholas Reese shared it apparently was a love of perhaps slightly overblown apologies. An interesting trait.

"Nothing to move past, sir," she replied, standing. "Everything is fine between us."

Kyle gave Rin a soft, friendly grin as he replied. "I'm glad to hear it." His PADD chirped in his pocket. After pulling it out and looking at the information on the small screen, he grimaced slightly. "I'm sorry, but I need to leave. My son isn't feeling well." He looked at Rin as he continued. "I trust you to send your people where you feel they will do the most good and when." He gave her another polite grin, then excused himself from her office. As he was leaving, he could be heard contacting his daughter to tell her that he was on the way.


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