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Show And Tell

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2023 @ 6:36am by Avalon [ADMIN NPC] & Captain Gary Taylor & Commander Kyle Reece & Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor & Chief Warrant Officer Carol Dolton [Lia Taylor]
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Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Present
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The time had come to show Kyle what she'd found by talking to Imik, Lia walked slowly towards her old office. She now noticed that most of her former staff no longer noticed her, in fact one or two had even turned away. Perhaps Lia Taylor would end up as some JG in another department after all, somehow it felt like the USS Endeavour all over again. Only this time there was no Ayuki Megumi to help her, she was on her own.

Meanwhile, Carol Dolton arrived at Kyle's office. In her hand she held Lia's second copy of the Miraj 1 file, she had decided to hand it in before anyone found out what she and Lia were doing. It could only end in tears and Carol didn't want anything more to befall Lia, she would say she found it hidden somewhere and with luck Kyle would swallow her story. She rang the bell and waited.

Inside, Kyle was going over all of the evidence gathered thus far, trying desperately to gleam some kind of undiscovered clue into who brutally attacked the Elysium's chief pilot. He hadn't gone to speak with the young Lieutenant JG yet as, in his experience, the most severe the attack, the less reliable the victim's recall usually was. He and Gary had a very difficult task ahead of them.

He was about to get his third mug of raktajino for the day, when the door chime to his office rang. Looking up at the door from behind the desk, he called out. "Come!"

Entering the Office, Carol simply placed the file on the desk. "I think you'd better have this, I found it in a desk drawer in the brig." The information wasn't a lie, but it also wasn't the whole truth either.

Arriving at the Office Lia heard voices talking, one was Kyle but the other sounded like Carol. Why would she be here? Had she told Kyle about her new evidence? Only one way to find out, she rang the chime.

Arching an eyebrow with curiosity, Kyle took the offered PADD and glanced over the screen, before looking back up. "Have a seat, Chief."

As soon as he finished speaking, the door chime rang again and he called out a second time. "Come!"

Lia entered and saw Carol sat opposite Kyle, on the desk between them her Miraj 1 file. "Sorry I wasn't aware you had someone in here with you Commander, I can come back later if you wish."

Dolton sat and looked at Lia, she shook her head slightly but said nothing. This is what she'd hoped to avoid, but her timing had been off and Lia quicker off the mark than she'd thought she'd be.

"Have a seat, Lia," Kyle said as he indicated the other empty chair in front of his desk. It was clear, by how he spoke the words, that it wasn't a request."

Walking forward, Lia looked at Kyle. "Is there a problem sir?" The last word sounded almost like serf, as Lia let her Dorset accent filter through. It was something which she did when trying to keep her temper, now she and Gary had little Lia she couldn't allow either her temper or those who angered her to win.

Carol looked between Lia and Kyle, what was going to happen now? Had she screwed both herself and Lia royally? "Do wish me to leave sir?" Dolton looked at Kyle and waited to see how he would respond, a cat fight between Kyle, Lia, and herself she didn't need.

Kyle looked over at Carol and shook his head. "No, Chief. Please stay where you are." He then looked at both women, seemingly considering each one carefully. Finally, he spoke.

"Before I look at that PADD, I'm going to ask this question one time, and one time only. Is there anything else about this, or any other case, that is hidden from my scrutiny? Think very carefully before you reply, ladies." His tone was both powerful and full of authority. Both women would do well to be completely honest with him.

Dolton took a swift glance at Taylor, "I'm basically a brig Officer, I'm not aware of any other case or cases hidden from view."

Lia now placed her findings on the table, "Nothing was hidden, you have the original version of the file. I simply had a copy made at the start of the investigation to aide S'hib, but he never received it and so I used it as research material." She didn't look at Carol, "I couldn't talk to the person I discovered we'd missed at the start, so I asked someone else to do so. They recorded the interview, I wrote it up and I've brought it here to show you." Taylor now looked at Carol, "The Chief simply did as I asked her, she wasn't happy about it but she complied." Taylor faced Kyle head on, "She's as I told you, by the book." Pushing her PaDD towards Kyle, Lia made a simple comment. "Make of this what you will, but I believe its important evidence. I did not break the rule of investigating the case, I simply researched it further and obtained a possible lead to assist you and Captain Taylor in reaching a result. Sir."

For a few beats, Kyle made no reaction. Then, a soft grin cracked his features and he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk between them. "What I make of it is this. You two clearly make a good team." He looked over at Carol. "Chief, have you thought about broadening your scope here, or do you prefer to sit in a brig that is usually empty?"

"Eh? What? I became a brig Officer simply because I wasn't trained for anything else, ex First Officers aren't that high in demand it seems." A cheeky grin appeared on Carol's face, "You offering me further career enhancement then sir?" Dolton looked across to Lia, "I'm getting help with my attitude problems as well, Imik is assisting me in settling my mind and thought process."

Lia returned Dolton's smile, "That's good Carol, I may ask the Legate for a little of that myself now I have little Lia to worry about."

Kyle spoke up when Lia and Carol finished. "Chief, I see great potential in you. If you're willing, I'm sure Lia and I could teach you much." He then picked up the PADD and read the transcript, his expression growing darker as he did so. Reaching up, he tapped his commbadge. Commander Reece to Captain Taylor."

Carol reached over and tapped Lia's leg, as Lia looked up Dolton pointed to Reece and shook her head.

Lia could see Kyle wasn't happy, "Excuse me sir, is there something wrong with our report?" She gave Carol a glance and then continued, "If I have overstepped my limits, then I alone will take any punishment. Chief Dolton simply followed my orders sir, I don't think she can be found at fault for that."

Gary's voice came through the combadge "Taylor here. What can I do for you Kyle?"

Kyle was about to reply when he heard the XO's voice. Lifting a finger, indicating that he needed Lia to hold that thought, he replied to Gary. "Sir, I apologize for the interruption. Would you please come down my office in security as soon as you're able? Some new information about a case has been brought to my attention that you need to see, and I don't want to discuss it over comms."

"Interrupt anytime Kyle. New information? Ah yes, I see. I will be there in the next five minutes." Gary answered and closed the channel.

After Gary closed the channel, Kyle looked back over at Lia and Carol. "Forgive me for that. And no, my anger isn't directed at either of you. In fact, I'm pleased by your diligence in this matter. No, my anger is becoming fine tuned to the animal who committed this atrocity against one of our own." He closed his eyes and took a breath. When he reopened them, he addressed both women. You should know that I'll be putting a mark of commendation in both of your personnel files. This was a great piece of security work."

Carol pointed at Lia, "It was all the Commander sir, I just filled in where needed."

Taylor shook her head, "I'm afraid only the Chief holds that opinion, she was very important in getting the information in front of you. I feel she has over the past few day's shown herself to be proactive, and I agree with you sir. She's a little more than just a brig Officer."

Kyle considered things for a few beats, then made a decision. "Chief Dolton, in recognition of you have shown impressive skill and performance in your assistance to Lieutenant Commander Taylor, in an ongoing investigation. Because of this, as of today, I am removing you from your duty as a Brig NCOIC, and reassigning you to investigations. You will work closely with myself, and Lieutenant Commander's Taylor and S'hib, while we work on various cases that come across our desks." He reached across the desk, offering her his right hand. As he did so, his shirt cuff slid up some, partially revealing the throwing darts that he constantly wore strapped to the underside on his forearm.

Dolton looked around the office and at both Reece and Lia, "I.." She hesitated, "I'm not sure how to react, why." Then Carol saw the darts, "Due respect sir, but as a Security Officer. It's my duty to inform you that those weapons are not to be carried within this ships general area's." Dolton pointed as she spoke, but then looked down at the floor. "Sorry, but the rules are the rules sir."

Lia couldn't hold in a quiet laugh, "Oh Carol, only you." Placing a hand on Dolton's shoulder she continued, "You get rewarded for doing a good job, then tell your C.O. he can't do something. Only you would even think about doing that." A wide grin on Lia's face showed how much she could see Carol being Carol.

Carol looked slightly nonplussed, "Well sorry but as I said, rules is rules."

For several beats, Kyle said nothing, as a humorous glint filled his eyes. He then leaned forward and his desk and spoke softly, his deep voice carrying an unmistakable power in it. "Perhaps you should refresh yourself on the specifics of the regs, Chief. Then you'd see that there is an ammendment present, allowing not only those who serve in both Tactical and Security to carry a personal weapon, but those individuals whose possession of personally owned weapons, be it a social requirement for their species, or an expressed and documented need for self-protection, provided the weapons in question are not energy-based, and do not interfere with their duties."

Dolton looked over to Lia, "So you could wear that bloody long sword, and I can't stop you?"

Lia glanced at Kyle, "I'm not sure on that Carol, but I think the Commodore might be a little miffed if I show up wearing a Katana." She waved her hands as if to get some defining answer from Reece.

Kyle chuckled, his voice full of good-humor. "While I certainly don't know her as well as you do, Lia, I think you're right. Even with the arsenal that she has on hand." As he spoke, he remembered the hidden cashe of phasers and blades, in the Commodore's ready room, that they had used during the Greene Incident.

At that moment, the officer doors slid open, and Gary entered. "Okay, I'm here." He asked as he looked from Kyle to Lia to Carol in hopes of getting an answer from one of them.

"Captain," Kyle stood and moved around the desk to greet the XO. "Commander Taylor and Chief Dolton followed their intuitions in the case involving Lieutenant Derani's attack." He handed over the PADD containing the interview with Imik.

Gary took the PaDD and read the interview with Imik. When he finished, he looked at Lia and Carol. A look of pride on his face. "I can only say what I'm sure Commander Reece has already said to you both. "Outstanding work by the two you. Simply outstanding. I thought when I saw you both in the brig that you interacted well with each other. Now I am sure of it."

Looking at her husband, Lia responded. "You can thank the Chief for that, she has a way with how she handles prisoners. I guess she simply pointed out how stupid I was, in that direct in your face Welsh way."

Carol glanced over at Lia, "You dropped the ball, and let the situation run away with you. I told you that because its the truth, I've done it and so have they." She swept her hand towards Gary and Kyle, "Don't think any different, and thank you for what you did for me." She turned to Kyle, "Thank you sir, I'll try to live up to your expectations. As for the regulations, I will be checking them sir."

Gary shook his head, "You complement each other very well and it shows in how you work together." He looked at Kyle. "I can vouch that Carol is by the book. "

Dolton turned to face Gary, "Things have to be done in a certain way Captain, the rules tell you that way. No rules and ruddy mayhem breaks out, people may bend the rules but just don't break 'em."

"I am well aware of bending the rules Chief." Gary replied pleasantly.

Clearing his throat softly, Kyle spoke up, changing the course of the conversation. "Given this new evidence, and your seemingly dogged desire to find the answer, I'm officially reinstating you onto the investigation, Lia. You and Chief Dolton will help Captain Taylor and myself solve this case. Gather every scrap of evidence that is still out there and bring it to us." He raised a warning finger as he continued. "This is your one chance at redemption Lia. You pull any shit like what happened back on the planet, and I will bust you out of my department and you'll be a civilian for the rest of this journey. Do I make myself clear?"

A wry smile appeared on Lia's face, "You mean MY department Commander, and while we're at it. The Chief and I will take a back seat on this, we'll go looking and see what we can find. But interviews or arrests will be you two and S'hib, I have a child and husband to worry about." She looked over at Carol, "What say you Carol?"

Dolton nodded, "Your bloody right on that, no way am I going near that nutter. I'll go looking, like Lia say's. But you want to nick him, you're on your own." She then looked at Kyle, "But I will do guard duty in the brig once he's in there, that's my ground and I know how to use it."

Kyle arched an eyebrow. "Careful, Commander. You still have a ways to go." He indicated the PADD that Gary was still holding. "That was a good step forward. Another, would be to go apologize to S'hib and Naxea. A real apology this time. Then, you do the jobs that I, your superior officer and department head, give you. You don't dictate what you are going to do or how. Along the way, you work very hard to regain the trust of every member of this department." He took a breath and continued. "Same rules apply to you, Chief. While I do respect the experience that you possess, at the end of the day, I am your department head."

Gary was silent as Kyle spoke to Lia and Carol and laid out the process Lia was going to have to complete if she had any hope of becoming security chief again. He stayed quiet as this wasn't about Lia his wife but about Lia who was a Lt. Commander in the Elysium security department. Kyle also put Carol on notice as what he expected from her performance wise in regard to her duties as a security officer in an ongoing investigation.

Carol looked up then back down at Kyle, "Talk about give with one hand and take with the other, the brig was so much simpler." She looked at Lia, "Seems you and I will be going over how to arrest and interview suspects in the near future."

Lia looked at Gary then turned her gaze towards Kyle, "With respect Commander, I was attempting to regain that trust by NOT engaging in arrests and interviews for the moment. I was not dictating, only suggesting a course of action. Which if my husband cares to remember was talked about at my first meeting with Alicia, stepping back and regaining my focus." Lia
glanced at the floor, "As for S'hib, I think again with respect, it would be best to let sleeping dogs lay. I have no intention of saying something I don't believe or mean, to coin a phrase `That ship has sailed'. Taylor now looked over at Carol, "Chief, we'll grab the rules and regs on all of that and go sit in the brig and read them."

Now Kyle was starting to get annoyed. "Chief, would you please wait outside?"

Dolton glanced at Lia and shook her head, "Certainly sir, I'll go and grab those regs."

Once the NONCOM had left the officers alone and the door slid shut, Kyle spoke again, his tone bordering a bit on dangerous. "Lieutenant Commander Taylor. That is the last time you refuse my orders, especially in front an enlisted member of the crew. Your attitude is becoming dangerously close to disobedience and grossly unprofessional. I don't care if you don't agree with me or the words that you will have to say to them, your actions towards S'hib, first as his department head back on the planet, and then down outside the temporary quarters that he shares with his family, were extremely disrespectful. And, as I stated, you will be required to earn the trust of every officer and crewman in this department, before I ever even think about sending a recommendation that you might be ready to regain your old job. Lieutenant Commander S'hib is one of those officers. You say the ship has sailed. Well, you best swim you ass back to the pier, do I make myself perfectly clear?!"

While he had not raised his voice, the disappointment in his tone spoke volumes right now.

"You made yourself perfectly clear sir." Replied Lia, "Once again I'm being ordered to do something I do not believe is right, with respect sir." Taylor braced for the response, "The situation between myself and Commander S'hib would be better served if the two of us alone came together in our own time, forcing the issue would serve no purpose other than one or both getting upset again. Or are you ordering me to lie and appear to apologise, when in fact it would be untrue and deceitful?" Lia looked at Kyle openly and honestly, "I'm not refusing your orders, simply pointing out the situation surrounding them."

She continued quietly, "If your opinion of my conduct is unprofessional and disobedient, so be it. I meant no disrespect but clearly my time served in this department means nothing, five wasted years doing a job people now seem to think I'm incapable of carrying out."

Gary sighed, "Okay enough. Commander Reece, I think we would all be better served if we tabled this particular topic until after we have finished our investigation and arrested the person responsible for the attack on Lieutenant Derani."

Kyle was about to reply to Lia, when Gary stepped in. Taking a breath, the seasoned warrior looked over at his superior officer and friend and nodded. "Aye, Sir. It shall be tabled for now. You are correct as to where our energies should be directed." Looking over at Lia, he stated evenly, "Carry out the rest of your orders, Commander."

Looking at the two men she nodded, "As you wish sir, I'll find the Chief and brief her on procedures regarding arrest and interview. Good day gentlemen."



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By Captain Gary Taylor on Mon Nov 20th, 2023 @ 12:56pm

I'd just like to thank my co-authors the writers of Kyle and Lia as well as Carol for their insightful and creative writing. Your writing made the post as good as it is. Much more realistic and authentic. Very well written.