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Attack on Innocence

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2023 @ 11:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: The Tea House
Timeline: Present
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Lia woke up with a start, little Lia had screamed and now was crying. Moving with a calm swiftness, she entered the child's bedroom. "What's up honey? Bad dream?" Lia crossed to the bed and scooped the child up in her arms, the little ones arms went straight round Taylors neck and she hung on for grimes death.

Little Lia now wept her eyes out, making big Lia feel useless. "Hey Lia, want to tell me what's making you cry honey?"

Taking a deep breath and trying to hold back the tears Little Lia looked at her mother, "The big light is coming back for me, I saw it in my bedroom. Go lookit mum."

Re entering the bedroom, Taylor looked round and saw nothing. But she remembered her own nightmare only a couple of days ago, could they be related? Alicia would know, but at this time of night they would be asleep. Lia looked down into the eye's of her daughter, "Where was the big light sweetheart?"

The little one gingerly entered her bedroom and holding on for all she was worth, pointed in the corner at the bottom of the bed. "There mummy, it was there."

Looking hard, Taylor could in fact see a light. But it appeared to be a reflection of something else, pulling the bed away from the wall Lia moved the toys and stuffed animals to see what she could find. Suddenly a bright light flashed upwards, little Lia screamed again and big Lia jumped back alert for any danger. A torch now rolled down the front of a Teddy Bear and stopped by a stuffed Tiger, it's beam being reflected off a metal lid. "Oh Christ, that made me jump sweetheart. Now don't worry its not the big light, its only this little light." Picking up the torch she switched it off and showed it to her daughter, "See, the light came off this lid and shone into the corner."

Little Lia looked at the torch and the tin lid, "But I sawed the big light in the corner. How did the light get into the corner?

Taylor sat down on the bed and thought about how to answer, "You see this lid." She held up the tin lid, "Its very shiny, and if you shine the light on it you'll get the light going somewhere else. Look." A quick flash and the reflected light shone off the tin and onto the wall, "Did you see how the light looked like it went round a corner?"

The child wasn't impressed, or convinced. "But I sawed the big light mummy, that's only a little light."

Placing the lid on the floor, big Lia put the torch a slight distance away and angled it. Switching it on produced a scream from little Lia and big Lia jumping when the child reacted. Scooping the little girl in her arms, Lia hugged the child tightly. "Just remember mummy and daddy are here for you, and nothing and I mean nothing will ever hurt you."

The child pulled away slightly and then almost instantly threw her arms around her mothers neck, "I love you mummy, and I love daddy as well."

With her eyes closed, big Lia smiled and hugged her daughter tighter. In her head a small voice told her to treasure every moment with the child, because all to soon things might change and either she, Gary, little Lia or all three might suddenly be gone in the blink of an eye. A small tear flowed down her cheek, and landed on her child's hand.

"Why you crying mummy? Are you hurting?" The question from such an innocent, made the mother realise even more what a responsibility this beautiful child meant to her.

"No honey, I'm not hurting. Just remembering something from long ago, so thank you for asking." Big Lia released her daughter and began pushing the furniture back into place, she remade the bed and found a large furry Fox. "Here's Robyn for you, cuddle her tight and she'll keep you safe."

Little Lia looked up at her mother, "Robyn's my bestest friend mummy, after you." She snuggled down in the bed with the toy Fox.

"Night night sweetheart, sleep tight." Big Lia left the room leaving a nightlight burning in the corner, that way should her child wake she could see that all was well.



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Comments (1)

By Captain Gary Taylor on Mon Nov 20th, 2023 @ 10:02am

What a marvelous, moving post that shows Lia's softer, nurturing side. A as new mom, she fully displays the love and concern for her daughter. Excellent post that showcases this writer's writing talents to the fullest.