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What it means to serve (Pt.5)

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2023 @ 12:34pm by Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Naxea's Dorm; Marine Academy, Jun 2385
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Naxea tugged at her dress uniform as she looked herself over in the mirror. Instead of the Cadet Uniform she was now wearing the Starfleet Marine Officer Dress Uniform. She could hardly believe she had made it. Her mother had been delayed in arriving on Earth, so she had missed Family Day yesterday but was planet side for the graduation.

She paused as she thought about her time at the Academy. She had grown both physically and emotionally. She had lost her relationship with Arev but gained new ones instead, namely her roommate Chen Li who now burst into the room, startling Naxea as she slammed into her, hugging her. "We made it, Nax!"

Naxea laughed as she playfully pushed her friend away. "Hey now! I just got this uniform squared away."

"I can hardly believe it! Before we march, we get our MOS assignments!" Chen squealed. "I hope I got Infantry. What about you?"

Naxea nodded. "What else? I'd die if I got stuck behind a desk all day."

"Yay! Look out School of Infantry! Naxea and Chen are coming! Woo!" Chen pumped her fist excitedly.

"Alright, alright! We got to form up and meet with Instructor Teral to get our assignments before graduation," Naxea replied, grabbing her cover on her bed.

"Right on!" Chen replied as she hurried out the door. Naxea let out a sigh as she turned and looked back at her now empty dorm that would in a few months host new cadets. As the door closed, Naxea turned and moved at a light jog to catch up with Chen.

After a few minutes, Chen and Naxe got into formation with the other cadets as Instructor Teral read from a PaDD. "Azhul! Chen! Another thirty seconds and you would be late! I can't imagine you'd want to spend another year with me!"

"No, ma'am!" Azhul and Chen replied in unison, smiling.

After several minutes, Teral called out Naxea's name. "Azhul! Infantry! I'd expected nothing less!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Chen! You'll be joining Azhul! You got Infantry! Congratulations!"

"Hell yes, ma'am!"

The response caused Chen to get a look from Teral, but she let it go with a slight grin and nod. She could imagine what an exciting day it was for these cadets who in a few minutes would receive their commission as Second Lieutenants in the Starfleet Marine Corps.


"Second Lieutenant Azhul!" Naxea's name was called as Instructor Teral pinned the gold bar onto Azhul's Dress Uniform collar.

"Congratulations, Ma'am," Teral said with a nod as she moved onto the next cadet down the line.

She had done it. After all the blood, sweat, pain, and late nights studying for exams, she was now an officer in the Starfleet Marines as she fought back tears. She recalled her hardships during the Cardassian Occupation and now here she was, a Marine and an officer.


"Class 2385! Dismissed!" the Commandant called as Naxea and the other cadets tossed their covers into the air and jumped from their seats, cheering.

"Hey! Nax!" Chen called out, rushing over to Naxea. "I want you to meet my parents but me and a few of the other cadets are going out tonight to celebrate. You coming?"

"Sure, why not?" she replied. "Let me say hi to my mom real quick."

""Hey! I'll come along. Gotta say hello Momma Azhul," Chen laughed as she followed Naxea.

"Oh, that's ok, you don't have to," Naxea pleaded.

"I want to. Come on, where is she?" Chen asked as she spotted a older Bajoran woman and what looked a teenage Cardassian boy. "Who's the spoonhead?"

Naxea let out a sigh. "My half-brother. Wasn't by choice," Naxea replied, ashamed, offering a slight shrug.

Chen now saw the bajoran nose ridges as well. "I see. Well, you are still my friend, Nax."

Naxea's mother approached and gave Naxea a tight hug. "Naxea! I'm so proud of you!"

"Congratulations, Naxea," Dajeem, her half-brother said, smiling.

Naxea broke the hug as she gave Dajeem an annoyed look. "Yeah, thanks."

Naxea's response caused Dajeem's smile to fade. He looked up to her and at every opportunity, she had pushed him away. Mother was the only person who really stood up for him and supported him. He could only hope one day he and Naxea would get along.

"Could you be nice to your brother just this once?" Naxea's mother asked.

"That was nice, mom. I'm not doing this here and now," Naxea snapped sharply. Four years away from Dajeem had been a blessing for her. She had pushed his existence to the back of her mind. "This is my roommate and friend, Chen Li," she introduced, gesturing to Chen.

"A pleasure to meet you," Chen shook hands with Naxea's mother and warily with Dajeem. "Come on, I want to introduce you to my parents, Nax."

"Sure," Naxea replied as she looked at Chen and then back at her mother. "I'll meet up with you later, mom. Where are you staying?"

"At the Academy Guest Quarters," she said. "Please don't be long. I want to spend some time with you and Dajeem would like to see more of Earth."

"Sure mom. I'll meet you back at the Guest Quarters in about an hour!" Naxea called as she followed Chen through the crowd of people.



Naxea looked at the holo-picture of Chen and her in the School of Infantry, holding phaser rifles and dressed in fatigues. Naxea produced a sad smile at the image as she recalled her friend--it was the last one ever of her. She died in a shuttle insertion training accident just one month later. It was the first death Naxea experienced in the Starfleet Marines. The death had hit her hard. "Semper Fi, my friend," she whispered, fighting back tears.



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By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Mon Nov 20th, 2023 @ 8:09am

Oh dear - three emotionally charged moments. Graduation, meeting the half-brother and thenthe memory of Chen's death. Ouch. Ups and Downs in Naxea's early career were pretty painful. But what an inside look at the character. There must be some kind of dang character development award. I'm a go and look for one. This whole series has been so enjoyable to read. Can you do one for how Nax and Gammi met? :)