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Bad dream?

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2023 @ 6:14am by Deanna Kelea & Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Sthilg & Deanna’s Quarters
Timeline: MD3 0500 hrs
1290 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Deanna usually slept well, especially during the last two months with the demands of an unusual pregnancy taxing her system. Tonight however, was very different she tossed and turned as old nightmares played over and over in her head. Ones she hadn’t had in a very long time, all forgotten over the years until tonight.

“Deanna....” the voice called her. “Come to us Deanna....we’re not going to hurt you.” The sickly sweet tone of voice made a chill run down her spine.

“Go away!!” A young Deanna screamed out as she ran as fast as she could away from the voice. “Leave me alone!!”

“You can’t get away, so what’s the point in running?” The voice sounded closer, we’re coming to get you, and we’ll get your baby too!!!”

Deanna screamed and woke up in a cold sweat, looking around to reassure herself. “C...Computer...lights low.”

Sthilg had trouble sleeping though his thoughts were running through ways he could keep his family safe. Hearing his love screams was enough to wake the lizard his arms instinctively wrapping themselves around her.

Deanna turned to cuddle with Sthilg, his embrace helped her to feel safe and loved. “I’m sorry Imzadi, I didn’t mean to wake you. I had a...bad dream.”

"I know. I know. " The gorn said with all the reassurance as he could as he held the three most precious things in the universe tight towards him. He wished he could grant the whole ship the difficulty the ....... seemed to have with his reptilian brain.

“I thought I was going to be spared the nightmares that seem to be affecting the crew, I guess I’m not that lucky.” She sighed as she gently moved feeling the now familiar sensation of queasiness caused by her pregnancy. “I need to go to the bathroom” she offered an apologetic smile and slid out of bed. “Did I ever say how much I hate morning sickness?”

" You did." The gorn said as he pulled himself out of bed. " I could try to up your medication if that would help with the morning sssicknesssss."

Deanna gave Sthilg a look as she paused. “Only if you think it would be safe Imzadi, if not I’ll manage.” She offered a brief smile before she disappeared into the bathroom, she returned a few minutes later looking a little less off colour. “I think I’ll get a drink and some biscuits, would you like anything?”

" I'll have whatever your having. " the gorn replied with a smile. When he'd heard the news Deanna was having twins he had been overjoyed. Especially when he'd checked the photo which had started developing another grey blob.

Deanna nodded and headed for the replicator, it wasn’t long before she was back with some ginger biscuits and crackers for herself, alongside a tray of biscuits and some drinks. Ginger biscuits and tea seemed to work for her, but she had begun to experience odd cravings for foods that Sthilg tended to eat. “You’ll have to teach me some suitable recipes for foods that our growing children need, I have found myself craving some of your foods these past few days.”

" I'll do my best Imzadi. " Sthilg said taking a biscuit. "Anything particular you ssseem to be craving?" He enquired

“I’d just say foods that your species would eat, whether it’s the genetics of our children being part Gorn I’m not entirely sure” Deanna shrugged her shoulders. “I’m willing to do whatever is best for them.”

" They don't know how lucky they are to have such a caring mother." The gorn replied with a look of love on his face.

“Or such a wonderful father” Deanna smiled as she settled down to eat her biscuits. “I know this pregnancy is earlier than we planned, my treatments aren’t even finished. It’s not going to cause any problems is it?”

" From the ssscansss everything coming along nicely. " Sthilg replied with the smile beaming on his face. " They’re going to be betazoid dominate hybridsss."

“They are?” Deanna smiled as she looked at Sthilg, “I can’t wait until we eventually get to meet them both, until then scans will suffice. This is a miracle I wasn’t sure would ever happen, not that I don’t have faith in you Imzadi.”

The gorn reached out his hand and wrapped it around that of his love. " A miracle that i will not allow to fail Imazadi."

Deanna smiled as she looked into Sthilg’s eyes. “I know you won’t, and neither will I. You’ve lost enough in your life Imzadi, I’m aiming to make the rest of your life the happiest it can ever be.”

" You already have Imzadi." The old gorn voice came weakly a look of pure love on his face.

Deanna’s smile practically shone as she gave Sthilg a loving cuddle. “I take it these nightmares haven’t gotten a grip on you? I’ve sensed a lot of fear aboard ship, there’s obviously a lot of the crew affected.”

" No, I'm guessing they haven't had enough time in reptilian brainsss. I wisssh i could think of a way to give that ability to the crew. " the lizard replied as he felt his Imzadi’s body against his own.

“I wish I could help you, but I’m no medical doctor.” She offered an understanding smile. “Speaking of which I’m worried about Alicia. I know she’s suffering from nightmares just like everyone else, it’s evident just from how tired she looks. She’s come so close to going over the edge of despair in the past I’m afraid what effect the nightmares and lack of sleep might have.”

" I know i know." The gorn said letting out a sigh. " I've been going through my booksss for anything that could help that won't likely make thingsss worssse."

Deanna nodded. “You’re doing everything you can Imzadi, you can’t work miracles. You’re being run off your feet looking after everyone.” She paused. “Is everyone affected by these nightmares? Except for you of course, or are there others who are immune?”

" There are a few. I had a lissst, but I've not assure where I put it." his reply came looking rather ashamed at making such a rookie move.

Would that be on a small PADD?” Deanna grinned as she motioned to the sideboard by the bathroom door. “There’s been one sitting there since you came home this evening.”

An embarrassed look spread over the lizard's face. " Yes that would be it."

Deanna smiled. “There’s no need to be embarrassed Imzadi, you’ve been worked off your feet lately. You need as much rest as the rest of us.”

" I know i know." The lizard said letting out a sigh. " What i would give to be able to contact ssstarfleet medical."

Deanna nodded. “I’m just glad I came aboard the Elysium when I did, otherwise I’d be back on Betazed wondering whether my daughter was lost forever, and I wouldn’t have you, or our miracle children.”

" You'd both have been fine. " Sthilg replied reassuringly as his combadge began to beep. Reaching over the gorn tapped it =/\= Sthilg can you make it down to sickbay we have an incident =/\=

Letting out a sigh he looked sheepishly over at his wife to be. " On my way."

Deanna gently leant over and kissed him. “I’ll be here waiting when you get back.”

Sthilg gave his love one last look and a smile before he hurried out the door. He had work to do.



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