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Speak of the past

Posted on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 3:57am by Teevs Dosivi & Lieutenant N'vok Holv

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Science Office
Timeline: MD6
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"Teevs Dosivi," said the computer. "Lieutenant N'vok of the Science Department wishes to speak to you as you have time."

The computer didn't spook Teevs, at least not normally. The tension of being near such dangerous territory, combined with the terrible nights of sleep that would be difficult to recover from, left Teevs on edge. He was silently going through his copy of the Spheia's species database when the voice disturbed the silence, making him nearly jump out of his skin. "Thank you, computer, I will be there shortly."


[Science Office]

N'vok grouped holograms more or less by artistic theme as he pondered the situation at hand.

This was a different part of the science lab. The last time Teevs came to this department, he was helping the ship add rock samples to their database by letting them scan his collection. Thanks to another science officer, he found the person who summoned him, looking like he was grouping holograms. "You called for me, Mister N'vok?" He asked.

"Just N'vok, please, Mister Dosivi," said the Vulcan snapping his attention to Teevs. He gestured to the holograms which Teevs could now see were images of known Thaih'ean technology. "Tell me everything you know about the Slavers."

The Lonian looked over the holograms, another knot of unease settling in his stomach. Stress was slowly eating at Teevs, between the couple days of nightmares and the knowledge that they were near --and soon to be passing through-- Thaih'ean territory. "Given you are looking at their technology, perhaps I should start there?"

"Please," said N'vok. "May I ask how long your culture has been threatened by these slavers?" He pauses. "And I am being impolite. Please have a seat. May I get you something to drink?"

"No thank you." In all honesty, Teevs had lost some of his appetite ever since he knew they were close to this territory, the unease twisting his insides. He nearly had to force himself to eat, and until the Elysium left this place, that tension would remain. "And I've been sitting for some time, so I would like to stand if that's alright." Looking back to the holograms, Teevs continued, "the Thaih'ea themselves usually stay within their territory, and thankfully my homeworld isn't nearby. But we have always been at risk of being abducted by those the Thaih'ea employ, moreso when Lonians travel like I do."

N'vok nodded. "These designs match up with what you know of the slavers ship, yes?" he gestured to one of the set of holograms. "Do you, by any chance, have a historical archive on your ship detailing the slavers and their territory? Or, if not, a way to obtain one from your home?"

"Everything I have in the Spheia's database on this species, I have given to Captain Taylor," Teevs answered with a nod. Helping these people through this territory meant sharing information, both the good and the bad. "The designs are absolutely of the slaver ships. The three on the left are combined technology from ships they have destroyed. You can see it by how the design changes."

N'vok nodded and enhanced the three Teevs mentioned. "Rather like the taking of scalps," he mused. "Have you ever met one of the Slavers?"

Something in Teevs shifted. He had been in an emotional turmoil ever since that message played out on the bridge. Combined with watching Kerilia relive her trauma and be unable to stop it... "Not the Thaih'ea themselves, but I have met those they employ." He shifted his attention to the weapons in an attempt to turn the tension from his curt reply into something productive. "I can probably identify the components if you needed to know how they worked."

"That would be excellent, Mister Dosivi," said N'vok, standing. "Have your people every captured of salvaged one the Slavers' ships? Or do they destroy them completely if they are damaged?"

"I don't recall any history of my people capturing one of their vessels. Lonians usually stay in our star system, so they would have had to come to us." Teevs thought for a moment, his attention on the weapons, before adding, "the Thaih'ea are known to destroy vessels if they cannot salvage the technology. I've never seen it, but I would assume that rule applies to their own vessels, too. 'If they cannot have it, then nobody can'. May I borrow a device to note the technologies in these weapons?"

N'vok handed him a datapad. "Be my guest, Starfleet is always willing to help people when we can. It is but a minor repayment of the help you have given us, Mister Dosivi."

Teevs gave him a polite nod in thanks. "Despite the insistence otherwise, I still feel indebted to your people for saving my and my daughter's life. This is a small part of my payment to you. And please, you may call me Teevs." Looking to the holograms again, he began to note down the different technologies.

"Then please call me N'vok," said the Vulcan. "Hopefully, after the upcoming mission, we will have more data to work with. It remains frustrating to not have a deeper pool of knowledge but we are getting there."

The frustration was mutual. Teevs felt an underlying sense of helplessness, despite all the information he had provided, only adding onto his stress. He didn't have enough information to keep them safe, instead sending them into unknown territory. He couldn't convince the captain to go around Thaih'ean territory. He couldn't convince Rin to change her mind about infiltrating the Thaih'ea. If he knew more, maybe these explorers wouldn't be so curious and put themselves in danger. "I worry about the upcoming mission. There's too much unknown, and if they get caught they will probably be killed."

N'vok nodded. "Worry is understandable, the unknown is always frightening and full of shadows. That is why we must go, to learn and dispel the shadow with the light of knowledge. I do not wish to minimize the risk but we are experienced at this sort of thing, interacting with new civilizations is what we are trained for."

"I can tell you are uneasy about this and I do not know if words alone will be sufficient to offer calm," added N'vok.

"Interacting with a new civilization is different than flying into temovka lumi... I believe Humans call it 'a nest of insectoids.' These aliens will do unspeakable things to your people if they find you in their territory." Suddenly feeling the pressure of the datapad in his hands, Teevs released the tension in his hands as he looked up at N'vok. "I appreciate your words, but the only way I'll get any comfort is when we are travelling away from this territory."

N'vok nodded. "I will not be sorry to be leaving this sector of space either. But by learning more about the Slavers, we may be able to do so in a more effective manner."

"As much as I disagree with your vessel's plan to enter this territory, I do agree with you." Teevs looked at the holographic weapons, again, in case they suddenly morphed into something daunting enough to scare them away. The holograms, however, remained unchanging. Disappointed by the lack of change, Teevs typed on the datapad again. "You are a strange people, N'vok. You indulge your curiosity, even if it means risking your lives. I'm here to guide your people through space that is unknown to you, and yet when I say 'do not go here,' your people go anyways."

N'vok nods. "The desire for knowledge drives many of the members of Starfleet, Teevs. But there is more to it than that, these slavers may have the technology needed to get us home within the lifetime of most of the crew. That is a powerful, and understandable, draw."

"What happens to my daughter an I if your people have the opportunity to return to your home? Are we supposed to go with you, or will you abandon us in Thaih'ea territory?" Teevs left the rhetorical, and somewhat harsh, question to linger as he finished what he was typing, skimming the information he provided before presenting it to N'vok. "I've documented what I know about this technology. Is there anything else you need from me?"

N'vok stood up and walked around to look Teevs in the eyes. "Teevs, you have my word, we will not abandon you or your daughter to the Slavers. If you wish to continue to accompany us, I for one, would welcome you both, but if not, we will make sure you are as safe as we make it."

Now feeling a bit exposed for revealing what had been bothering him lately, Teevs took in a slow breath to try and calm his nerves. N'vok had no reason to lie, which gave the Lonian some assurance, but he wouldn't be truly relieved until they were out of this part of space, whichever form that took. "Understood," he answered quietly. "If you need anything else from me, let me know."


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