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The Brig 3

Posted on Tue Feb 6th, 2024 @ 10:27am by Commander Kyle Reece & Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Colonel Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik & Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath & Consul Andrinn Orin

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: USS Elysium, Security Chief's Office
Timeline: TBD (immediately following "The Brig 2"
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Once everyone had joined him in his office, Kyle turned and looked at Doctor Mora-Heath pointedly. "Before we begin, Doctor, is there any chance that the specialized injection that the Marines received, to fight against the slavers, may have caused this issue with Captain Woolheater?"

"It is always a possibility as is any reaction to powerful implants or other strong medical interventions, but the percentage possibility is miniscule. These implants have been tested thoroughly before they were circulated for prescribed use and although there *are* some side effects, they are few and not universal but the incidents we're discussing here have never before been attributable to them." J'Air replied confidently but she was humble enough to add "so far...." as she was as aware as anyone that no-one could be 100% sure that different people might react differently to the same medical intrusion. "I'm not foolish enough to say it's totally impossible though, just VERY, very unlikely!" The answer was honest and hid nothing.

Standing in a corner, Lia had reviewed what camera footage they had. It wasn't much and didn't really help, but the fact someone had been stabbed on the ship concerned her greatly. First Derani now this, what the hell was happening to the crew. "Commander, could an external force induce the Captain to act in the way he did?" Taylor was thinking of the nightmares which had flooded the ship not so long ago, she believed they had been induced by something external perhaps Woolheater had been unlucky and been manoeuvred to act violently.

Alicia looked towards Lia. "It's very possible, especially with the nightmares that have been plaguing everyone. Depending on the severity of nightmares they can cause people to act in all sorts of out of character ways, sleepwalking is definitely very possible." she looked towards Sthilg. "Wouldn't you agree Doctor?"

" Very likely. Almossst everyonesss brain chemissstry isss under sssever ssstresss." Sthilg replied. " I'm ssstarting to think are foesss feed on fear sssomehow."

Looking from J'airesh to Sthilg, Kyle asked, "Is there anything you can do to block, or at the very least, minimize these issues, Doc? The last thing we need, is for someone to sleepwalking into engineering and cause a warp core breach, or act as unknowing agent of those bastards and actually be successful in killing someone else?"

" I could rig up monitor to ssshock them awake if they ssstray into vital areasss." Sthilg suggested running his hand over his head. This was the last thing he needed to add to his plate.

"Well, I know that he did come to my quarters about four days ago complaining about the nightmares. A rather severe one, actually. But, I didn't think much of it because all of us had been having them and I didn't think that it would have come down to something like this," Orin said, adding a bit into the conversation to see if that could help. He knew that it might not be alot, but it could be something, which also caused Orin to have a bit of a lightbulb moment.

Orin looked over at Lia, who was reviewing some of the footage from the time of the attack and asked, "Have we gone back four days or are we just reviewing the time and location surrounding the attack? If Sam was sleepwalking and having these intense nightmares for a couple days, could he have sleepwalked into other parts of the ship prior to his incident recently?"

"I only have footage of the incident, if one can call it footage. It doesn't offer much in the way of identification, and for some strange reason the time frame appears to be out." Lia looked up at Orin, "Without knowing which parts of the ship he may have entered, or when or even if he has done it before the attack. We're on a hiding to nothing, sorry Andrinn."

Orin smiled and looked at Lia as he replied, "Okay, thank you. I just wish that we all knew more because I just feel that there's something more going on that we aren't able to see yet. I just wish that I could be more helpful, both for Sam and all of you."

Naxea pinched the bridge of her nose ridges as she listened to the others debate about what happened. She was counting on Woolheater to lead the Marines in defending the ship should it be attacked. Now he was off duty and confined to the Brig. This wasn't what she needed at the moment. "I still say we have Gunnery Sergeant Gami do a telepathic probe. If anyone can find out if there is an external force controlling Woolheater or if he is simply sleep walking, she can."

Kyle thought about it for a moment, then replied. "While that might be an avenue that we will have to pursue, Naxea, why do you feel that Gunny Gami would have better results that the telepaths that are in the counseling department? This would be something that they are trained for, and legally authorized to do. While Gami is a Betazoid, she does not have the licenses from Starfleet Medical to scan someone, in this setting, legally."

"Were the counseling department telepaths on Betazed during the Dominion Occupation? Gami learned at a young age how to push her abilities through once banned practices. Not many Betazoids have Gami's telepath rating and experience," Naxea stated. "That, and Woolheater is a Marine first and foremost and ultimately falls under my jurisdiction."

Lia lifted her head and looked at the Marine C.O. "And that Colonel is where the problems lay, this may sound out of place coming from me after certain past mistakes. But if something happens to either Woolheater or Gami, you Colonel would be responsible. One investigation was screwed up by rushing it and the people concerned carrying on regardless, can we afford to have it happen again and completely destroy any trust that's left in Security or senior Officers being seen to do the right thing?"

“There is one way that might work” Alicia offered her opinion. “That’s if Gami and I went into Woolheater’s mind together. I’ve done telepathic probes before, but Naxea is correct in the fact that being half Betazoid I’m not as strong as Gami. It would give us answers at least.”

Kyle thought about what Alicia said for a few beats, then nodded. "There is legal precedent for what you are proposing. So long as Sam's mind is not altered by the process, and both you and Gami remain unharmed as well, then I will allow it. Of course, you both will still need his permission as well. If he says no, then it's no I'm afraid."

Orin was listening to everything that was being discussed about Sam and he couldn't help but get a little bit worried about what they were talking about. When there was a long enough break in the talking, he asked, "I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but this isn't going to screw up his mind or anything, is it? This talk about going into banned practices honestly scares me. I want answers like everyone else, but I'd still like to have my fiance after this whole ordeal is done and over with."

Alicia offered a gentle smile. “I promise you I’m not going to let anything be done to, or happen to, Sam. He’s under my care and I’m going to take care of him. Anything telepathic will be closely monitored by me, and by Doctor Sthilg.”

As Alicia was speaking, Andrinn turned away for a moment as he listened to her speak. He didn't want to appear weak, especially as a Diplomat or as a senior officer. But, he had to wipe away a tear before he turned back and said, "Thank you. Just make sure he's there to go down the aisle in one piece for me....and for him."

Alicia could sense the emotional toll this was taking. "Of course, No matter what I'll be here for Sam, and for you. If there's anything either of you need please let me know."

Andrinn smiled as he wiped away the final tear and whispered, "Thank you. That means a lot."

Lia now turned to Alicia, "You could always ask Imik to assist in any procedure, her ability is far above that of most telepaths or psychics we have. No insult intended Alicia, but those Ojnas can do things even I find hard to explain." She looked at Andrinn, "I was thinking about their ability of joining mentally with another like the Borg, she could monitor Sam without him knowing it or harming him."

“The decision isn’t mine to make” Alicia looked at Lia then at Andrinn. “The only one who can make a decision about that is Sam, permission has to come from Sam.”

Kyle nodded as he listened, having just said the same thing himself. He then made a decision. Turning to Naxea, he spoke. "Colonel, until it can be proven that Sam was not in control of his actions, he will have to remain in the brig. However, given our current predicament, that being where the ship is and how short staffed we are, should we go to battlestations, I will allow him to report in. But," he raised a warning finger. "He will be your responsibility while he is ut of his cell. He steps out of line and I'll have you both in my brig, and, until he is clear of charges, when any crisis is over, you will return him back to his cell. Is that clear?"

Naxea turned and looked at Reece, remaining quiet as she took in the man. Behind her eyes was a fury barely being controlled. "While I agree that Captain Woolheater will remain locked up, keep your feigned threats to yourself and stow them. You'd have no reason to detain me with Woolheater as his CO and you know it. Even if somehow you did, I'd expect you to know that you'd have get the approval of both the ship's XO and CO as I'm not in your chain of command and therefore do not answer to you."

Lia now moved in between the two Officers, "Excuse me, but knocking bits off each other won't help Sam. We need a plan, and agreement between departments on how to proceed." She was aware how the Marine C.O. viewed her, and Reece would probably not be to pleased with her getting between the pair. But Lia herself was starting to find this constant hostile attitude wearing and childish.

"I'm just worried that whatever happened to Sam will eventually happen to others. While this has been an isolated case right now, it may not stay that way. Whatever you need from me, just let me know," Orin said, watching as everything that was going on around him.

Alicia nodded. “Right, so we need a plan of action. Right now I’d say Sam is safe here, not so much a prisoner but in protective custody. I also suggest a cortical monitor set to alert us if Sam starts having nightmares again.”

Kyle finally spoke, first to Naxea, then the rest of the group, his voice calm and assured. "First off, Azhul, while I know we are in different command structures, I am the Chief of Security for this ship. Thus, everyone on this ship is under my protection and subject to the laws that I uphold. If anyone, yourself included, breaks a rule set forth on the Elysium, I will be the one to sign off on the arrest orders. Don't get me wrong, I have the upmost respect in Marines. Members of my family have served in the Marines, dating back to the MACOs. Also, when I say I'm going to do something, there is nothing feigned about it." He paused briefly, then continued.

"Now," he addressed the whole room. "The main concern here is that Sam doesn't hurt himself or anyone else. Personally, I don't think he was responsible for the attack. Unfortunately, I have to follow the regulations set forth by the UCMJ. So, while he is held here, and with his consent, we will get to the bottom of this issue." He looked back at Naxea. "Please keep an eye on the rest of your team, if anyone, yourself included, starts to feel off in any way, please get to medical immediately. I don't want to put anyone else in the brig."

Listening to Reece, Lia now raised her hand then spoke. "I think we should make all department heads aware of that possible situation, including our own. I can't see this being limited to combat personnel only, even medical could be affected."

Kyle nodded. "Excellent thinking, Lia. Send word to each Department Head. Obviously, as the heads of Medical and Marines are here, you won't need to. Once you're done sending the message, spread the word to Our people here in Security. I'll tell everyone in Tactical."

"I trust Andrinn will inform all the diplomats, as some of then might be affected." Lia then looked at Kyle and stated, "I'll get hold of Carol and she can help spread the news."

"Yeah, I'll make sure that all of my diplomats get any and all information that I know and can be shared freely thus far. I don't want to scare them, but they deserve to know what's going on. I'll see about talking with Captain Richardson and the DPT as well," Andrinn replied with a simply nod.

Kyle nodded again. "Very well. Then, if no one else has anything further to add...?"

Lia simply shook her head to show she had nothing to add, her thoughts were now about what was happening and if others would be affected.

Alicia shook her head as well, she had nothing further for the time being.

Kyle thanked everyone for taking time to speak, then saw everyone out, save Andrinn, in case he wanted to spend more time with his fiancé.



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By Captain Samuel Woolheater on Tue Feb 6th, 2024 @ 4:29pm


Everyone did such a good job. I like all of the interactions. The tension in the air. The feeling of not knowing what's coming next. The ideas bantered about as staff try and get a handle on things. Its all very cool to read. I appreciate everyone's contribution. Concerned about the Colonel though. She's so stressed - and when does that ever end good? And I am looking forward to meeting Imik and company. Loverly JPO folks. Loverly. :)