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Catch Up with Miraj

Posted on Tue Feb 6th, 2024 @ 7:15am by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson & Lieutenant JG Miraj Derani

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Commodore's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Elysium
Timeline: MD6 - 17h00
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Phoenix wanted to check in with each of her senior staff to see how they were getting on.

So, she made up a timetable and sent it out to the Senior staff, asking them to present themselves at a set time to her office for a one on one.

08h00 – Chief of Intelligence
09h00 – Marine CO
10h00 – Chief of Science
11h00 – Chief of Security/Tactical
12h00 – Chief of Medical
14h00 – Chief of Counseling
15h00 – Chief of Engineering
16h00 – Chief of Operations
17h00 – Chief of Flight Control
18h00 – Group Commander
19h00 – Chief Diplomat

Then she set up her office, ruthlessly moving her desk to the far corner of the room and shifted her couches closer to the window as she wanted this to be a relaxed meeting.

{(spongebobnarratoraccent}} nine hours later...

Miraj shifted back and forth between each foot for a moment before pressing the door. She'd seen all the senior staff dissapear inside these doors all day, she knew she wasn't being picked out, but there was a gnawing dread in the back of her mind. Had she done something? Had she not done something? Her security escort looked at her. "Do you need me to press the bell, ma'am?" PO3 Gretick was utterly deadpan.

Miraj huffed out a breath, and rang the chime.

The door opened and the Commodore stood there with a smile. 'Lieutenant, good, come on in." She ushered the pilot into the ready room, leaving the guard outside with a warm smile. "Have a seat, Lieutenant. " she waved Miraj to the couches.

Miraj sat down on the edge of the first one she reached, leaving plenty of space for wherever the Commodore wanted to sit. Not because she wanted a nice short line to the door in case she needed to make a fast exit.

Phoenix noted the tenseness in Miraj, and sat down giving her space. "I am speaking with all senior staff around how they and their teams are doing and I am hoping you can tell me how your department is going and handling everything these days."

We're 13 million Lightyears from home with no hope of getting back without a Slipstream. Nine out of ten of my department are dead. Half of what's left hates me. One of them tried to kill me and the rest are so suspicious of all the others we're all jumpy and paranoid. We're one missed meal from a full a mutiny. "Everythings fine."

The Erisian raised an eyebrow at the Flight Controller. "Lieutenant Derani, Please, be honest. I want honesty from you. Not what you think I want to hear."

Lieutenant Davey Jones hairy bum she hated that word. It was going to kill her one day. She was sure of it. "We're holding it together." Miraj admitted. "Repairs to the the jolly boats are on schedule, and I think I'm making progress with what actually happened. In the jump. I need to do a few more test runs before I can send the data to Lieutenat N'vok for him to confirm."

"Thats good. And your team?" Phoenix asked. "I know you have lost a number of people."

A number? Well, 90% was a number. "I went from two hundred and six people to eighteen, ma'am. Its been a little challenging. But I've finished all the notifications. All the paperwork's been filed."

"It stinks doesn't it, being that person who has to do it." Phoenix said to her. "But you will find your rhythm."

What sort of life was it if ackowledging the death of a hundred and eighty eight people only required rythmn. Miraj was beginning to really wonder if she was cut out for Starfleet after all. Not that she'd have much choice if they didn't find a miracle. "They tell you how to do one at the Academy. Not how to do scores at a time."

"No they dont. And I will tell you that it never gets easier but you will learn how to do them with... heart is the best word i can come up with." Phoenix admitted.

Miraj considered that. "I think I prefer it if they stay a horror show. Not sure it something I want to... get better at. I think I've had all the lost hands I can cope with for one career."

"I fully understand that." Phoenix replied. "Its a peril of being the chief of department."

Peril.. the word felt too light as Miraj turned it over in her mind, a flighty way to describe a grim duty. Peril was flighty, too... trivial. Unmoored. She could feel it stir her waters, and she tamped down on the turmoil before it could capsize her. "I'll do my best ma'am." She took a breath, "Is there anything else?"

"one thing, I need you to know you can talk to me whenever you need to." Phoenix replied.

Last time i talked to you you ignored everything I said. "I know ma'am. I just don't have much to talk about, not until we've got a working QSD."

"Very well. Thank you for taking the time Lieutenant. "


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