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I'm worried

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2024 @ 11:23am by Consul Andrinn Orin

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Deck 18-Main Security and Brig Complex
Timeline: MD5, 2300hrs
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Andrinn Orin had been through a lot over the last three hundred plus years of his lifetime. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was currently experiencing.

Andrinn knew something was wrong when he had gotten a call from the brig officer in charge that told him that Andrinn was direly needed down in the security center for the ship. The officer didn't say why he was needed down there or what it was relating to, but said that Andrinn's presence was required as soon as possible. He knew something was wrong, deep down in his gut.

As he walked down the corridor to the nearest turbolift, Andrinn couldn't help going over ever single scenario in his head. Sam hadn't shown up for dinner before his shift and that was rather unusual for Sam to be late or no show without calling beforehand. Had Sam done something wrong or was he being questioned about something that had happened on the ship?

All that Andrinn knew was that the Brig officer had called him down to do something that he couldn't mention over an open comms line and that's all that Andrinn knew. He knew better than to jump to any conclusion and to make assumptions about anything.

But, that was exactly what Andrinn was doing the moment that he got onto the Turbolift that was going to bring him down to the Brig. As soon as Andrinn got onto the turbolift and called up for the Brig, he couldn't help but be silent for a moment and listen to the whirl of the turbolift as it started heading to the middle of the ship.

Sam was a gentle giant in a Marine's uniform. He was good at what he did and sometimes did it without question. Maybe that was what happened? Maybe, Sam didn't like an order from a superior and disobeyed a direct order from someone like Colonel Azhul. Or, what if he was following orders and accidentally killed someone in a training exercise while they were training together on the holodeck.

Andrinn turned around, away from the turbolift doors and placed his head against the back of the Turbolift itself as he whispered to himself, "God, I need to stop going into the holodeck with Samd and playing those stupid holonovels. I knew that I would end up driving myself crazy when something like this came along. Nothing is wrong...nothing is wrong."

The doors to the turbolift opened up and Andrinn turned around to notice that he was on Deck 18, where the Security Complex for the Brig was housed. He walked out into the main complex and took a look around, as Andrinn had never been to this part of the ship least that he could remember.

Andrinn walked over to the security officer that was standing watch and asked him, "Hey, I was called down here by the on watch officer. Mind if I ask what's going on and how I could be of service?"

The young officer pulled up all the information and pointed to the seats behind Andrinn. "If you could take a seat, someone will be right with you, sir," the man replied.

Andrinn simply nodded and took a seat at the seat closest to him. He took a few deeps breaths in, reminding himself that it was going to be okay. Before too long, the officer manning the station looked over to Andrinn and said, "They're ready for you, sir, if you'd like to go inside."

All Andrinn could do was simply nod and reply, "Thank you" before heading in to see what was awaiting him.


Consul Andrinn Orin
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Elysium


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